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brooklyn 99 + andy’s SNL castmates

Hader: At SNL, we called it the Friday night crazies, because by Friday night, everyone’s exhausted. Kristen and I and Fred Armisen would really go bonkers.
Wiig: You’d just hear over the loudspeakers, “Okay guys! Please!”
Hader: And I’d be fitting Kristen into a refrigerator. Or we’d do a thing where one of us would mouth the words on camera, and we’d do each other’s voices.

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader for the New York Times | September 2014 (x)


A Farewell to Bobby Moynihan - Favorite Weekend Update Characters

Thank you Bobby, for gracing our television screens with hilarious characters and impressions on Update since you joined the SNL cast in Season 34. Your imaginative creations like Anthony Crispino, Riblet, and Drunk Uncle along with over-the-top impressions of Snooki and Guy Fieri will be sorely missed.


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Bill Hader and Fred Armisen Still Call Each Other on the Landline

GQ: How much time do you spend together off set?

Fred: I’d say it’s almost 24 hours a day together.

Bill: Pretty much.

Fred: Yeah. Eighteen, I guess? Not counting bathroom time. That would be gross.

Bill: Certain holidays Fred doesn’t want to hang out with me. But most of the time we hang out most days.

Fred: I can’t hang out with him on Easter because of Easter-egg hunting. And I can’t hang out with him on Halloween, because that’s a High Holy Day for my family.

Bill: When trick-or-treaters come, you guys throw water on them and give them little mini Bibles and stuff. It’s a big deal for your family.

SNL in 2016

In 2016, Cecily was a Disney princess with a Disney Prince

Bill Murray and the Cubs celebrated…

Lin was unfortunately, wrong…

Matt the Radar Technician was born…

We had a few questions for Tom Hanks….

We celebrated Christmas in Hollis…

And the first Thanksgiving with Wiig and friends…

We found friends in unlikely places….

We all sang hallelujah…

And this was not a feminist song…

We got new cast members….

And had fun with a few old ones !

And live from new york….. 

This was 2016 !