fred hammer

so whenever anyone asks what "my type of guy" is

it’s like

i have no clue

because so many different things attract me

i mean

sometimes it’s humor

sometimes it’s silence

occasionally i’m attracted to a total charmer

but usually it’s just someone awkward

i like some who are brawny

some who are brainy

some that pretend to be bad

and some that pretend to be good

some are very young

and eons old

sometimes the person i’m attracted to isn’t even a guy

i mean srsly

you feel me?


Fred “The Hammer” Williamson | Vintage Eye Candy

— American actor and former professional football player. Film credits include Three the Hard Way (1974), Take a Hard Ride (1975), One Down, Two to Go (1982). Co-starred with George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino in From Dusk til Dawn.

This Week is Full of Spiders

Alright here’s the lowdown:

Myself and other members of the John Dies at the End fandom have decided to go ahead and do a weeklong appreciation event! This means that each day of next week there will be a new theme and people can make or post whatever they want about that theme. You guys can make art, gifs, fanfiction, or write a one sentence text post. Whatever you want!

It will take place from: Sunday June 28 - Saturday July 4 (time zones don’t really matter because different people are making the kickoff posts).


1. Make a post related to the theme of the day and post it onto your tumblr. You can post more than once of course!

2. Tag everything with #ThisWeekisFullofSpiders and #JDATE-Week (in case people forget the actual tag) and of course it’s optional but I’d recommend tagging stuff with #john-dies-at-the-end too

3. Like, reblog, and have fun! This is whole week is meant to be a appreciation for the books (and movie in some cases) we love so much so don’t forget to share everything! 


Sunday June 28 (Day 1) - Character Appreciation Day

  • Pick your favorite character (or one you just want to post about) and make any kind of post related to them. It could be fanart, fanfiction, typography, a graphic, analysis, a song you think fits the character, etc…)

Monday June 29 (Day 2) - Fanart Challenge Day

  • Today is all about fanart! Pick one aspect (scene, moment, setting…) from either book [or even from a work of fanfiction if you like it enough] and create an art piece around that aspect. All kinds of art are welcome! Abstract stuff, comic strips, doodles, sketches, whatever you want to do go for it!
  • prospt will make the kickoff post for Fanart Challenge Day so make sure to check out their blog!
  • **EDIT**
    • The fanart doesn’t specifically have to be a scene or anything from the books. As long as it’s art and jdate related go for it!

Tuesday June 30 (Day 3) - Favorite Quote Day

  • Pick a quote you love and post about it! You can make gifs, typography, simply post the quote. or so anything else you want! This will be similar to character appreciation day, just with a quote instead of a character.

Wednesday July 1 (Day 4) - Headcanon Day

  • Post a headcanon you have and if some people want to post headcanons alongside art or a graphic then that would be awesome too! 

Thursday July 2 (Day 5) - Villain Appreciation Day

  • John Dies at the End and This Book is Full of Spiders are not without their share of villains! We can’t forget about the baddies who make all of John and Dave’s adventures possible. Post about a villain you love/admire/hate with a burning fiery passion straight from the bowels of hell and have fun with the wide array of character to choose from.

Friday July 3 (Day 6) - AU Day 

  • In honor of Massive Nerd™ Amy Sullivan, take a character or setting or plot from jd@te and stick it into another fandom! Or vice versa! Maybe John accidentally picks up Thor’s hammer or Fred Chu starts haunting the apartment from Friends. Make any kind of post about what you think would happen!

Saturday July 4 (Day 7) - Free day! 

  • Fuck the rules and do whatever you want because that’s what John would do.
  • cultofthepigeon will be kicking off Free Day so make sure to stop by their blog!