freckle louis

“If you’re lost, just look for me. You’ll find me in the region of the summer stars.” - Walking in the Wind

Summer stars = Summer Triangle.

Louis’ freckles…

And who wrote on “Walking in the Wind?”

Curious that… I guess now we know where Harry is when he goes MIA.

  • A friend: Honestly, what is more important to you than Louis Tomlinson.
  • Me:
  • A friend:
  • Me:
  • A friend:
  • Me: The summer star constellation.
  • A friend: Didn't you just go on a rant last week about how the freckles on Louis' cheek make...

harry kisses the little constellation of freckles on louis’ cheek,, and also his collarbones,, and also the crinkles by his eyes when he smiles,,, sometimes he kisses his forehead,,, also the spot behind his ear,, ?? 10/10 very kissable,,, and when they hold hands sometimes he’ll pull his hand up and kiss each of his tiny fingers,, but sometimes he also rests his head above louis’ heart and kisses that spot too

harry’s counted the freckles on louis’ face while they were still half asleep in bed too comfortable to get up at least once those are facts

okay but how does harry join up the dots of the freckles on his cheeks?