fred cash

My absolute favorite line from Fallen London’s Feb Exceptional Story, “The Century Exhibition” (written by Fred Zeleny, James Chew, Cash Decuir).

Really enjoyed it, specially the part where you have to choose, among a wide variety of choices, how to deal with a pissed-off alien Wind. Reminded me of D&D campaigns where the objective is pretty clear, but given what you know of the layout / the setting / whoever and whatever else is around, there’s a bunch of different ways you can achieve it.

Also continually intrigued by how the Season of Skies stories, of which this was the latest, point to what lies beyond Avid Horizon (and irl, the upcoming Sunless Skies Kickstarter). Got legit chills when someone early on in the Story mentions ‘a Captain and a Venturer.’ Having played Sunless Sea, I have been that Captain. 


Martha Redbone - Skin (2008)