fred and george would high five over

The Weasley children being on a mission to catch you and Fred kissing would include...

(A/N): This was really random I apologise but here we go!

- At first it was a bit of a joke

- Then it became a full blown competition

- How it started was, Fred was quite nervous around you at first. So you didn’t share your first kiss; snog. Until like one month into dating.

-Therefore Ginny thought, after hearing the gossip from Hermione, that you was just really shy and Fred’s big, extroverted personality scared you at first.

-The true was you just got little socially awkward and this didn’t really help Fred’s inner nerves.

- After you both let go of all that though.

- But as far as PDA goes you and Fred had a little inside joke of you would never let him kiss you on the lips in public, just to tease him.

“ ’m sorry my love was you just attempting to place a kiss on my lips?”

“ o'comon (Y/N) give us a peck.”

“Us? I didn’t know you and George was into that…” *smirk*

- Ron just chokes on his chicken leg.

- Harry laughs and gives you a high-five.

- Fred pouts, until you lean over and whisper in his ear “Later”, them he just grins as you wink.

- The next day you walk into the great hall with a badley hidden hickey on the top of your neck.

- Ginny takes this as insporation to catch you two kissing because now she KNOWS it happens.

- Looking up to you she knows that you must have some tricks of the trade

- An if she catches you…

- BOOM! Blackmail she has them and a reason for some sisterly bonding.

- Then, for unknown reasons, the rest of the Weasley children want to help. Even Harry, and Hermione may help Ginny.

- Molly already restricts the door always wide open when you vist the burrow so that helps the Weasley childen…

- Until they realise that it never stays open and Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny can’t use magic outside of school yet.

- So it becomes George, Percy, Charlie and Bills’ job to break the charms. Plus George lives in there too.

- You were suppose to be sleeping with Ginny and Hermione.

- But after Fred basically moving you into the twins room, you didn’t have a choice.

- After many failed attemps and curse words…

- They get you.

- But a little bit more than they bargined for; you stradling Fred, both missing a shirt with a not-so-oblivious tent in his pants.


- All the kids fell into the room and are rather starting to internally freak and stutter or laugh

“Close you eyes kids lets leave them to it…”

- Bill recasing the silencing charms while Charlie locks the door and George stops Percy telling Molly.

- The teasing is endless and so are the jinxs

- Molly nor Arthur get the jokes…

“So Freddie since when did you asipire to be a horse? I thought a Gryffindor lion would be more your type.”

- Because they never knew what happened.

“(Y/N) we’re going to play some quidditch and Fred asked if you wanted to ride his broom again!”

- But like I said it’s all good fun.

Cockblock Kings

Hey guys! I got a request to do a second part and the idea was pretty funny. I hope you enjoy!

Pairing: Ron x Reader

Requested: Yes

Anonymous Requested: I freakin’ loved your wedding fic. I’m not much of a Ron fan, but that was great. Is it possible to get a part two with Fred and George just cock blocking constantly?

Warnings: Some smut, swearing 

You and Ron had managed to stumble up the stairs to his room while sloppily making out by some miracle. The backs of his knees hit the bed and he dropped onto it, breaking the kiss. Smiling, you turned and moved your hair off your back so he could unzip your dress. A nervous smile tipped his, slightly red, lips as he slid it down. Allowing your dress to slide off your body, you walked forward and cupped his blushing face in your hands. You pressed your body to his and dipped your head to kiss him again. 

Hands wandered up and down the length of you; moving from your hips, to the backs of your thighs, back up over your butt, caressing your hips, and across your back. You found his hands oddly comfortable against your skin. You pulled back again, helping him out of his jacket and shirt. 

“You really were serious then, weren’t you?” He chuckled, breathily. 

“Very,” You hummed, straddling him and beginning to suck marks into his neck, nipping here and there. Ron groaned, lowly. Out of nowhere, the door burst open. 

“Nice underwear, (Y/N),” Fred laughed. 

“Nice hickey, little brother,” George said. You squeaked, falling sideways off Ron’s lap. He glared at the twins as he draped his discarded shirt over you. 

“Sod off!” Ron snapped. The twins looked to one another, smiling. 

“No.” Ron’s glare turned murderous. You buttoned the shirt then yawned. He glanced back at you and you slipped under his blankets. Sighing, he joined you, knowing that there would be nothing happening tonight. The twins walked out of the room, high fiving as they did. 

The family had gone to see Bill and Fleur off on their honeymoon with the exception of you and Ron. He smirked at you the minute they were out of sight and pulled you so that you straddled him on the couch. Giggling, you kissed him with the same heat you had last night. His warm hands worked themselves under your shirt, playing with your bra. You were impressed to see that he remembered that it hooked in the front. You nipped his lip once he got it undone. 

“You remembered,” You laughed, pulling back.

“Been thinking about it since last night.” He pulled you back to him, starting to grind into you. 

“Tut tut, little brother,” George said, doing a terrible impression of Molly. You jumped, clinging to your boyfriend. 

“Mum’s barely left and you two are already going at it,” Fred said, shaking his head. You blinked in surprise. 

“I thought… but you… how… why aren’t you with everyone else?” You stuttered, blushing heavily. They smiled at you. 

“Didn’t feel like going,” They responded casually. If looks could kill, Ron would have already buried them and had the funeral. 

“Would you two bugger off!” He yelled. 

“This is the living room-” Fred began. 

“We have just as much right to be here as you,” George finished. You slowly got of Ron, sitting next to him with a sour look on your face. The twins took the opportunity to squeeze themselves between you, looking far too happy as they did. By the time you got them to go away, the rest of the family had come back. 

Everyone else was outside cleaning up from the night before while you and Ron slipped into the kitchen. Grinning, he lifted you onto the counter and kissed you. You spread your legs to allow him to stand closer. You rubbed your fingers through his fiery red hair. You nipped his lower lip playfully, laughing when he squeaked. 

“What ‘s it with you ‘n biting?” He asked against you lips. Two laughs sounded behind you. 

“Yeah, what is it with you and biting, (Y/N)?” Fred asked. Both of your faces burned as you hopped off the counter. 

“Why’re you trying to do it in the kitchen, mate? It’s a little open, don’t you think?” George said, smiling at your embarrassment. 

“Would you assholes just shut up?” You grumbled, glaring at them. Ron’s murderous look returned as the twins slung their arms around each of you with cheshire cat grins. 

“No.” Ron grabbed your hand, pulling you out of the kitchen. The twins waved as you ran off. 

The bathroom. It was small, but it was private. As long as you turned on the shower, no one would hear anything going on inside unless they were really listening. You hopped up on the counter and Ron took his place between your legs again. 

“Maybe we’ll actually get somewhere,” You sighed, smiling. Ron flushed at your implication. 

“Maybe.” You smothered his response with your lips. That kiss was short lived, broken only to remove your shirts. Your hands roamed his chest, using your fingertips to draw complex patterns in the middle. Ron’s hands tracked down your sides and landed on the tops of your thighs, rubbing slowly. Smirking, you buried your head in his neck, creating more hickies. Slowly, your hand made its way down to his crotch, rubbing teasingly against him. 

“Fuck, (Y/N),” He groaned softly, bucking into your hand. At that exact moment someone began pounding on the door. 

“Open up! I have to pee.” One of the twins. You weren’t sure which, but it was one of them. 

“Suffer,” You called, going back to what you were doing. 

“Come on, mate, I really have to go,” He yelled back. 

“I’m willing to ignore him if you are,” You said. Ron smiled, lust in his eyes. 

“Fine with me.” Immediately, you picked up where you left off. It only went on for another minute or so before he quit pounding on the door. 

“Alohomora!” The door clicked open and there stood George. You both glared at him. 

“Merlin’s beard, George, can’t I just bone your brother in peace,” You snapped. He rolled his eyes, shifting from foot to foot. 

“You two have fun, use protection, and get out. I really have to pee,” He said quickly, shoving the two of you out of the bathroom.

Sitting in Ron’s room, you began to laugh a little bit. Ron raised an eyebrow at you. He was probably less than amused because he probably had a pretty nasty case of blue balls. His face was red and you could tell that he still wanted you, even though the mood was kinda ruined. 

“What’s so funny?” He asked grumpily. There he goes, scrunching up his nose again. 

“Your brothers are such good cockblocks that they do it when they aren’t even trying,” You giggled. He crossed his arms and hunched his shoulders. 

“Yeah, hilarious,” He grumbled. Smiling, you slid over to him, rubbing his hunched shoulders. 

“I’m still good to go if you are,” You muttered in his ear. He perked up. You didn’t even get the chance to kiss him before you heard Fred downstairs. 

“They’re upstairs in Ron’s room, Mum. I think (Y/N) got a little too hot,” He said, obnoxiously loud. Then you heard Molly Weasley coming up the stairs. Ron grumbled, but made it look like he’d just laid you on the bed. Molly burst in. 

“(Y/N), dear, are you alright?” She asked, feeling your forehead and cheeks. You nodded. 

“I’m fine, Molly, really, just a little overheated,” You said, smiling. 

“Do you need anything? Is there anything I can get you?” She asked, looking worried. 

“No. I just need some rest,” You said. You looked over at Ron and took his hand. “Lay with me?” 

“Sure, love,” He said, sinking down next to you. Molly smiled briefly before hurrying out the door and telling everyone to leave the two of you alone. As soon as the door shut. You rolled on top of him.

“We should have at least an hour before your brothers dare to defy your mum. What do you think we can get done in an hour?” You asked, smirking. He mirrored your expression. 

“Plenty.” No more cockblocks. Not for a little while, anyway.