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things Riverdale needs in Season 2

-more b & v
-more Josie & the Pussycats songs
-more Archie singing
-what happened between Alice and FP/Southside Serpents
-more Scooby-Doo-like adventures
-what happened between Jughead’s parents
-scenes of Jason before he was murdered
-Polly getting to visit the place she was supposed to go with Jason
-Betty with Polly’s twins (once they’re born)
-what Hermione and Hiram do as a power couple
-Veronica and her mom getting along again
-wtf happened to Nana Blossom
-what kinda relationship does Cheryl have with her mother now
-more Blue and Gold stories
-what will Archie’s mom do when she finds out that Fred was shot
-more Jughead and his snarky comebacks
-more mama cooper
-flashbacks to the friendships/fallouts between the parents
-Kevin getting a long term relationship
-Kevin and Betty’s friendship
-more Vegas and Hot Dog (I NEED THE DOGS IN MY LIFE)
-the dogs should be like Scooby and Scappy Doo
-the friendship between Veronica and Jughead
-the core four getting their very own Mystery Machine
-more Jughead eating burgers
-Cheryl still being the independent woman she is who doesn’t need a relationship
-more Cheryl and Veronica bonding


Almost 70 years ago, when a teenage Ginger Rogers had just graduated from dancing the Charleston in Texas to performing in vaudeville in New York City, she was pleased to discover how effortlessly she was able to establish rapport with an audience. “I realized that there was a trick,” she said later, “and that was being warm with them.” A simple enough credo, but it carried Rogers through 73 movies, including the ten unforgettable musicals in which, paired with Fred Astaire, she whirled across elegant Art Deco sets trailing feathers and chiffon, setting an unmatchable standard for dancing on film. There were also her straight-shooting performances in 1937’s “Stage Door,” 1940’s “Kitty Foyle” and 1942’s “The Major and the Minor.” Robust yet glamorous, with a purposeful stride and a beauty mark on the left side of her chin, Rogers was, as TIME pronounced in 1941, “the flesh-and-blood symbol of the United States working girl.” - Tom Gliatto, People Weekly, May 8, 1995

So I attended Alamo City Comic Con today and I had the pleasure to meet the amazing and wonderfully talented Fred Perry, author and artist of the long running Gold Digger comic book series.  As part of picking up one of the Gold Digger Omnibuses (Gold Bricks), I was informed that Mr. Perry could do a request drawing.  As I had just gotten out of a RWBY panel, I asked if he could draw Yang, and this is the result.  Thing’s getting framed and put up on my wall =D

Major props to Mr. Perry and Antarctic Press, as well as the Rooster Teeth Team!  If ya’ll see this, ya’ll do amazing work and I love damn near everything you guys put out.  Keep up the awesome work!

Up until the day Molly found out that it had been Harry who’d given Fred and George the gold for their start-up, she accused Sirius of “encouraging them” and “seeing himself in them, when they’re just boys!” 

The news that it had been Harry, and not Sirius, and not criminal activity, calmed her marginally. 

The Mistakes We Make - Fred Weasley x Reader


Fred Weasley x Reader

You’re Fred’s date to the Yule Ball but someone spikes the punch and Fred gets drunk and kisses another girl.

Y/f/n = Your friend’s name

Y/f/c = Your favorite colour 

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You and Fred had been dating for a few months by the time the Triwizard Tournament came around, bringing the Yule Ball with it. Fred had asked you in the sweetest way, taking you down to the boathouse and surprising you with a bouquet of beautiful red roses. The bouquet was enchanted and after you smelt the roses, petals dropped to the floor spelling out ‘Yule Ball with Me?’ It was one of the cutest yet cringiest ways to ask but it worked.

You had bought your dress with guidance from Y/f/n and a few others, it was beautiful. It was a Y/f/c mid-length dress matched with a gold necklace Fred had bought you for your anniversary and Y/f/c heels. 

You were doing your hair and makeup with Y/f/n about an hour before the ball. All of the girls around you looked stunning, their smiles wide and voices excited. You hadn’t seen Fred for the whole day and were already missing him. As you finished flicking your eyeliner Y/f/n asked, 'Y/n? You ready? You look absolutely amazing.’

You blushed and giggled, you weren’t very good at receiving compliments but you nodded and returned it.

'Let’s go.’ You said with a bright smile, excitement filling you.

You walked out the Gryffindor common room and down the stairs. You were focusing hard on not tripping in your heels when you heard a familiar voice in front of you.


You looked up to be greeted by Fred. His jaw was open and his eyes wide.

You blushed and smiled.

'Y/n, you look… wow. Just wow' 

This was strange, Fred was the last person you’d ever think to be of loss of words.

He pulled you into a soft embrace, kissing your forehead before offering his arm like a true gentleman. You laughed as you took it.

The whole of the Great Hall had been decorated in sliver blue with a huge dance floor in the middle already filled with partners dancing. You locked eyes with Fred as a wide grin spread on both of your faces. 

'Shall we?’ He asked, gesturing towards the dancefloor.

You sighed awkwardly before nodding, you couldn’t dance to save your life but luckily, that was something the two of you had in common. The music was upbeat and lively as you stepped on and danced in sync juts as you needed to take a breather, the music slowed and Fred pulled you close. You found your rhythm as you danced together across the floor, you looked deep into his eyes and he yours. For a second you forgot everything around you and got lost in those great brown orbs, you flicked back to reality when the music hit a decrescendo and faded away. 

'I’m gonna go find George and the others,’ he started, 'but. I will see you back here at…’ he checked his watch, '10 for another dance, love.’ He pecked your forehead before disappearing into the crowd.

You headed in the opposite direction to go find Y/f/n and the rest of your friends.

You found them and chatted for about half an hour. Word had gotten around that Seamus Finnigan had spiked the punch and after having a glass, that was obvious. You weren’t a heavy drinker but you knew vodka when you tasted it, who wouldn’t? After laughing with Y/f/n you checked your watch, 9:58. You waved as you went back to where Fred had told you to wait. The music had completely changed since the last time you danced, the orchestra had been replaced by a rock band. You waited for a few minutes before checking your watch again 10:07. Fred wasn’t the most organised person but he kept his promises. You stood up in your tiptoes and searched the crowd.

'Y/n? You alright?’ It was Lee Jordan.

'Um, yeah I’m just looking for Fred.’ You replied continuing to search the crowd but coming down because your feet hurt.

'Oh, he went outside for a bit I think.’ Lee replied before walking away after saying he’d catch you later.

You wormed your way through the crowd towards the exit, your shoes were killing and you knew they’d have to come off soon. As you left the Great Hall you realised how loud it was in there. You walked into the courtyard breathing in the fresh air when you heard a familiar voice.

'Yeah, I’ve got a twin but I’m the more handsome one.’ You chuckled slightly until your face dropped as you heard a high pitch giggle. You rounded the corner and saw two figures in the dark; a girl and a boy. Just as you were about to announce your presence you saw them lean in together. You whipped out your wand, 'Lumos’ you said abruptly. The scene lit up as their lips parted.

Your jaw dropped and you lost all feeling in your body. All except a stabbing pain in your chest. You were faced with Fred Weasley and some girl. You didn’t know what to do. Run. And so you did, you turned on your heel and ran faster than you ever had before. You sprinted through the door and turned your head back, you c outdo hear Fred shouting but the sound was muffled. BAM. The fell to the floor after rebounding off someone, you looked up. George. 

'Jesus Y/n! Why are you in such a rush?’ He questioned.

The fact that he and Fred had the same face made you want to scream at him but instead a tear slipped out as you got up. You took your heels off so you could escape the situation less painfully. You started marching back up the stairs when George grabbed your arm, holding you back. You whipped round 'Get off me George!’ You yelled as you ripped your arm away and ran up the stairs.

You had never yelled at George before and you felt an ounce of guilt but nothing compared to the throbbing feeling in your head, your cheeks… and your heart.

You got to the Gryffindor common room, you stormed in expecting it to empty but a few couples were occupying it. You sighed angrily and turned on your heel. Storming down more staircases you went through a portrait, along a corridor and through a door. The Girl’s Bathroom. The one place you could go without people bothering you. When you got there you slumped against the wall and sat down on the floor. A tear slipped out but you didn’t want the rest to, if he could move on that quickly then you didn’t have to feel anything because clearly what you thought you had was not there.

How could he?

Why would he break the bond you made?

Why did he break your heart?

You thoughts were interrupted when the doors opened. You braced yourself but sighed with relief when you saw who it was, Y/f/n. She had a pile of clothes that she laid on the floor next to you before sitting down next to you and hugging you tightly. 

'It’s okay, Y/n. You can let it out.’ She whispered softly.

And so you did, one tear came and then the second and then all the rest. You sobbed into Y/f/n as she held you tight and just listened.

The clothes she brought were your pyjamas, shorts and a baggy Gryffindor t-shirt. She wiped off your droopy mascara and helped you peel out of your dress. She offered a hand as you sniffed the tears away, you had stopped crying now.

'Come on, let’s go up to bed.’

Y/f/n was in Hufflepuff so you followed her to their common room. You were so grateful, the last thing you wanted tonight was to find certain people waiting in Gryffindor for you that you’d have to talk to. The common room was empty as you walked through to Y/f/n’s room. Luckily she had a double bed which meant plenary of room for the two of you. You gave you one last hug before you slipped into bed. You couldn’t sleep because you didn’t want the consequences of the night to catch up with you tomorrow morning. Your mind was whirring but soon enough you drifted off.

Part 2 coming soon…