Things that will make me cry in the BH6 Sequel

(if there’s a time skip of a couple years if so…)

  • Hiro being taller (and taller than some of the characters)
  • Any physical changes to any members of the group (like if Honey Lemon had shorter hair or if Wasabi/Fred had beards or something)
  • In addition to this^, Aunt Cass honestly doesn’t look that old at all, but if hair is starting to turn gray and possible face wrinkles
  • Hiro and Aunt Cass having a super close relationship to the point where she does know that Hiro and his friends are Big Hero 6 and she’s fine with it (headcanon)
  • If any part of the movie at any time is around the time of the anniversary of Tadashi’s death
  • If we see Tadashi’s grave 
  • More Hamada family photos
  • Gogo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon or Fred having a sad backstory revealed
  • Baymax showing Hiro Tadashi’s test videos for some reason
  • Tadashi surviving and when the gang finds out
  • Hiro trying everything to help Tadashi remember
  • A Hamada bro hug at the end of the movie
  • Something bad happens to any of the characters at all
  • Tadashi not coming back for the sequel, but him being mentioned
  • If the movie takes place Hiro graduating from SFIT at any time
  • If the movie takes place of the others graduating from SFIT at any time
  • If it is revealed that Mochi died in between the years

I know I want to see the sequel in theaters, but I think if any of these things are to happen, I might just wait for it to come on on DVD. Why am I so attached to these characters?

anonymous asked:

YuGiOh season zero AU! Hiro is Yugi. If you want something creepy Tadashi is Yami. Or if he's alive Fred yelling "Tadashi! Hiro is being possessed by that artifact again!" Is something I could see.


Of course, if Tadashi’s alive, that means Yokai is totes Yami. Hiro solves the Millennium Kabuki Mask, and wears it around his neck, and when bullies try to hurt him the spirit comes out and possesses him, resulting in all sorts of death and madness.

Meanwhile Tadashi is pouting because he’s not the only one protecting his brother from bullies anymore. Yokai is better at it too, the jerk. *cue Tadashi pouting*