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After a freshly fallen rain

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Not without you, love

Newt scamander x reader. Next comes home to find his wife looking over the final draft of his book. Only to find that he’s had them add your sketches

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As you stepped out of the kitchen, wiping your hands on your trousers, your spotted your husbands  finished manuscript laying on the worn mahogany desk, surrounded by stacks upon stacks of various books, papers and emptied ink bottles, looking much too tempting, begging to be read before it was Shipped off to the ministry for printing.

Newt was in the case, giving the creatures their supper, surely a quick peak wouldn’t hurt, you debated with yourself. Finally double checking that the innocent looking brown leather case was still firmly closed, you settled yourself in newts squashy chair by his desk. With one last glance over your shoulder, you flipped over the cover,  releasing a giggle as you read the introduction, remembering the day that newt had to ward off an in season hippogriff with your travel kettle, as you continued to read you couldn’t help but fall in love with newt a little more, imaging him as the little freckle faced boy that he used to be, racing about the gardens searching for horklumps, now grown into the still freckled gentleman that he was today, not doing too much different.

Your laugh caught in your throat as you turned the page, only to find your own sketch of newts messy work shed staring you in the face. You rifle through the many pages of the manuscript, wanting to make sure that your sketch hadn’t just been bundled up by mistake, but sure enough a copy of just about every sketch that you had made of the creatures was there alongside the loving, passionate yet factual descriptions of each magical beast.

A lump began to form in your throat, at the bottom left corner of each of your sketches, in newt’s spidery handwriting was written ‘by my fantastically talented wife y/n’, tears pricked at your eyes, as you couldn’t hold back a light laugh of pure joy, at your husbands sweet actions.

You were so absorbed by your giddiness that you didn’t hear newts large booted  feet on the carpeted floor, “oh darling I wanted it to be a surprise’  his soft voice startled you, quickly snapping the book closed, looking slightly sheepishly over your shoulder at him. Only to find his sea green eyes sparkling, that lopsided smile that you had fallen in love with spreading across his handsome face, as he made his way to you, almost doubling over, so that he could rest his chin on your shoulder, ‘did you get to the last page, love?’ he asked tentatively, his breath tickling over your cheek as he spoke softly to you.

You shook your head in response, he pressed a chaste kiss to your jaw, before flipping through to the last page of his book. Once more you felt the tears roll down your cheeks, as you read the dedications to both yourself and newts mother.

“oh you sweet silly man’ you managed to mumble before placing a slightly wet kiss to his temple, only for him to scoop you up out of his chair, and place you comfortably in his lap. Where he ever so gently brushed away your tears of joy with the rough pads of his thumb, pushing your hair from your face, before bringing your lips together in a warm kiss. “I never would have managed it without you love’


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“Okay now cross them over each other and pull as tight as you can.”

“Like this?” Cas asks, following Dean’s instructions and crossing his shoelaces.

“Yeah, now loop ‘em,” Dean tells him, demonstrating with his own laces.

Cas watches like a hawk as Dean ties up his laces with practiced ease.

It really is nice of Dean to teach him how to do this, Castiel thinks. Dean’s the bestest friend he could ask for. 

Cas is snapped out of his thoughts when Dean grabs him by the shoulders and shakes him.

“Come on, Cas,” he scolds. “I’m tryna teach you. You don’t wanna be the only six year old out there who doesn’t know how to tie his own shoelaces, do ya?”

“Of course not,” Cas replies hotly. He copies Dean’s movements from earlier and asks what’s next.

“Tie the knot.” Dean quickly ties the loops into a neat knot. Cas tries to mimic him but he can’t. 

“Tie the knot, Cas,” Dean repeats. “No, not like that-” Dean redos his laces to show Cas again. “Tie the knot.”

Cas snickers then. “If you wanted me to get married so badly you only had to ask,” he teases.

“Huh?” Dean tilts his head to one side in confusion.

“To ‘tie the knot’ means to get married,” Cas explains, still trying to figure out his laces.

Dean twists around and picks a daisy from his mom’s garden before turning back to face Cas. The freckle-faced boy gets on one knee, grins and says, “Cas, you’re my best friend, you wanna tie the knot with me?”

They’re both laughing as Cas accepts the flower, and they go back to tying their shoelaces.

Of course, neither of them knows now that one day, many years later, Dean will get down on one knee again, this time with a ring, and ask his best friend if he’d like to tie the knot with him.

2,199 Days and You’re home.

Warning, this is probably going to be a long but cute asf fanfiction!

Clarke had never loved anyone as she had loved Bellamy, watching that rocket and knowing he was on his way to safety, she felt relief wash over her. She didnโ€™t mind dying as long as it meant the people she cared for went on. Clarke had been sure the radiation would kill her, the memory of the searing pain she felt from her bubbling skin, the feeling of the burning blood choking up in her throat would forever be planted in her mind. Sheโ€™d been so sure sheโ€™d die that day, dying on a dying planet. But then Madi found her, the girl only young then, barely able to take care of herself let alone nursing Clarke until she was at full health. Those were some of the most painful days of her life. Not just the radiation seeping through her but the fact that sheโ€™d let Bellamy go, she wouldnโ€™t see him for years to come, no more warm hugs reminding her of home, no more playful smile crossing his face even though she knew he wanted to be mad at her. Everyone she loved so far from her but they were safe and thatโ€™s all Clarke could ask for.

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