fred and george would high five over

The Weasley children being on a mission to catch you and Fred kissing would include...

(A/N): This was really random I apologise but here we go!

- At first it was a bit of a joke

- Then it became a full blown competition

- How it started was, Fred was quite nervous around you at first. So you didn’t share your first kiss; snog. Until like one month into dating.

-Therefore Ginny thought, after hearing the gossip from Hermione, that you was just really shy and Fred’s big, extroverted personality scared you at first.

-The true was you just got little socially awkward and this didn’t really help Fred’s inner nerves.

- After you both let go of all that though.

- But as far as PDA goes you and Fred had a little inside joke of you would never let him kiss you on the lips in public, just to tease him.

“ ’m sorry my love was you just attempting to place a kiss on my lips?”

“ o'comon (Y/N) give us a peck.”

“Us? I didn’t know you and George was into that…” *smirk*

- Ron just chokes on his chicken leg.

- Harry laughs and gives you a high-five.

- Fred pouts, until you lean over and whisper in his ear “Later”, them he just grins as you wink.

- The next day you walk into the great hall with a badley hidden hickey on the top of your neck.

- Ginny takes this as insporation to catch you two kissing because now she KNOWS it happens.

- Looking up to you she knows that you must have some tricks of the trade

- An if she catches you…

- BOOM! Blackmail she has them and a reason for some sisterly bonding.

- Then, for unknown reasons, the rest of the Weasley children want to help. Even Harry, and Hermione may help Ginny.

- Molly already restricts the door always wide open when you vist the burrow so that helps the Weasley childen…

- Until they realise that it never stays open and Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny can’t use magic outside of school yet.

- So it becomes George, Percy, Charlie and Bills’ job to break the charms. Plus George lives in there too.

- You were suppose to be sleeping with Ginny and Hermione.

- But after Fred basically moving you into the twins room, you didn’t have a choice.

- After many failed attemps and curse words…

- They get you.

- But a little bit more than they bargined for; you stradling Fred, both missing a shirt with a not-so-oblivious tent in his pants.


- All the kids fell into the room and are rather starting to internally freak and stutter or laugh

“Close you eyes kids lets leave them to it…”

- Bill recasing the silencing charms while Charlie locks the door and George stops Percy telling Molly.

- The teasing is endless and so are the jinxs

- Molly nor Arthur get the jokes…

“So Freddie since when did you asipire to be a horse? I thought a Gryffindor lion would be more your type.”

- Because they never knew what happened.

“(Y/N) we’re going to play some quidditch and Fred asked if you wanted to ride his broom again!”

- But like I said it’s all good fun.

Thin Walls - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: A Fred Weasley imagine where it’s summer holidays and you’re staying at the burrow and you’re dating and can’t keep your hands off each other so there is teasing and blushing and fluff pleeeeeaase 😊💋

P.S. This mentions sex and stuff like that so beware! Also Fred is a tiny bit rude but whatever, enjoy! x

My favorite part about summer were the longer nights. In winter at Hogwarts the sun, if it had decided to shine, would retreat to bed at five in the afternoon and let the moon do the rest of the work. Although in summer, the sun was set to work staying out as late as almost eight thirty and would rise early at five in the morning. The days were longer and the nights were shorter which meant more time to be spending with a particular redhead I had grown to love. Fred and I roamed around the Burrow until nine when the light would cease and Molly would holler for us to get inside before we lost our way. 

Molly and Arthur Weasley had so kindly offered me a spot at their home for the summer when Fred informed them that my parents were going on a cruise for the holidays and wouldn’t be home until a week before school started up again. I suppose looking back on the whole ordeal ‘offer’ wasn’t exactly the best choice of words, Molly more so insisted I stayed with my boyfriend and his family for the break. I couldn’t complain, I got to eat home cooked meals, hang out with Ginny whom I had grown considerably close with seeing as we shared her room, and got to be with Fred every single day. Of course there were a few downsides to seeing each other everyday. 

At Hogwarts there were rules and traditions put in place for young witches and wizards which meant once Fred and I got to his house, we finally gained a bit more privacy than before and trust me we took full advantage of it. After breakfast when everyone would begin their day heading separate ways, Fred and I would sneak off to shower together. In later afternoons we’d slip out to the lake a mile from the Burrow and have snog sessions on a blanket spread by the crystal water. 

Then at night I would tiptoe out of Ginny’s room to cuddle with Fred in the living room. For the most part we were good at keeping from being caught but that’s not to say we never did. Today Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, and I had all decided to take a hike around the path by the house. Molly said the trail led on for thirty miles so it was best if we’d turn around at a distinct landmark the twins had made after walking the trail an entire day to see how far it went. The mile markers were nonexistent and all the miles looked the same in my eyes.

“Are you sure we haven’t passed this so called marker yet, boys?” I asked. Ron was leading the group as Ginny and I walked behind him with the twins at our backs. “Oh I’m sure, darling. Believe me, it’s not hard to miss.” Fred commented reaching forward to pinch my bum. Racing around I gifted him with a harsh shove to his side. Fred only smirked seeming satisfied with himself.

“Sorry Y/n, it’s just too beautiful to resist.” A flash of red coated my cheeks and I had to face forward quickly to keep Fred and George from seeing. 

My efforts came to no avail as George howled in laughter, “Look Freddie, you embarrassed the poor girl!” The rushing wind added more color to my cheeks and made it harder to mask the blush. The sound of Fred’s footsteps sounded closer than before. It didn’t take long for the feeling of his warm lips to press against the shell of my ear.
“Not my fault my bird has got a nice bum.” I nudged my shoulder causing him to stumble back still full of content. I shot Ginny a look of annoyance and she grinned turning to her brothers.
“I bet we already went by your marker and you two have got us lost.” Ginny sassed, folding her arms across her chest and planting herself still in the trail. Ron stopped his movement and swiveled his body around glaring at his younger sister.

“It’s a trail you git, you can’t get lost if you stick to it.” Fred and George chuckled while Ron returned to ignoring the rest of us. The sun was still high in the sky and if my calculations were right I would have to say we’d been trudging on the hike for at least three hours which meant it would take that much longer to get back.
“Wait… Fred I don’t remember passing that boulder last time?” I could hear George whispering to his twins softly and I had to fight the urge to turn around and knock him upside the head. 

“Are you serious?” Ginny shouted. The twins shook their heads laughing and George squeezed by me to throw his arm around his sister’s shoulder.

“Now Ginny, what on earth makes you think I would ever do that to you?” I drowned out her assumingly snappy response and joined Fred. His lips pressed down lovingly onto my forehead and I had to bite my lip to keep from going in for another more heated embrace. A smirk traced Fred’s features as he gazed down at me. 

“Eager are we, love?” Shrugging let my arm fall around his torso the flushness from earlier slowly disappearing.

“Maybe just a bit. I’ve hardly seen you at all this week.” My voice was light and easy melting like butter on a scorching day. With a tilt of his head, Fred raised his eyebrows at me almost accusingly.
“And who’s fault is that?” I knew it was mine and there was no way to fight my way out, also there was no point. Fred took the time I was spending with his mother and sister all week to create new products for his upcoming shop with George, so his play of hurt towards me was an act that I refused to fall for.
“Whatever, your sister wanted to go to town with me and I couldn’t say no when your mother asked me to help with the cake. Anyways, I really did need that knitting lesson from her so I don’t regret a thing. I had a lot of fun away from you, handsome.” 

Fred scoffed and shook his head,“You mean to say you had more fun sitting around talking to my mom and sister than you did when you snuck into my room that night and I-” I cut him short before he could continue. It was obvious where he was heading and I was not in the mood nor the right place to touch on the events of that night.
“Stop! Your siblings are right there, I don’t want them hearing you.”
“You know, love, I’m surprised George didn’t hear you from the living room that night. You were screaming my name so loud I thought you would wake the whole house-” George turned back to us with a look of bewilderment.“

You two did what in our room?” Another storm of embarrassment settled over. Truth be told I should’ve known Fred would say something to his brother but it was awkward for him to find out while we were with Ron and Ginny too. The three began laughing and both brothers high fived Fred and Ginny gave me an apologetic gaze.

“Fred told me about the shower stuff and what you did by the lake but I didn’t know you two got it on in his room as well.” Ron admitted sending me a flirty wink. My mouth hung open and I debated on crawling under a rock and living the rest of my life there or beating the lights out of Fred.

“You told your brother about that!” I screeched covering my tomato red face. Fred nodded, clearly not understanding what the big deal was. 

Ginny shifted her weight between her feet becoming more than uncomfortable and I felt guilty for her being stuck in such an awkward spot.Pushing past Fred I made sure to bump my shoulder gratingly with his and started my walk with Ginny behind the boys, who were still gloating on the secrets Fred had let them in on, and back to the Weasley home.
Tears of rage were swelling in my eyes blocking my vision but I couldn’t care less. Ginny remained silent but ran her hand over my shoulder every minute or so.The three Weasley boys followed in pursuit but I paid no mind. Anger was coursing through my veins overtaking my mind set. A sudden hand pulled me back and I knocked into the broad chest of Fred Weasley. He reached up and skimmed the backside of him hand across my cheek wiping all the falling tears. George and Ron’s heads hung low as what I could only assume was culpability.Fred waved them off to keep walking. The group had gotten quite a ways in front of us and Fred stayed glued to the ground unmoving. “Sweetheart look at me please. I was being stupid and ignorant alright? Besides who cares what they think, they’re just jealous they don’t have a beautiful girl like you to do-” 

Shoving him to the side, and off the trail a bit, I backed Fred into a tree with all my might. His face washed over with a touch of shock and… lust? Pointing my finger in his line of sight I mustered up my strongest voice and scolded him.

“I’m serious, quit it or nothing from that night will never happen again.” This only amused him more as Fred gently took my hand in his and placed a sweet kiss on my knuckles.
“Keep telling yourself that, darling.” The area grew silent and the tension was growing bigger by the second. As much as he pushed my buttons and drove me crazy, I loved him and it wasn’t a secret. Stepping back I released my hold on his collar chewed on the inside of my lip. The same stupid little grin was on full display while Fred brushed away the loose strands of hair covering my face. I was furious beyond belief and wanted to fight his grip but I couldn’t.

“C’mon Y/n, please don’t be upset. I was only joking. I love you so much, I hope you never doubt that.” The genuinity was evident in his voice. I could feel his brown eyes boring into my face searching for any sign of disbelief. Narrowing my e/c orbs I squinted at the wild haired boy in front of me.
“Pretty rude joke to be treating me like that especially in front of your brothers and sister. I’m not some toy or prize you can show off. I did those things with you out of love, not lust I hope you realize that. But I suppose I forgive you. I love you too by the way.” I run my finger along my cheek catching all the tears from hitting the floor. A warm smile rose to Fred’s face and he leaned forward wrapping his arms around my neck to pull my body towards him. I found myself using his body as support and burying my face in his sturdy chest. Fred’s delicate lips ran along the crown of my head then let a trail of kisses on my forehead.

“Glad to see you two have made up and are back to kissing every second of the day, now let’s go! Ron said he heard mom say she’s cooking corned beef sandwiches and cauldron cakes for dessert! Hurry before they’re all gone!” George yelled from the opening of the woodsey area I had brought Fred. I shared a happy glance with Fred then snatched his hand and ran after George, Ginny, and Ron excited to get to the Burrow.

“Y/n, we could just use magic to get there. Faster we get there and beat them, the more food we get. Also the more time I get to make it up to you and show you how sorry I am.” Fred pressed rubbing his thumb along my hand. His offer was no debate, I shook my head yes and soon we were teleported back to the Burrow rushing inside and eating quicker than ever, then sprinting up to Fred’s room, achieving all of this prior to the other three arriving home. When Fred and I reached the stairs I could hear Molly called for us. We retreated into the kitchen putting on our best display of innocence, although the wise witch saw through and laughed to herself saying,

“Now be safe and no funny business; remember these walls are pretty thin, dear. And Fred, be nice to this one, I like her.”

-Daizy xx

Meddling Molly Weasley

You had been invited to send the summer vacation with you two best friends in the world. The Weasley twin. Many of kids at school had a hard time aproaching the  pranksters because they thought that they might be bullies. This was not the case at all. The twins pranked the bullies, not the innocent. No one disliked them, everyone loved seeing their pranks and hearing them crack jokes in class, even though they didn’t know the fiery headed twins.

        Your friend ship with the twins had started in your first year. They had noticed a pigheaded Slytherin boy making fun of you because you were in Hufflepuff. They decided they could help you out, after all you had let them sit with you on the way to Hogwarts, they liked you so why should you be made fun of for your house? You shouldn’t. So they cooked up a pot that included two buckets of potion one that caused hair to sprout all over the body at an alarming rate and one that would turn you blue for a week, which they got from Zonco’s Joke Shop. The next time they saw him teasing you their plan sprang into action. As for your bully? Well lets just say  seven whole days and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Soon you started helping the twins with their pranking and as time went on the three of you were inseperable.

        Things were perfect, it was summer, you had finished your summer work early, and you were with the Weasley’s your favorite family in the world. The key word in that sentence? Were. Now you had a problem, you were falling in love with you best friend. Well one of them, thank every deity you had ever heard of you weren’t falling for both of them. No you were just falling for Fred. Not that that was a good thing. It was going to ruin everything. It had always been the three of you and naturally you were going to destroy that. Ugh.

         You were sitting at the long kitchen table trying to figure out what to do when Mrs. Weasley came in to start cooking dinner. She saw you sitting there and sat down next to you. She gave you a look that made you want to spill all your feelings and ask for help, you guessed that was something that came with six children. You sighed and your hands fell from under you chin to the tabletop.

        “What’s wrong dear? Are you not having fun? Are my boys being rude? Because You just let me know and I’ll whip them right back into shape!” She said concerned.

         You laughed and shook your head, “No, that’s not it.”

         There was that look again, and you could feel it working, you were gonna spill your guts.

.                    .                       .                         .                         .                      .

Fred’s POV

         “Seriously, Fred,” George said. “If you don’t go down there and ask her out instead of complaining to me that she is too perfect, or that she’s so beautiful, or anything else, I swear I’m going to go down there and ask her out for you in the most loud and obnoxious way I can possibly think of!”

        “Fine! Fine!” I said raising MY arms in defeat as I started to walk out of the room. But just as I got half way out of the room I turned right back around, “Nope, just kidding, I can’t.”

         George gave me a look and I ran a hand through my hair, “What am I supposed to say huh? Hey (Y/N), so I just wanted to tell you that I think I’ve fallen in love with you, wanna go play quidditch just you and me? Yeah? Cool. Oh, No? Okay that’s cool too, I’m just going to spend the rest of the summer in my bedroom. It’s okay.”

         “Yes! That’s fine! Whatever you want as long as I don’t have to hear it anymore!!!” George said, “Now! Go! Tell! Her!”

         I walked out of the room and down the stair to the kitchen to ask Mum if she’d seen (Y/N) recently. I had every intention to finally tell her how I felt. That is until I got to the kitchen door, which was barely open, and I heard (Y/N) and Mum talking. I froze when I heard my name. I couldn’t help but listen in.

.                   .                       .                      .                    .                      .

(Y/N)’s POV

         “Mrs. Weasley, would you be upset if I told you I think I might be in love with one of your sons?” I asked nervously staring at my thumbs.

          “Honey, I know. And why would I be upset that you’re in love with Fred? You are a wonderful girl.” She said sweetly.

         I turned my head sharply to her and my jaw dropped open. I couldn’t believe it, “Am I that obvious?”

         “Yes dear, I’m sorry to say but very. But don’t worry, Fred would be completely foolish not to want to be with you too.” She told me placing one of her hands over my folded ones on the table. Soon she got up and walked over to the other side of the kitchen. She washed the vegetables with a wave of her wand and they soon started to chop themselves across from you on the table. She turned around and smiled as you started to talk, because while you could’t see Fred listening in to your conversation with his mother, she could.

         “I just don’t know what to do. He’s my best friend and I don’t want to ruin that but… He’s just so kind. He’s funny and handsome. Thinking about him can make my day and hang out with him is even better. He pulls pranks but nothing mean, and they never hurt anyone. They are just funny. And he’s always there for me, even though I’m not in his house. He’s just completely perfect. I know you already know how wonderful he is, I mean he’s your son but I just… I really do think I’m in love with him.”

         You sighed, then felt someone tap you on the shoulder, you turn around and before you could do anything someone’s lips were on yours, kissing you sweetly. Your eyes widened when you realized it was Fred, but soon start to kiss back. Too soon he pulled away smiling and said, “Ditto beautiful girl. Wanna go play quidditch? Just the two of us?”

         You shook your head and followed him outside. Mrs. Weasley smiled to herself. She knew that  there would be a lot more kissing that quiddtich going on out there, but she was happy that her babies were happy. And happy you were, Fred was still your best friend, but now he was your boyfriend too. George walked into the kitchen, “Did he finally do it?”

         Mrs. Weasley smiled at him, “It took a little while but they finally admitted it.”

         “Finally!!” George said giving his mother a high five. Over all it was a pleasant evening in the Weasley House.


fremione for @weasleys-wildfire-whizbang and anyone else who wants to read it:

Fred hummed around the end of his sugar quill, trying to distract himself from the disturbing mental image of George and Lee Jordan in the shower together. He shuddered and crossed out a line of his Defense essay. 

After another few minutes of staring at the parchment, he sighed and pushed his supplied away from him. NEWTs were for boring people anyway. He really needed to speak to George about when they were going to leave for good. Though, knowing George, he’d want to stay as long as possible to be with Lee.

He contemplated taking a puking pastille so he didn’t have to go to class, but he didn’t want to deprive any other students from buying their products to ditch Umbridge’s Defense classes.

Knowing George and Lee would be taking at least another twenty minutes in the bathroom, Fred rolled over on his four poster, shoved his arms under his pillow, and buried his face in it. A nap wouldn’t hurt.

A nap would hurt, apparently. Not even five minutes after Fred had fallen into a half-sleep was he startled awake by a loud BANG and a loud screech. He had jumped so high that he fell off his four post and had to reach back up under his pillow for his wand. George and Lee hadn’t heard the noises, since the shower was still running.

He peeked over the top of his bed and saw a pile of bushy hair sticking up in all directions, coated in a layer of stinksap. He stood with a grin, leaning casually against the end of his bed. 

“Come to confiscate our personal possessions, have you?” Fred drawled, arms crossed over his chest. 

Hermione wiped the stinksap from her face with a handkerchief before turning around, trying to pat her hair down proudly. “Of course not! I’ve just come to…” she touched her hair again, “I’ve come… Oh for Godric’s sake,” she pulled her wand from the pocket of her robes and cast a cleaning charm on her hair. The stinksap seemed to sink even further into her hair and turn the color of bubblegum. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror attached to the wall and let out a shriek. “Fred!”

“Granger,” Fred regarded her with amused interest, watching her cast Tergeo after Scorgify after Tergeo and trying not to laugh as her hair turned green and purple and blue. He did let out a chuckle when it turned a brilliant shade of red, matching the carpet and the bedsheets. 

She finally stopped trying to clean out the stinksap and shot Fred a glare. “I didn’t come to confiscate your things, I came because… Well, because Ron’s told me about this ‘portable swamp’ you and George have come up with and I wanted to see the blueprints,” she mumbled the last part, looking down at her hands. “How did you charm your trunk to shoot stinksap at anyone who tried to open it?”

“Ah, ah. Sorry, Hermione. We don’t give out our secrets,” Fred said offhandedly, walking around Hermione to eye his unopened trunk. “And it’s quite simple, actually. You’ll just have to ask Neville for some of the sap from that plant by his bed.”

“Can you fix my hair, then? Please?” Hermione asked, eyes flitting up to Fred’s face. 

Fred heaved an incredible sigh, like Hermione was forcing him to put a great deal of effort into this. With a short flick of his wand, the stinksap vanished and her hair was returned to the, in Fred’s opinion, boring shade of brown. He pursed his lips for a moment before flicking his wrist again, making his trunk open. He dug through for a moment before pulling out the blueprints for the portable swamp. 

“You can’t tell George I showed you. He’d throw a right fit,” Fred eyed her suspiciously for a moment before opening the roll of parchment.

“Where is he, anyway?”

He regarded her curious expression with a mischievous grin. “In the shower. With Lee.”

“With… With Lee?” she squeaked, eyes wide.

He stood and pulled her over towards the bathroom, motioning for her to press her ear to the door and doing the same himself. Barely heard over the sound of running water were low groans. Hermione’s brown eyes widened even more and she opened her mouth to speak, or shout. Fred put his finger to his lips and took a step back from the door.

Normally, he’d be staying on his bed and trying to forget what was happening in the next room, but he got a thrill from seeing the blush creep up Hermione’s neck and cheeks.

“By the sounds of it, they’ll be in there for a while yet,” Fred said, grimacing a bit as a louder moan could be heard through the door. He walked back to his bed and sat down. Hermione sat across from him, leaning forward to get a clear view of the parchment as Fred explained how it works. 

“And you’ve tried it already?” She asked, impressed by the sheer intelligence it takes to develop this kind of idea.

Fred nodded. “Only in the forest behind the Burrow, but it seems to work pretty well outdoors. We haven’t tried it indoors yet.”

For a moment, Fred couldn’t understand why it suddenly seemed so quiet in the room, and then he heard the door to the bathroom start to squeak open. He shot Hermione a meaningful look and then dragged her out of the dorm room before they could be seen. 

Pressed against the cold stone of the tower, Hermione shivered and bit her lip to keep quiet. Fred pressed his ear to the dorm room door and listened to George and Lee rustle around. And then a murmured, “Again?” followed by a long groan. Fred almost gagged.

He turned back to Hermione and, without thinking, reached out his hand to pull her lip free from her teeth. 

“Did you guys really come up with that on your own?” she whispered, brown eyes bright in the sunlight that crept into the tower’s staircase.

“Contrary to popular belief, George and I are very intelligent,” Fred argued, stepping closer to her and watching as she pressed herself farther against the wall. His thumb trailed down her jaw and landed on her chin, tilting it up slightly. 

“I-I didn’t…” she trailed off as Fred leaned in to press his lips against hers.