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May I Have This Dance? - Fred Weasley Imagine

Hi! Could you do an imagine Fred and George throw a huge party in the Gryffindor common room and y/n or you can use my name: Lyric) comes and Fred thinks she is being super cute dancing and stuff. And he has had a crush on her forever but she also likes him. All the songs are upbeat but then a slow song comes on and they confess theyre love for each other?! Sorry it’s long! Thanks love! Xx

~Lyric’s POV~

Everyone was laughing loudly and dancing wildly like there was no tomorrow. Gryffindor just won the Quidditch cup of the year and Fred and George though it would be a good idea to throw a party in the common room. I was dancing with all my friends going with the flow of the loud music that was playing from the speakers. I quickly stole a glance at Fred to see him staring at me with wide eyes, and a little drool coming out of his mouth. Looking like a huge doofus but a cute huge doofus. The truth was that I wanted to be more than friends with Fred. If I tell him my feelings how would he react “Lyric we can’t be friends anymore!” “I don’t like you I like someone else!” These thoughts raced through my mind but I stopped when my friends started to scream as their favorite song started to play.

~Fred’s POV~

“Still looking at her Freddie?” George asked sitting down in the armchair next to me. “Is it that obvious?” I asked “maybe” George said trying to copy my face. We both laughed “The way she dances makes me go crazy! She’s just so cute and hot I really wanna ask her out but I’m afraid she’ll deny me” I said gloomily “Don’t worry brother I got your back!” George said excitedly jumping out of his chair and whispered into the Dj’s ear. Once George stepped away from the Dj he made his way over to me. A slow song made it’s way into the room and everyone partnered up leaving Lyric standing by herself in the middle of the floor “Go get ‘em tiger!” George smiled. I stood up and made my way over to Lyric.

~Lyric’s POV~

I was just awkwardly standing there all my friends with with there boyfriends. I was about to walk off the dance floor before a hand grabbed my hand. I looked up to see Fred smiling widely at me “May I have this dance?” He asked bowing lowly. I laughed lightly “of course” he put both hands on my waist and I put my arms gently around his neck. I could tell that Fred was nervous he kept constantly looking around at the other couple to see if he was holding me right and a little bit of sweat was on his forehead. I quickly removed my arms from his neck and put it under his arms so that I could lay my head on his chest.

Once I did this Fred seemed more relaxed I could hear his heartbeat go from rapid to regular speed. He tightened his arms around me and whispered something in my ear “Lyric can I tell you something?” He asked. I nodded telling him to go on “well I’ve had a crush on you for a while now and I thought if maybe you felt the same?” I looked up and grabbed the front of his shirt bringing him into a rough kiss which he happily return. “I take it, you like me too” he smiled “oh you have no idea” I giggled. Fred was about to say something but a loud voice interrupted him “Whoo! We knew you could do it Freddie! He kissed the girl!” George screamed through the microphone. Loud applause and cheers came from the room “Freddie! Freddie!”

They chanted gesturing to kiss me again. He put both hands firmly on my waist and pulled me into a passionate kiss I think better than the first time. The girls screamed and the boys wolf-howled loudly. Me and Fred pulled back complete out of breath but still smiling widely at each other. He hugged me tightly “Lyric I love you so much I probably can’t even explain how much I do” he chuckled “I love you too Freddie and you can’t believe how much I love you too” I smiled planting a small kiss on his lips.


✨Hello lovelies! I hope your all having a wonderful Sunday plus I just wanted to know if you believe in magic?✨

So. Bisexual George and Pansexual Fred. Let’s talk about it.

Imagine the twins sharing with each other when they start discovering they like boys too, the little struggle at first and then helping each other with accepting themselves. Looking in a different way to the boys they are used to. Pointing which one they think it is hot or cute or kissable. And George realizing he must be bisexual because that makes sense right? And Fred think he is bisexual too for a while but then he’s just like “oh man i just don’t give a shit about gender or body or if the person has no gender or more than one gender or whatever, all I care about is the person” or something like that. And he doesn’t know much about it, then he searches and discover the term ‘pansexual’ and it fits. He’s just happy.

And then the first time they really kiss a boy.

It happens first with George. He is at a muggle store searching things for their inventions and this cute boy starts flirting with him and he’s just “why the hell not?” and just starts flirting back and when he sees he’s already making out with the boy in a hidden alley and it’s defferent but he really likes it. He never sees the boy again but he doesn’t regret.

And then coming home and telling Fred. But Fred just kiss a boy after they quit Hogwarts. It is some day when they already heve their store and it’s with a wizard guy. And he just sees this guy and is like “i wanna kiss him” and he hits on the guy and asks him on a date. And he say yes. It’s not a big deal of a date but at the end of it they kiss. And he sees the guy again, obviously, and they start kissing and experimenting because this guy is not much experienced, just like Fred.

And Fred was still seeing this guy when he dies and nobody but George knew about him yet and when George finally manages to tell him he’s like desolated. They cry a lot.

But yeah.

In the end George makes sure everybody knows about his sexuality and don’t mistake him as straight just because he’s with Angelina now. And he makes sure they know about Fred too, because they didn’t have time to tell before.
Molly and Arthur will maybe question it but of course they will accept them because they love them so much no matter what. And George, some day, introduces the guy to them and they’re just happy to know Fred had someone so good and caring by his side.

I obviously have a lot to say about that but I’ll stop here because this is already kinda long. I just couldn’t stop thinking about all the possibilities and I had to write something about and share with you guys. So here it is. I know there’s are so many possibilities I didn’t talk about here (mostly about Fred’s pansexuality, but well).

Please share with me anything you may think about it. I wanna hear EVERYTHING.
~and sorry for the mistakes i’m sure are there. english is not my first language~