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Hangover (Hidashi Fic)

“C'mon Hiro! Have a drink!” Fred shouts, holding a glass out to said boy. Tadashi glares at Fred.

“No, Hiro is underage,” Cass responds, taking the glass from Fred.

It is Tadashi’s 21st birthday. Naturally, everyone decided to go out drinking. Five minutes in and Fred is already drunk. Soon enough, everyone, but Hiro, is drunk. Hardcore. Even Tadashi. Hiro decided to listen to his brother for once because it is his birthday.

Suddenly, Tadashi stands from the table and grabs his younger brother’s arm. Hiro assumes he’s supposed to stand, which he does. Tadashi leads him outside into the brisk, chilly night.

“Hiro, I love you,” the older brother blurts out, slurring his words so badly Hiro can barely understand.

“Excuse me?”

“Like, more than a brother! A lover!” Tadashi begins to giggle uncontrollably. Hiro stares at his drunk older brother, waiting for an explanation for…whatever the hell is going on. Tadashi’s giggling abruptly stops. He faces toward Hiro and leans forward. The younger brother’s eyes widen and he is frozen in place, not sure what to do. Tadashi’s lips come upon Hiro’s, kissing him passionately and gently, for a drunk.


Tadashi opens an eye late in the day, becoming blinded by the sun, which is doing nothing for his blaring headache. His vision is messed up and he can’t think straight. He remembers very little of what happened last night.

Meanwhile, Hiro grabs two donuts from the café and rushes upstairs to their bedroom. Every footstep Hiro makes sends a sudden jolt of pain through Tadashi’s head.

“Tadashi!” Hiro yells, bursting through the bedroom door. Tadashi groans and rolls over in bed.

“Shhh!” he hisses through his teeth. Hiro quietly walks up to Tadashi’s bed.

“I brought a donut…?” he whispers, holding out the donut, wondering if he should give it to him. Tadashi snatches it from Hiro’s hands and slowly eats it.

Tadashi lugs himself out of bed while Hiro goes and sits down at the computer. He turns the chair and watches his older brother fumble and attempt to get dressed. Tadashi eventually just gives up and goes to the shower in frustration, buck ass nude.

Hiro turns to the computer and buries his face in his hands attempting to shake the thoughts of Tadashi naked and…well whatever. His face becomes hot just from his thoughts.

In the bathroom, Tadashi turns on the shower and slumps against the door, allowing the water to run over his body.

Hiro finishes his donut and tries to think of ANYTHING to make to get his mind off of things. But, just as his thoughts start to clear of his older brother, Tadashi calls to him from the shower.

“Hiro, come help me out.”

Hiro goes rigid in his seat, eyes widening. “What’s the problem Tadashi? Did you fall and can’t get up?” He tries to cover his nervousness with humor.

“Not funny…and yes. Help me take a shower,” Tadashi grumbles.

“I thought it was pretty funny!” Hiro exclaims, reluctantly getting up and going to the bathroom. The younger brother stands awkwardly in the doorway.

Tadashi sighs and looks at his younger brother. “Just…” he starts, not quite sure what to say.

“Well I don’t know!” Tadashi points to his ragged hair.

“Help me wash.”

“Am I supposed to go in there or something…? Or are you going to squat down and I wash your hair from that angle?”

“You’re such a wimp. Get in here,” Tadashi orders, rolling his eyes. He watches Hiro undress from the corner of his eye.

“Unbelievable,” Hiro mutters as he finally gets in the shower. He begins washing his older brother’s hair when Tadashi suddenly asks Hiro something that has been bothering him for a while now.

“Why did you let me drink so much?”

“You looked like you were enjoying yourself. Didn’t want to ruin your birthday.”

Tadashi chuckles. “I’m surprised you didn’t drink any.”

The younger boy sighs. “Both you and Aunt Cass were like ‘Hiro, no’ but then there was Fred saying ‘Hiro, yes’ but you guys were so persistent that I just didn’t.”

“Since when do you ever listen to us?” Tadashi wonders, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion. “Anyway, did I do anything…?” Hiro thinks of Tadashi’s drunk love confession and the passionate kiss. His face flushes red.

“Oh no, you didn’t do anything,” Hiro quickly states. His brother doesn’t question it.

“Okay…good…” he says, relieved.

“Okay, I can’t reach the top of your head. You need to lean back or something,” Hiro sasses. Tadashi bends down a little.

“Is this good?”

“Yeah,” Hiro says, scrubbing Tadashi’s hair, slightly distracted by his toned ass.

“You okay there?” Tadashi wonders, trying to see where Hiro is looking. Hiro’s eyes flit up to look at Tadashi’s concerned face.

“Oh, y-yeah,” he stammers.

“Mmmkay.” Tadashi shrugs. After Hiro finishes washing Tadashi’s hair, Tadashi asks for a back scrub. “H-Hiro? Your hand is getting a little low there…” Hiro looks down at his hands and realizes that he was slowly, subconsciously moving them towards his brother’s ass. “It’s too early for your bullshit, Hiro.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Hiro quickly moves his hands back up. “I think you’re just saying that ‘cause you’re hungover.”

“What is that supposed to mean…?”

“What? I d-didn’t mean…” Hiro trails off, averting his eyes from Tadashi.

“I’m done showering, can you get me a towel?” Tadashi says abruptly.

“Y-yeah, of course.” Hiro gets out of the shower and grabs two towels. He hands one to Tadashi. He stumbles out and wraps himself in the towel, then Tadashi goes back to the bedroom and lays down in his bed. Hiro gets dressed and goes down to the café, thinking why the hell his hands started traveling down to his older brother’s ass!

“What’s wrong?” Aunt Cass asks. He shrugs.

“Nothing,” he responds. “Except that Tadashi has a hangover.”

Tadashi slumps down the stairs, muttering, “I’m hungry.” Once he appears in the back of the café, Hiro stands up awkwardly. Tadashi grabs another donut and asks Hiro to come upstairs with him.

“Tch! Why? Do you need more help doing easy tasks?” Hiro wonders, sounding rather vicious. Tadashi nods tiredly, earning a sigh from Hiro, who reluctantly follows his brother to their bedroom.

Tadashi snuggles into his bed covers and munches on his donut. “Come cuddle with me.”

“Wh-what?! Are you crazy?!” Hiro shouts. Tadashi looks at him suspiciously.

“It’s just brotherly cuddling. We do it all the time. What’s got you all weird around me to…day…” Suddenly, it clicks. “What did I do last night?”

“You didn’t do anything,” Hiro mutters sarcastically.

“Why’d you lie to me?! What is it?”

“Well, you didn’t rape me, so it isn’t that bad…”

Tadashi’s face falls. “Hiro, why would you…” he stammers. “I would never… We’re brothers!”

“I don’t know! You tell me!”

“You know what,” Tadashi states, becoming frustrated at Hiro. “I’m not talking to you until you tell me what’s going on.”

“You were acting so weird!”

“I was drunk! Of course I was activg weird.”

“Well, weird for even a drunk!”

“What do you mean?” Tadashi questions, narrowing his eyes at Hiro.

“Guys aren’t supposed to kiss their brothers!!” Hiro blurts. His eyes go wide and he slaps a hand over his mouth. Tadashi’s jaw drops.

“I did not…” the older brother whispers. Hiro nods slowly. “Hiro I…”

“And you said you love me more than a brother…” Tadashi buries his face in his hands. Hiro stares, unsure of what to do or say.

“Fuck,” Tadashi mumbles. “Fuck, Hiro, you…you weren’t supposed to find out.”

“Say what now?” Hiro says, clearly taken aback. Tadashi averts his eyes. “I thought…”

“I’m sorry, I–”

“You weren’t just being drunk…?”

“I mean I was, but…” Tadashi tries to explain, coming to a loss for words.

“But what Tadashi? What?”

“Don’t say it like that, I–”

“Tadashi, stop evading!” Hiro yells.

“Just…shut up!” Tadashi places his hands on his head. It’s pounding from the yelling.

“Hey, you okay?” Hiro asks, lowering his voice considerably.

“No, Hiro get out!” The young boy stares and backs away, not sure if he should actually leave. “I…Fuck…I don’t know what to say! I screwed up everything.” Tadashi looks like a kicked, dejected puppy.

After a moment of silence, Hiro asks timidly, “Do you still want to cuddle?” Tadashi looks up.

“You still want to?”

“Yeah…” He scratches the back of his head sheepishly. Tadashi smiles a little and holds his arms out for a hug, still naked. Hiro embraces his brother and cuddles up to him in his bed. Tadashi leans over and kisses Hiro, properly and not drunk this time. Hiro melts into the kiss almost immediately. Tadashi’s hands begin to wander across Hiro’s body. Hiro shivers under the touch, but moves his hands down to his older brother’s ass, grabbing it. Tadashi moans. He pulls away. Hiro pouts.

“Not yet.”