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A Pair of ‘Ghost’ Cabins in Joshua Tree
Thanks to the vision of artist Rachel Whiteread, two forgotten huts in a private sculpture park have transcended their humble origins to become subtle new masterpieces.
By Fred A. Bernstein
Masterpost of Musicals by Category/Style

You requested it, here it is! Some shows fall into multiple categories based on their style, and many things in the contemporary and pop/rock sections could easily be moved around between sections.  In addition, many modern musicals have aspects of both legit singing and belting, in which case I’ve tried to categorize them based on their overall feel. If you see that I’ve missed a show and want it included, shoot me a message and I’ll get it added!

Note: If you think something is miscategorized, just send me a message!  No big deal!  I certainly haven’t seen all of these shows, so I had to make assumptions based off of what I knew.  I don’t mind corrections at all, and will thank you for respectfully pointing out my mistake!  That being said, I kindly ask that you don’t passive aggressively tag this complaining about how a show is is in the wrong section.  I am so happy to change any mistakes, but being rude about it really serves no purpose.  :)

* indicates the Tony Award winner of Best Musical


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  • <p> <b>Person:</b> What do you look for in a man?<p/><b>Me:</b> Jimmy Stewart's kindness and patience. Dean Martin's voice and sense of humor. Frank Sinatra's eyes and charm. Cary Grant's suaveness. Humphrey Bogart's aloofness. Jerry Lewis' inner child. Spencer Tracy's spirit and wisdom. Jack Lemmon's sarcasm. Gregory Peck's tolerance and willingness to listen. Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire's ability to dance. And as for looks, well, any of them will do!<p/></p>

Batman #10 (April/May 1942)
Written by Jack Schiff, art by Fred Ray, Jerry Robinson, and George Roussos

Even though they were on opposite sides of the law, Catwoman had a definite fondness for Batman in her earliest appearances. She was wholly committed to her life of crime and more than willing to use Batman’s feelings for her to her own advantage, but she liked him too. Just not as a crimefighter. On several occasions, she wished that he’d give up his do-gooder role and join up with her; between her brain and his brawn, they would be unstoppable criminal duo! But Batman stayed true to his mission, even if he did let Catwoman escape repeatedly.

**The Many Lives of Catwoman: The Felonious History of a Feline Fatale is out NOW!!**


Happy Birthday to the icon of dance, Gene Kelly!

(Born August 23, 1912 Died February 2, 1996)

My grandfather, being from his generation, raised me on classical movies by Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, Danny Kaye and many other musical legends.

These guys were not only actors, they were dancers, choreographers, singers, writers and comedians. They were truly Hollywood’s finest. 



What if “Ghostbusters” was shot in 1954 instead of 1984?  Starring Bob Hope, Fred MacMurray, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and many more!