freckles i love em

hinata has a first-years only sleepover and natsu sees yamaguchi and absolutely has to use her star stickers <3

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I don't know if you are still accepting fluff requests but maybe one where Dean stays the night for the first time and in the morning he notices your freckles for the first time because you aren't wearing makeup

This was fun to write, because I have freckles and I’m honestly not a big fan of them🙈

Pairing: Dean Ambrose x Reader

Word Count: 411

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You are the constellations in my sky - Foxxay one-shot

Inspired by this prompt (x).

fic where misty is obsessed with kissing the freckles on cordelia’s chest uwu

“Goodness, Delia, you are so beautiful…” Misty murmured reverently against the older woman’s neck. Her wavy blonde hair tickled against Cordelia’s skin, and Delia giggled, shyly, nervously.

"No, I’m not.” she whispered in return, her hand reaching behind Misty’s head to wrap gently in her hair, the flaxen strands twisting wildly around her fingertips.

“Oh, shush, ya are. I can hardly stand it.” she gave a soft smile before moving slowly, Misty’s fingers reaching the collar of Cordelia’s blouse and tugging it gently down and away from her body. “Oh my god, your skin is so soft and smooth and… ooh, freckles!”

“Uh, yeah, those. You know, Fiona always told me when I was a little girl that my skin would "become ugly and blemished with those horrid spots” if I didn’t put on some sunblock, of course I never listene— oh!“ her words were quickly cut off with the warmth of soft lips pressing delicate pecks against her skin.

"I love freckles. I’ve got ‘em, too. Couldn’t help that, being out in my swamp, under that sun all day long. But you can’t see ‘em as well as I can see yours. Aw, I love ‘em, they’re so stinkin’ cute!” she giggled, continuing to kiss across Cordelia’s chest. Misty nipped gleefully at the darker blonde’s collarbones, laving her tongue along the indentations. “Oop, here’s one. And here. And here. And here.” the young witch laughed louder, grabbing Cordelia’s arms and pinning them above her head. Cordelia felt her small smile at Misty’s antics widen until she, too, was giggling in amusement as Misty continued to emit a joyful train of “here’s one!” and “there’s one!”

“Misty…” Cordelia exhaled, teasingly exasperated.

“Hm?” Misty slid her body upwards, grinding slightly against the other woman. Cordelia let out a sharp gasp, along with a pleading repetition of the other woman’s name. A grin broke across the swamp witch’s face, bright and excited, with lustful intent sparking in her eyes.

“Please, Mist.”

“Alright, darlin’, where’s that patient Headmistress I know?” she bowed her head, capturing Cordelia’s full lower lip between her teeth, tugging and sucking lightly. Quiet, belaboured breaths escaped the older witch as she attempted to arch her body upwards and kiss back fervently. Misty continued to tease Cordelia, her lips ever so slightly out of reach before bending and kissing a freckled shoulder. As she got the fabric of the blouse between her teeth, Misty started to tug the offending clothing further and further down. She laughed before she let her tongue glide straight down the middle of Cordelia’s body, circling her tongue against a now exposed navel. “I think, Miss. Delia, I’m gonna go on a hunt for some more freckles.”