fred bot

To all those whom I sent messages, please reply quickly. I am revamping the story (Surprise surprise) and this is your last chance to join.

I will no longer accept any messages asking me if the person sending it can join; after I get about 10 characters in the robot list. If you have sent a proper reference or visual description of your character before, you will automatically be put in the list. Here is the list for any newbie, along with some extra information below:

Bot#1- @jielyx

Bot#2- @fred-owned

Bot#3- Me

Bot#4- Violet (I forget her blog name, but most of you know her as my friend)

Bot#5- @lucythereaderofminds

Player- @hikaroon

Cellphone Guy- Me

I also added the human characters for those who are curious. The other 5 animatronic slots are empty. Feel free to send me a message saying you’re interested. I will ask you a couple of questions, and you will answer them accordingly. If your character’s mechanics suit the lore and atmosphere, you just need to tell me how they look before I can let you in. Still, you need to send me a ref. Ask me to make it, and I will say no. Force me to make it, and I will shut you out. Here are the rules for those interested:

1. Avoid using too much clichés in the mechanics of your characters. You may use 1-3 clichés but beyond that isn’t allowed. Be creative when creating your character.
2. Make sure the character you are representing resembles one of your personas. This is important.
3. They must have at least 1 mechanic among their abilities or movements that make them stand out from the rest.
4. The maximum character slots you can take up are 2.

There you have it. If you have read the entire post, thank you. I’ll be on my merry way. Also, I apologize for not posting any new art. I don’t have any ideas lately, so feel free to suggest anything but references for me to draw. This month has been very busy for me, since I needed to study for a Quiz Bee. Today is the day that Quiz will take place, so wish me luck.