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like a week ago some weirdo on this website denounced me for quoting Fred Hampton on the importance of proletarian internationalism because i’m not the same ethnicity as Fred Hampton and if that isn’t just the biggest missing of a point i don’t know what is

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Not trying to be that person but im pretty sure You're Crashing But You're No Wave is about To Kill A Mockingbird though?


what lyric from infinity on high are you most proud of?

PETE WENTZ: At this moment, it’s in “You’re Crashing, But You’re No Wave.” I used to work with this [volunteer legal] organization in Chicago called Uhuru, and we worked on the case for Fred Hampton Jr. [Many believe that Hampton, the son of a Black Panther, was wrongfully convicted of arson in 1993.]. The song is a courthouse narrative, and it’s so different from anything else we’ve done. I like the line “The headline reads, ‘The man hangs, but the jury doesn’t.’”

not to mention pete quoted fred hampton when introducing novocaine for the first time on an official post. [x]  fred hampton, his son, and the chicago black panthers seem to have had a very prominent effect on him.

“you can kill a revolutionary but you can never kill the revolution” fred hampton

we make noise because thats the tool we have at our disposal. we snarl so the hand that feeds us is well aware. we dont dream of this world- we craft this world to be our dreams. no one can determine your level of rage. let no one tell you that you care too much. let no one tell you that your voice doesnt matter. wake up. this is our culture.