freckle louis

okay but how does harry join up the dots of the freckles on his cheeks? 

I don’t mean to alarm you, but you know those three freckles on Louis’ cheek? There’s literally a set of stars in the night sky that matches up with them. Louis is so important that the celestial bodies all got together at a meeting and said, “Damn bros, we gotta do something to honor Louis.” So they dotted a set of stars in the sky to match up with the cluster of freckles on his cheek, even though they know it pales in comparison to the real thing. They were like, “Shit, we can’t make anything near as beautiful as you, but we’ll give you some stars.” Like, they were upset they couldn’t do more, but any closer of a representation of Louis Tomlinson in our solar system would outshine the damn sun, so they had to make a compromise. Cassiopeia? Nah, my guy. The Big Dipper? Nope. Second star to the right? Think again, my man. That little triangle of stars to the south, though. They light up the whole sky. They’re bright and twinkly as fuck and their my favorite stars in the whole sky unless Louis is up there in a plane or some shit.

….listen louis’ little freckles on his cheek……those little star constellations……..him being the galaxy…….harry counting the freckles and pressing the curve of his thumb against them…..