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Can I have a Harry Potter ship?19 years old, major nerd, utterly hopeless at flirting, clueless at picking up on social cues. Just a mess lol I am quite the prankster though and I'm very protective over my friends and family and can't stand being lied to, very strong cuddle enthusiast. Literally love all movies pretty much. Food enthusiast. Full of bad puns and useless facts. Easily distracted, I have a stutter but it's at it's worse when I'm excited or nervous. Clumsy. Hufflepuff 💛

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I ship you with Fred Weasley! Fred thinks it is the most hilarious thing that you can’t flirt. In fact, it’s the first thing he noticed about you: the way you stumbled your way through a ridiculous pick up line that no person that knew how to flirt would use. He thought it was absolutely brilliant, and as he struck up conversation after conversation with you, found you were even funnier than that. Once you gave him an idea for pranking Draco, he was set on asking you out. Which he did, by the way of a prank. He set it up to go off in your dorm, and he just chuckled in the Gryffindor common room when he heard you screech at the giant cockroach, its back proudly displaying the question “will you go out with me?” You’d gotten back at him a week later by charming his quill to write the full bee movie script with a packet tongue numbing Bertie Botts beans. From then on, you’d both come up with a truce, promising only to prank other people. You became feared, and no one dared mess with any friends or family of the two of you. You go on tons of dates, and I mean lots, because Fred loves spending time with you. It gets to the point where it’s you, Fred, and George always together, Lee often the fourth member of the group. Though Fred manages to find a way to earn movie dates with you alone so you can show him all the muggle movies you love. He’s surprisingly quiet throughout them, content to just have you lean against him and eat popcorn, unless you’re watching a rom-com or a gory action movie. In those two cases, Fred never shuts up or stops laughing about how ridiculous he finds the entire situation. He doesn’t cuddle much given that he’s so active and during movies he’s constantly flopping around, changing sitting positions every few minutes. But when you mention you’d like to cuddle, Fred does his best to sit still and enjoy being with you.

When movie dates fall through because of a looming exam or paper due, you’ll attempt study dates. They always fail due to the two of you both being very excitable and easily distracted, often focusing on other students around you or having a competition about who can flick a ball of paper into Snape’s hair and make it stay. You and George decide to try to prank Fred, but he somehow finds out and pranks George, all the while clasping a hand over his heart and stumbling back proclaiming “I can’t believe you thought you could trick your own twin. I’m horribly offended!” Honestly though, he’s completely truthful with you, especially since he holds honesty to a high standard as well (he’s heard his siblings lie enough – and he’s a very loyal guy, he doesn’t see the point in lying about something important). He tries to cook for you but miserably fails, instead somehow starting Molly’s charmed clock on fire. It takes her, Arthur, and Ginny to put the flames out, and the two of you agree that just going to a restaurant is probably a better idea. Fred notices if you’re nervous by your stutter, and as soon as he does, he’s at your side, one hand rubbing your lower back, whispering in your ear and asking if you want to leave. If you do, he doesn’t even stop to think about it, just whisks you away. If you don’t, he stays by your side, ready to do whatever it takes to make you more comfortable. Some people question the Hufflepuff/Gryffindor pairing, but then they see how the two of you complement each other while maintaining a similar love for pranks and protective behavior, and the questions disappear. Fred rolls his eyes whenever his mother asks him if you’ll be over for winter break or summer break or literally any break (he’s pretty sure she was about to ask if you’d join her for lunch break in October one day), but honestly, he’s absolutely, utterly in love with you, and he’s overjoyed that his whole family accepts you.


I don’t think we take a single moment with each other for granted; because we don’t live in the same place, and we love hanging out. We hang out for 60 hours in the week and then we hang out on the weekends, and we text before bed. I feel like it might be one of the greatest love affairs I’ve ever had
—  Carrie Brownstein talking about her friendship with Fred Armisen