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Meet Molly Prewett.

She’s got it bad for Arthur Weasley…

But he’s too busy day-dreaming about muggles to notice her.

Whatcha gonna do about it, Molly?

Pretend you don’t notice him either?

Be all sexy and aloof?

He’s gone now, isn’t he, Molly?

Ah well. Better luck next time.

((OOC: You best believe this was a problem Molly had to deal with up until fifth year, when Arthur got his shit together. Then Molly learned how to flirt, and– Well. The rest is red-haired, freckly history.))

Tonks is staring out the window at The Burrow, grumpy. It’s one of those dull days, where it doesn’t rain so much as spit. She’s in the sitting room with Molly, who is very kindly repairing Tonks’s old school scarf.

Molly: Honestly, I can’t understand how you’ve done so much damage in so little time! All of my clothes from back when I was a student are still in perfect condition.

Tonks: *sitting bolt upright* You have clothes from when you were a student? Here? *she bounces, excitedly* Can I try some on?

Molly: Try some- What, you want to try on my clothes?

Tonks: *nods enthusiastically*

Molly: Well, I… You can if you’d like, but-

Tonks: Tsk, Molly, don’t be silly!

*giggling, she runs up the stairs to Molly’s room* *Molly, amused, returns to her knitting*

*three minutes later*

Molly: *calling up the stairs* Tonks? 

Tonks: MOLLY. Oh Molly, WHERE have you been HIDING these things?

Molly: Well, dear, I wouldn’t say I’ve hidden any of them, it’s all just been in my closet–

Tonks: *bounding down the stairs*

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The evil blond dared me too//closed w//@any-snk-roleplays

{{Hanji Zoe}} @any-snk-roleplays

Hanji blinked in confusion, not processing what was happening until after Marco was long gone.

‘‘Ehh?? Come back here!!” She screamed, running off after the boy

Her race was short lived though as she ran straight for the wall beside the door. She fell to the ground, wincing at the pain both in her buttocks and her nose.

“Damn…. I need to get those back…” She muttered, crawling out of the room, feeling the surroundings with her hands

Marco was generally really fast. But this time was an exception. He was trying to not break the glasses.

“Uhoh.” He had to try and hide. He was thankful that Eren lacked observaton skills though, and the brunet passed without a question.

He kept going as fast as he could. He really wanted to get back to that wicked blond Armin. If Levi tried to kill him….well…Armin would not be happy, because Marco would rain down on the blond with avengence.

He froze and hid behind a beam when he saw Captain Levi. He really hoped he wouldn’t be spotted.


Kaitlyn Dever


  • December 21, 1996
  • American actress


  • Sasha [Bad Teacher]
  • Eve [Last Man Standing]


  • brown hair
  • medium length/ long hair
  • brown eyes
  • 1.57m
  • freckles


  • playable: teenager, young adult

Lydia Graham


  • January 29, 1996
  • Thai Britsh Model

Model Book

  • Tank Magazine
  • Harrods


  • black hair
  • medium length/long hair
  • green eyes
  • 1.70m
  • freckles


  • playable: teenager, young adult

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rping isn't even that hard so why do you talk about the muses like they have feelings? It's stupid.

Listen up fucknugget, we’re going on an adventure.

  Roleplaying is pretty difficult. The muses actually have minds of their own, and sometimes you can’t do certain threads.

“But Freckles!” I hear you cry, “they’re just fictional characters, you control them!”
  Wrong, you undercooked chicken nuggets. Muses are really peculiar. It’s like…Writer’s Block, with them. However, with certain feelings. The muse is feeling sad? You can’t do happy threads. Angered muse? They can’t be calm. Happy muse? No sads for them. They’re lil’ bastards, I’ll rell you that.

What makes roleplaying so difficult? I’ll fucking tell you man. People expect you to keep up threads, and it gets stressful at times. Most people do it to relax, so when people pressure them into doing things, it’s really, really annoying.

“You’re never IC so how do you know?”

  I had a Hanji muse and I have a Levi muse, and those two? They’re fucking difficult. Marco is my relaxing muse, I focus on his moods, and I focus on how he’s feeling. If he’s not up to playing, then I go to Levi, but it’s next to never that I have block for Marco.

When I had my Hanji muse, it was interesting. “Cheerful characters stay cheerful,” I was told. No. Cheerful muses have bad days, just like moody muses have good days, ya feel?

  Essentially, what I’m telling you is this; roleplaying is an art, just like writing, drawing and all that. It takes practice, and nobody gets better without that. You can’t start rping and expect to be good, you’re always gonna frick up at the start, especially on Tumblr Roleplaying.

When you make a Tumblr Roleplay account, you can expect to get critique or compliments, sometimes even hate, but we’re a community and we stick together. People you thought were scary? Dorks. All of them. Everyone is a dork. They may seem intimidating, but you’ll realise that it’s just because they’re so good at their character. The reason a lot of roleplayers can seem so..unnerving is because they’re generally very ic. But if you read roleplayer tags, bam, absolute dorks and I love everyone. Absolutely everyone, in the SnK Fandom or not.

  Anyway, back on topic; muses have feelings. Muses can be assholes(look at notquiteblessed’s Jean), muses can be stupid(look at my Marco), muses can be aroused and muses can feel. Their feelings are conveyed through our writing; you can choose a muse but if it’s not the right one, you won’t settle.

Settling in a muse is pretty….difficult to explain, I suppose. If you’re not cut out for a muse, it’s feelings can reject you(I noticed that with my Rei). You’ll feel challenged to keep up their personality and you’ll think ‘hang on, this isn’t right’. Muses are assholes, I’ll tell you this now. It took me a few days to settle into Marco, and a few weeks to settle into Hanji. The quicker you settle into a muse, the better-suited you are(a lot of people settle into it instantly).

All in all, roleplaying is pretty hard, people expect a lot from you and your muse will always have feelings of their own. Don’t put down roleplaying just because you don’t understand it.

  TL;DR: Roleplaying is difficult, muses are assholes and everything isn’t just rainbows and happy.

Liked for a Hans starter: hicca-hildagard-haddock

Hans smiled as they reached the Isle of Berk. He’d heard many tales of the Vikings that lived there and figured this place would be the best place to restart his life after his twelve older brothers threw him out. He couldn’t wait to get to land, and Johan couldn’t wait to get him off of his boat.

“Isle of Berk, here I come.” Hans said, watching the island slowly growing bigger.


Keep Me Warm (a romantic roleplay with Admiral Freckles)

( admiralfreckles roleplay where Elsa and Hans were engaged to be married upon the day of her coronation as queen. They have never laid eyes upon each other until their ceremony.)

Elsa frowned at her reflection in the mirror. She thought things couldn’t get any worse after she almost let her frost ice over the crown jewels an hour ago, now she was being dressed for her arranged marriage.

Her veil shimmered from the sunlight glimmering through the stained glass window. The gossamer fabric was long and semi-sheer, covering her from her head to her torso. Her gown was a simple diamond white silk with small beaded crystal sewn to the sweetheart bodice and on the off shouldered sleeves that stretched down to her wrists. The design was a-line, accentuating her slim figure and height. Her shoes were an elegant pointed toe design with straps around her ankles that Elsa felt resembled shackles more than anything.

Elsa secretly hoped and prayed for this day to never come. She didn’t want to be queen, and she certainly didn’t want to marry a man she’d just meet in front of the officiate. She wondered if her future husband was this nerve wrecked as she was about this arranged marriage. The only thing she knew about him was his name: Hans.

“Are you ready, my lady?” A handmaiden asked as she smoothed out the queen’s veil. “Just beyond these doors, not only are you crowned queen, but you are to be married! Aren’t you so excited?”

“….ecstatic.” Elsa lied through a pained smile behind her veil. As soon as music began to play behind the door, the handles were pulled back, exposing Elsa to the sea of faces of visiting royalty for her coronation and wedding. She couldn’t quite make out any faces. She searched through her veil for her groom, and saw at the end of the aisle a blurred silhouette of a man with flaming red locks.

“Oh God..” Elsa whispered to herself as she began to march.