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Artists’ Spirit (Hamilsquad x Reader)

Words: 4,509

A/N: ( Okay, I’ve fallen into an obsession with a Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader hole. I tried my best to write one, I’m sorry if it’s not the best! I tried- ;~;

Hope you enjoy!)

(Name) had always been a free spirit. And artist that could never be held down.

She knew that ever since she left college… And probably the best relationship she had ever been in.


The young woman blinked as she looked up at her friend who sat across from her.

“Sorry, Eliza… What were you saying?” (Name) asked as she picked up her pen.

Eliza sighed, looking at her friend. “Are you okay? You zoned out for a little bit there… I would have noticed sooner if I wasn’t rambling.”

(Name) chuckled softly, shaking her head as to try and shake out her thoughts. “I’m fine, Eliza… Let’s get back to working on this song, yeah?”

“Of course… After you tell me what you were thinking about. You went out of it around the time I mentioned how Angelica and I helped Peggy through her first break up.” Eliza spoke as she sipped at her tea. “Remember a bad relationship or something?”

She nodded slowly. “Yeah… A relationship, but not a bad one-”

“Ooh! You’re gonna have to tell me now! If I’m telling you stuff so you can write my sisters a song, it’s your turn to share!”

(Name) laughed at her friend, shaking her head. “Oh, so I have to tell you my life story?”

“(Name), we’ve been friends for a couple years, and I know almost nothing about you… Please?” Eliza’s brows turned upwards as her bottom lip poked out in a pout, causing (Name) to laugh.

“Well if you’re gonna beg…” The young artist sighed, shaking her head. “I guess I should start off in art school.”

Eliza nodded attentively, smiling at her friend.

“I went to an art school, and I was in a creative writing class where I met this guy. His name was Alexander.” (Name) explained, letting out a quiet sigh.

“Oh? A writer like you?” Eliza questioned.

“No, a novelist.” (Name) chuckled. “We met and we started talking… He introduced me to his friends too, John, Lafayette, and Hercules. John was an aspiring artist of most mediums, paint, pencil, pastel, you name it. Laf was a singer, he could almost any instrument he could get his hands on, accept a piano, if you can believe it. Hercules was a designer in fashion, and he was really impressive. We all got close, and became good friends.”

Eliza smiled as (Name) went on. “That’s good.”

“Yeah… We we were real close.” (Name) looked down at her notebook, seeing the few lyrics she wrote from what Eliza told her. “Alex’s stories would inspire me to write, as would John’s pieces. Laf would sing my songs when I finished writing them, and Hercules would be there to applaud whenever… We got even closer than I thought we would.”

Eliza quirked a brow. “Wait, you mean… That kind of close? (Name), I didn’t know you-”

“Yeah, I didn’t believe it at first either. I mean, they told me after about a year. I was happy for them, and I… I kind of got let in.” (Name) admitted.

Eliza looked at her friend, her gaze understanding. “But something happened?”

(Name) nodded. “We were all together for about a year and a half. We were all happy, but… I dunno… I just kind packed and left. I mean, I left a note, telling them they didn’t do anything wrong or it wasn’t any of their faults… I just had to get away. I’m an artist, I can’t stay in one place for too long, I needed to explore more, experience more… If that makes any sense.”

Eliza reached over and took (Name)’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “I’m sorry… I kind of wondered why you never had a relationship ever since I had known you.”

The songwriter smiled meekly at her friend. “Yeah… They were great… I loved all of them, and I guess I just couldn’t ever be happy with anyone else like I was with them.”

“Do you regret leaving?” Eliza questioned gently.

(Name) nodded quietly. “Yeah… After three years now, I still wonder about them. Alexander got a couple of his books published, John has had several exhibits, Laf has his own album and has featured on several others, and Herc has a line of fashion coming out this fall.”

“I take it you haven’t been in contact with any of them?”

(Name) shook her head. “They tried calling me the first couple months, called people I knew, but I kinda backpacked around the country for a while before moving back to Manhattan.”

“And you met me and my sisters.” Eliza realized.

“You guys were so nice to me, and when you were looking for a songwriter, I was more than glad to help you guys.” (Name) smiled at the girl. “So! Now I need to finish this song so you guys have something to perform for that little concert you’re performing at the Artistic Creators Convention.”

Eliza nodded in understanding, smiling at her friend. “Yeah… Let’s get to work.”

“We have to do something.” Eliza sighed as she sank into the couch of her apartment, looking at her sisters.

“Liza, we don’t even know these guys. What are they gonna say when they hear from a brand new girl group saying ‘Hey! We found your long-lost girlfriend! Come pick her up!’ They’ll think we’re crazy.” Peggy spoke as she crossed her arms.

“Or they could be thrilled to know that she’s safe and that she misses them.” Eliza countered, standing from her seat.

“And you know she misses them, how?” Angelica asked as she brewed herself a cup of tea.

“You didn’t see her eyes, Angie. (Name) wanted to see them again.” Eliza insisted. “C’ome on. We need to find someway to contact these guys.”

The other sisters glanced at each other for a moment before Peggy spoke again. “We’ll see what we can do… In the meantime, we need to help (Name) with that song. The concert’s in a month and a half.”

Eliza nodded, walking over to the grand piano. “Well, let me show you what I have so far.” She spoke as she lifted the cover on the keys.

“Ladies and Gentleman! Another warm ‘round of applause for the Schuyler Sisters!” The announcer cheered, eliciting a roar from the audience that stood around the stage outside the convention center.

Eliza held her sister’s hands and the three young women bowed to their audience. They had successfully opened the music portion of the ACC, the crowd was in good spirits, and they had the rest of the afternoon to check out the convention before the after party that evening.

As the sisters stepped made their way to the backstage area, Eliza smiled as Angelica and Peggy spoke happily about their performance. Her eyes moved and landed on a young man who was waiting backstage.

The middle sister recognized him from rehearsal earlier that day. He was to go on after the sisters, but his name was eluding her at the moment. His facial hair was neatly trimmed, his dark hair was pulled away from his face in a bun, and his dark complexion made him all the more handsome. His features were fixed with worry, she could even catch quiet mutters of french falling from his lips.

Stepping away from her sisters, Eliza walked over to the young man, tapping his shoulder. “Excuse me, you alright?” She asked, her voice causing the young man to jump out of surprise.

“O-Oh, er… Oui, I’m fine.” He answered with a nervous smile. “Just some pre-show jitters, I suppose.”

Eliza chuckled, nodding in understanding. “I get ya. From one performer to another, I know where you’re coming from.”

The young man chuckled, nodding his head with a sigh. “Merci…”

“Ayo! Laf!”

The two looked up to see a young man running towards the backstage area. His tightly curled hair was pulled away from his freckled face. The young Frenchman visibly brightened, walking to meet the young man. The shorter freckled young man passed something to the Frenchman, smiling up at him and saying something that Eliza couldn’t catch. Her brows raised slightly when the two exchanged a kiss, but offered a smile once the Frenchman walked to the steps of the stage.

Smiling at the fact that the performer was no longer jittery, she turned to make her way back to her sisters but was stopped when she heard a voice calling out to her.

“Hey, you’re Eliza Schuyler, right? Of the Schuyler Sisters?” The freckled man spoke, walking over to Eliza.

“Yeah, I am.” The middle sister smiled in response. “Nice to meet you…”

“John, John Laurens.” He introduced, holding his hand out, which Eliza took. “I heard you in rehearsal earlier, you and your sisters sound really good.”

Eliza smiled. “Thank you, that means a lot.” She turned her head to hear the crowd out front cheer for the Frenchman. “Sounds like your friend is quite popular as well.”

John chuckled, nodding. “Yeah, Lafayette is a real crowd pleaser. But boy was he nervous about going on.”

The young woman nodded. “I could see, but you seemed to remedy that rather quickly.”

“Yeah, but not me, a good luck charm.” John explained, crossing his arms over his chest. “I needed it for the art show, so I had to run it over to Laf as soon as I was finished.”

“Oh, I remember that, there was a competition, right?” Eliza asked. “How did you place?”

John grinned. “First place in two categories, and Best in Show in another.”

Eliza clapped. “Congrats!”

“Thank you.”


The young man looked over his shoulder and smiled to see two young men coming towards them. The shorter of the two has black hair that was pulled away from his face in a low ponytail, his facial hair neatly trimmed. The taller of the two was close behind the shorter man, he was tall and built almost like that of a wall, on his head he wore a grey knit beanie that covered his hair.

“Guys! I was wondering when you were gonna show!” John said with a smile as he met the other two young men.

“Did you get Laf the charm in time?” Asked the shorter of the two.

John nodded. “Yeah, he has it.”

Eliza let the three talk before walking back to her sisters, who were waiting for her.

“Making friends, are you?” Angelica asked with a quirked brow.

Eliza shrugged. “I suppose. Shall we head out, then?”

Just as the sisters went to leave, John called out to Eliza.

“Hey! Will we see you at the after party? I’m gonna be there with Laf, and so will these guys.” He spoke, gesturing to the other two young men beside him.

Eliza turned, smiling at John. “I’ll see you there.”

“Okay! Okay! Stop dragging us!” Angelica exclaimed as Eliza pulled her and Peggy through the crowd.

As soon as the three sisters reached a more or less private place, Eliza turned to her sisters with a bright smile plastered to her face. “Guys. That’s them.”

“Them?” Peggy asked.

“Them! The guys (Name) was with!” Eliza chirped. “I mean, I tried looking for pictures of some of them and couldn’t find any, but Lafayette and John. (Name) told me that Lafayette was a singer and that John was an artist. Those others… They had to be Hercules and Alexander!”

Angelica looked from Eliza to Peggy, letting out a sigh. “Okay, okay… We’ll go to this after party to confirm, but until we know for sure, no calling (Name). We don’t want to get her hopes up.”

Eliza smiled brightly, nodding in agreement. “I say that we look through the exhibits. This is an artist convention after all.”

The sisters complied with Eliza, and they all wandered around the convention center. Eliza insisted they visit the art exhibit so that they could see John’s pieces.

“Oh wow…” Peggy breathed as she admired the painted landscape. “It’s beautiful.”

“No wonder he won best in show.” Angelica agreed.

Eliza nodded in response as she looked over the painting. It was a depiction of a creek that seemed to flow out from a forest and onto a rolling field. From the creek one can see even the smallest details John put in, even a little turtle with its head poking out of the water.

From there the sisters wandered from the art exhibit to the writer’s exhibition, the section of the convention where local or traveling authors would submit their work or announce an upcoming release of a novel. It was also a great place to buy a couple new books from aspiring writers who have just been published. Angelica was the most adamant about walking through this part of the convention.

“Just some possible reading material to look out for.” Angelica justified with a grin as she walked with her sisters.

As the three browsed around the many writings put on display, Peggy grabbed Eliza’s wrist. “Hey! Isn’t that one of the guys that was with John?” She asked, pointing to a poster by a display.

The sisters approached to the poster Peggy had pointed to. Printed onto a poster was the young man with black hair, his hair no longer in a ponytail but hung at his shoulders. In his hands was a book titled Eye of a Hurricane. There was a release date for the book at the bottom of the poster, scheduled to release in the fall.

“Alexander Hamilton…” Angelica read the young man’s name. “Well… We know three of them could be the guys (Name) used to be with. But there’s still that one other guy.”

Eliza nodded, looking over the books that were laid out on a shelf by the poster. One was titled My Shot and another being Wait for It. “Seems like this Alexander has been pretty productive.” She hummed as she picked up a copy of My Shot.

“And I think he’s worth reading.” Angelica proclaimed as she took a copy of each of Alexander’s books to purchase.

After getting their fill of the local writers, Peggy insisted they check out the designer’s corner, a place for those with a knack of design to show off their work, architects, interior designers, and fashion designers. Though, Peggy was more interested in the local up and coming fashion designers.

“Ooh! Check out these designs!” Peggy exclaimed with a smile as she motioned her sisters to follow her. She walked over to several sketches printed into posters, and the cover of a fashion magazine with a young man posed with a measuring tape and scissors.

“Wow, the designer’s pretty cute.” Angelica whistled.

“And familiar…” Eliza mumbled as she read over the cover. “… Hercules Mulligan…”

“Wasn’t he with Alexander and John backstage?” Peggy asked, examining the picture.

Eliza thought it over for a moment, picturing the designer in a dark gray beanie. “… Yeah, that’s him. That’s Hercules.”

Angelica looked at her sister. “Well… I think it’s been confirmed. Now how are we going to get (Name) here?”

The middle sister hummed in thought before snapping her fingers. “I have a plan. It’ll be set into motion at the after party.

“You what?” (Name) sighed into the phone.

Eliza giggled drunkenly. “Sorry, hon… But my sisters ‘nd I need a ride home.”

(Name) shook her head. “Honestly, I expect getting drunk at an after party something Peggs would do. I’ll be there soon, just stay out of trouble.”

“‘Kaaaay!” Eliza drawled before hearing (Name) hang up the phone. She regained her composure before walking away from the secluded corner to rejoin her sisters and their new friends.

“There you are, ‘Liza!” Peggy chirped from her spot between Angelica and John.

“Didn’t you go to get a drink?” Hercules asked as Eliza took her seat next to him.

Eliza simply shrugged. “Line was a bit too long, figured I’ll wait a bit.” She replied. “Besides, it’s not like I drink much anyway. I like to keep my mind clear.”

(Name) huffed as she made her way past security. She was glad to convince the guard standing out front that she was just there to pick up a couple friends.

Which she was, of course.

And once the girls were sober, (Name) intended to have a stern talking to with them.

She gently pushed past the many artists, apologizing to those she bumped into and avoiding the ones who were stumbling around in their drunk stupors.

When (Name) spotted the back of Eliza’s head and her sisters, she let out a quiet sigh of relief. She approached her friend, opening her mouth to call out to the sisters, but froze in place when she saw who the sisters were sitting with.

The kind, warm eyes of Alexander. He had grown his hair out since she had seen him last, and he had started to grow out his facial hair.

The sweet, freckled face of John. He too had grown out his hair.

The smooth, gentle voice of Lafayette. He had been keeping his facial hair trimmed.

The large, comforting build of Hercules. He hadn’t let himself go, and for that she was thankful.

(Name) could feel tears brimming in her eyes, they were here. The four men she loved so much but had to leave. They were still together, even without her.

She had to leave. She couldn’t let them see her. They were having a good time, she didn’t want to ruin that for them.

Just as (Name) turned her back, she heard one voice stop speaking and go silent.

“John, what are you-”

Mon dieu…”

(Name) barely took a step before an arm wrapped around her wrist and turned her around, she was then met with the eyes of Alexander. His dark brows were turned up in confusion, but his eyes shine with tears and joy.

“(Name)… My God.” He said in a near whisper before engulfing the girl in a hug.

Ma biche!” Another pair of arms wrapped around her.

“Babe… You’re really here.” Another embrace.

A final tight squeeze came with the sound of a sob from the biggest man of the bunch.

The young woman felt her own tears leak from her eyes and fall from her cheeks. She had missed this embrace.

She missed them.

When the boys pulled away, (Name) tried to scrub away her tears. “I-I didn’t… I-I didn’t think I would see you guys here.” She hiccuped.

Lafayette chuckled softly, letting his own tears fall as he gently wiped away (Name)’s tears with his thumb. “We’re just as surprised as you, Ma chérie.”

“When did you move back to Manhattan?” Alexander asked, taking (Name)’s hand. “We looked and looked for you… For months…”

(Name) gently squeezed Alex’s hand. “… We need to talk. All of us.”

John nodded in agreement, looking up at Eliza and her sisters who were standing only a few feet away. “Will you guys excuse us?”

Eliza nodded, smiling at the group of five. “Of course. You guys have a good night.”

(Name) shot Eliza and her sisters a knowing look.

She was definitely going to give all three an earful once everything had been sorted out.

She almost insisted that they take two cars, she would drive her own and follow the boys back. They declined that choice immediately, John practically dragged (Name) to the car and put her in the back seat in between himself and Hercules. Lafayette drove and Alex took up the front passenger seat.

She looked up at the sound of music playing through the car’s speakers. She recognized the voice, but also the lyrics.

“You… Used one of my songs in your album?” She asked Lafayette.

The Frenchman chuckled, nodding. “It was my favorite out of the ones you left, Ma belle.”

(Name)’s cheeks warmed at the pet name that she had heard so long ago. She missed Lafayette’s sweet words in his mother language.

The ride was silence, (Name) was partially glad for that. She couldn’t handle the barrage of questions at that moment, and was glad that the boys recognized that.

Relaxing her head against Hercules’ shoulder, (Name) listened to the smooth and calming music. John wrapped an arm around (Name)’s middle, his hand resting on her hip. She missed the sweet gestures from John.

The sense of nostalgia was overwhelming as (Name) stepped into the same old apartment that she shared with the boys all those years ago. They hadn’t repainted, there were still posters, and photos that had been hung since (Name) had been gone.

The girl stepped into the apartment, like she had done several years before. With a quiet sigh, she spoke. “You guys haven’t changed the place a bit, huh?”

“Didn’t want to.” Alex answered simply as he stood next to (Name). “We wanted to keep things the same for you… When you came back.”

“For almost five years…” (Name) murmured. Glancing at the photos on the walls, she smiled at the memories that were depicted there.

The first dress Hercules had made her, he and (Name) posed for the camera as if it were a real fashion show.

John had fallen asleep in the process of a painting, and (Name) and Alexander took the chance to take a picture with the sleeping young man.

Another was of (Name) and Lafayette.He was seen looking over (Name)’s shoulder as she sat at a piano, both were singing along to whatever song she was singing.

There was a group picture of all five of them when they took a vacation to the beach. Lafayette was splayed on the sand, (Name) was on Hercules’ back, and Alex was on John’s. All five were grinning like idiots. Idiots in love, of course.

“You’re crying, babe.” John murmured to (Name) as he joined her and Alex by the wall of photos.

(Name) brought a hand to her face, wiping her cheek and pulling away at the moisture that resided there. She laughed dryly, shaking her head. “Well, that’s one thing that haven’t changed.”

“You’re still a crybaby.” Hercules walked over, wrapping an arm around (Name)’s waist and resting his chin on her head.

Our, crybaby.” Lafayette agreed as he joined the others, standing beside Alexander.

All five stood in silence, that was, until Alexander broke it.

“(Name)…” He began. “Why did you leave?”

The girl didn’t answer, but she could feel all of their eyes on her, and they wouldn’t let her leave until she answered. She let out a watery laugh before shaking her head, feeling more tears leak from her eyes. “I… I don’t even know anymore… After I left, I wasn’t happy… Not like before. I j-just needed some kind of change. I wanted to experience something new, something different. I didn’t really get anything accomplished, of course… Not like you guys did.

“I mean, hell! I really shouldn’t have left! I-I mean, I’ve been alone since I left, getting used to how that feels again, but never as happy as I was with you guys! You guys have been the only thing I thought about…” She nearly wept, trying to scrub away the tears that dripped down her face.

“Why didn’t you call us, babe? We would have come to get you.” John told her gently, standing in front of (Name) and cupping her cheek.

She sniffled quietly. “Your messages… The angry ones, the sad ones…”

All four of the guys knew the messages. She listened to every single one that the boys left her. The first group was full of confusion and tears, after a couple of weeks she could tell that John and Alexander were losing patience with her walking out, they would shout insults, scream profanities. They screamed into the phone, so loud that she would have to hold it away from her ear. After the angry messages, came the sad messages. Lafayette would beg for her to return, switching between French and English. Hercules would question if the four of them did something to chase her away, asking what it would take for her to come back.

“I-I’m sorry… I was scared to face you guys… I probably would have come back to see you guys again.” (Name) whimpered, pulling away from Hercules’ grip.

“Probably?” Hercules inquired.

“I-I mean, I did keep tabs… I knew you guys were successful, I didn’t want to get in the way or be a distraction.”

“(Name), you weren’t ever a distraction before.” Alexander insisted. “You were an inspiration.”

“Everything we did, we did because we knew you would want us to keep doing what we loved.” Lafayette agreed. “We… We wanted to believe that wherever you were, you would be proud of what we were doing.”

The young woman chuckled, shaking her head as she wiped her drying eyes. “You’re still a sap… All of you are… But I am proud, you guys really are accomplished artists like we always hoped you would be… I’m sorry I couldn’t live up to your expectations.”

John offered (Name) a small smile, putting a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Well… We’re a fan of that song you wrote the Schuyler Sisters.”

The girl’s brows rose. “You could tell I wrote that?”

“(Name), sweetie, of course we could tell.” Alexander scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest. “I know your writing.”

“And I know your lyrics.” Lafayette grinned.

The woman smiled, nodding slowly. “Well, I’m glad you guys liked it.”

“(Name)?” Hercules asked the girl, drawing the attention of the others in the room. “Would you be willing to stay for dinner? Maybe a movie night?”

Her glance moved from Hercules to the others, who were looking at her with hopeful eyes. She even noticed John’s lip poke out in a pout. She laughed quietly, smiling at the boys.

“I don’t see why not… I could use a Disney marathon.”

Hours later, (Name) sat in the middle of the comfortable couch, sitting in Lafayette’s lap. The Frenchman’s arms circled her waist. Hercules sat to the left, his arm wrapped around Lafayette’s shoulder. John and Alexander sat on the floor, Alexander sat in between John’s legs while John rested his back against the couch.

The end credits for Beauty and the Beast were rolling on the screen and the boys were slowly drifting off. (Name) leaned against Lafayette’s chest, humming quietly as she felt his lips against the crook of her neck.

“I could get used to this again, Laf.” She murmured quietly.

Lafayette chuckled, nodding in agreement. “As could the rest of us, Mon amour… Will you consider coming back? Even if not immediately?”

The young woman looked back over the boys who were more or less than asleep. She could hear Hercules’ soft snoring, Alexander’s head was nodding as he fell asleep, and John’s head was leaned back against the couch cushion as he slept. A smile worked its way onto (Name)’s lips as she nodded her head.

“Yeah… I think there is definitely a possibility.”

Enough internet for today

The internet was confusing to Cosmica. Interesting, yes, but very, very confusing to her. She understood the basics, how to run different programs and surf the internet, but she still had so many questions. What was a ‘meme’? Why did Rav find them so hilarious? Why did the Commander cringe almost every time Rav showed him one? She still had yet to find out. She didn’t want to ask, really. She thought it might be fun to try and figure it out on her own.

So that lead her to where she is now, sitting on the floor with a laptop she got from who knows where, connected to the internet somehow, and making an account for a website called ‘tumblr’.

Why was it called ‘tumblr’?? Did people tumble while on it?? Did it make people tumble??

She decided to leave those questions behind, staring at the blank, uhm what was it called again? She hovered over the ‘home’ icon with her cursor. Oh yeah! The dashboard!

Cosmica stared at the dashboard for a few more seconds, looking for the search bar, guessing that that would be the best place to start looking for things.

She drew to a blank on what she could look for. Glancing around the general area, she spotted one of Rav’s Steam Powered Giraffe posters, this one for the album, ‘The Vice Quadrant’. She liked that one. It reminded her of home. And him.

She began typing carefully, searching for ‘The Vice Quadrant’ to see what would pop up. Hundreds of drawings of her popped up, and she loved every single one of them, even the ones that stirred up slightly unpleasant memories. There were a few posts that alarmed her, though.

Namely, the ones mentioning the possibility of her and the Commander getting into a relationship.

Nope. Nu-uh. She wanted absolutely none of this. She loves almost everything, and will love almost anyone, but this, this, she will not accept.

She glanced to the side, where the Commander and Rav were napping on a couch, Rav laying on top of the Commander, snuggling into his chest.

They’re the ones in the relationship. She’s perfectly happy being single, thank you very much.

She closed the tab and shut down the laptop, deciding that she had had enough internet for today, thank you very much.

She still loves The Astronaut, anyways.