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Actual Star Child!Izuku AU

Please consider: Hisashi Midoriya is a wishing star who comes down for a single year every thousand or so human years. In that time, he falls in love with a woman named Inko Midoriya. He wants nothing more than to stay with her, but he has to go up into the night skies once again to do his duty. He doesn’t know about the family they’ve started.

Izuku Midoriya grows up infatuated with the stars. He hears a wish on a passing wind, from anybody in the world, and something burns inside him. He doesn’t know that the next day, a little boy is going to see his father for the first time in more than a year, risen from a coma and perfectly coherent when he should be brain damaged. Izuku Midoriya wakes up that morning not knowing that he’s granted the wish of someone who knows absolute want. All he knows is that he has a new freckle under his eye, not quite circular and a little pointy.

Izuku grows up his whole life believing he is Quirkless when he doesn’t know that every time he grants a wish made of pure want, he has a new freckle the next day (there’s so many now, there’s no way to know when a new one is there). All he knows is that occasionally he’ll get heartburn that doesn’t feel like heartburn should.

He only discovers this ability when All for One stares him down and says, “I haven’t seen one of your kind in a long time.”

“What are you talking about?”

“If I made a wish of pure want, would you grant it?”

Izuku freezes. “What?” Something inside him curdles at the mere idea of granting a wish as despicable a villain’s wish is going to be. It doesn’t make any sense, none at all, but Izuku’s bones know that whatever happens next will not be good.

“I wish for Tomura to achieve what he truly desires.”

Izuku feels his heart stop just as the heat inside him begins to spark.

rainbowfox20  asked:

Hey there. Gotta say I love droplets it's so amazing and cannot wait for you to update (take your time though no rush) but lately I have kinda run out of fics to read. So I was wondering if you have any good JeanMarco fics to recommend?

awwh thanks friend !!! new droplets chapter will be with you within the week :^)

but for now … *drum roll* let’s rec some fics !!! this is gonna be a long list, so read on under the cut !!!

if i miss anyone, i’m really sorry !!! i tried to include everything i’m reading right now … and a lot of major fics are missing from this list because i haven’t had time to read them yet OTL

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Freckled Charming and Loser Rider - Chapter 4 - MonoclePony - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]

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Jean loves his job. He gets to strut around in a costume, flirting with pretty girls and signing autographs- it’s a job made in heaven. Flynn Rider, after all, is the suavest Disney prince out there. 

Unfortunately, Jean does not live up to his character very often: especially when the new Prince Charming turns up and knocks him for six.

(Un)fortunately for Jean, his friends are hell-bent on getting him laid- or at least getting Freckled Charming’s number. But whether or not Jean takes advantage of the gleaming opportunities handed to him remains to be seen.
Prepare for lots of secondhand embarrassment, clueless Marco and self-deprecating Jean. Oh, and Connie and Ymir, matchmaker extraordinaires.


Yeah I decided to write another chapter for this AU cus it’s cute and cuddly and it’s a good break away from the heavy themes of SFS and the equestrian elitism of Hackamore. This is also because I hit 700 followers on my Tumblr blog, and I am seriously still in shock about that. When I made that blog, hell when I started writing fanfic, I never thought it would get this far. I never thought I’d have people coming into my inbox and saying how my work has impacted them and made them feel so many varying emotions, and… well it’s a big boost to my pretty battered self-confidence. I feel so much more in control of my writing now, and at risk of sounding sappy it was all down to you guys, so thank you! This is your reward, if you choose to accept it :)