freckle jesus cosplay

“You were the prettiest thing I ever stole.”

Some Outlaw Marco inspired by the fic All The Stars In Texas by the amazing @southspinner. Go check it out!

Insta: @lol_u_tried_m8. Click the pic for better quality ✌

How much I love Jean?  … Thats a hard one. 

 I love him more than he could ever know. 

I need him more than I could ever know. 

I need him like the moon needs the sun to glow. 

I need him like I need the oxygen that fills my lungs to keep me living 

Because he’s the one who can make me laugh through the pain. 

The one who can make the world ok

Make the world stop momentarily when he looks at me. 


   I don’t care about what anybody else says about our love. 

    That it’s not real , or not romantic enough.

   Because , I wouldn’t ever want anything else. 

    And I wouldn’t ever love anyone else  

    Because I love you Jean. 


Marco thinks that feeding me sugar cubes is just about the funniest thing in the world.

We don’t get a lot of sweets, what with the rationing and all, so if it means I get to eat sugar, I will play along with him …


Was also Flower Face Dark!Marco at the convention this weekend. I really liked this cosplay and despite how sucky the flowers were Id do it again in a heartbeat. Also cute wings