BONUS to my previous post ;)

“It was almost 11pm, and while walking outside and simply talking seemed quite romantic, Mei was a bit shaky, since she didn’t knew this date would go on for so long. Junkrat, noticing her shiver, offered her his jacket, trying to be ‘a gentleman’, even though he’d never like to be associated with that word. Mei was bashful and refused the offer, yet as soon as the wind blowed again, she snatched the jacket right from his hands and covered herself up, however still looking away from the young mans side. Junkrat absolutely loves it when she shows him attitude, but this time instead of teasing her more, he asked if she’d like some boba, because there was one place serving it this late just around the corner. Mei wasn’t thirsty, but she didn’t want to go back home, neither did she really want to stop spending time with Jamison, because even though she hated to admit it, but he did make her feel some sort of special way…”