freckle city

Okay guys so this is pretty simple but I’d say it’s good for a first try! Lines with photoshop, unfortunately made in the background cause my head was somewhere else so I didn’t get the chance to change the colors. Also I colored in Sai cause it was being a challenge and I really like the method I’ve used so far.

Other than that, I’m very very happy with the precission this program gives you, like??? I tried in Sai and I never got this??? Nor on paper even (I do use a small notebook though so it could be that too)??? So yep definitely staying on this path *throws confetti*

Also this is Clary if you hadn’t noticed :)

The signs as pretty things
  • Aries: clothes that fit perfectly, eating your favourite foods randomly, cityscapes, red skies and bright sunsets.
  • Taurus: listening to nostalgic songs at night, misty mornings, spontaneous haircuts, shopping sprees, random acts of kindness.
  • Gemini: spending time with friends, the smell of fresh air, soft hair that smells nice, nighttime driving and seeing the city lights, freckles.
  • Cancer: red jeans, Voss water bottles, bookshops, new earphones, the sound a violin makes when played.
  • Leo: gold ink pens, yellow jumpers, Kanken bags, sunflowers, buying new Washi tape.
  • Virgo: neon signs, mint green aesthetics, pastel clothing, the smell of smoke and red wine, discovering new songs you love from your favourite band.
  • Libra: the colour white, marble floors, black and white kitchen tiles, music stores, buying new vinyl.
  • Scorpio: big fluffy cats, walks in the sun, flannel shirts, staying up till 4:00am talking, fresh fruit.
  • Sagittarius: round framed sunglasses, coffee shops, new fandoms, astronomy, completed sketchbooks.
  • Capricorn: peach aesthetic, patches and pins, Polaroid cameras, rose gold, iced tea.
  • Aquarius: sunrises, solar eclipses, moon jewellery, gemstones, swimming pools.
  • Pisces: post apocalyptic worlds, abandoned buildings, overgrown Ivy, coloured smoke, white eyelashes.
things associated with the signs

aries: odin, tinkerbell, cinnamon buns, supernovas, peach green tea, game of thrones, kim possible, marc jacobs, balloons, florida, dragons, bear hugs, freckles, city skylines, ripped jeans, pegasus, bonfires, long hair, cooking, auburn hair, nail polish, board games

taurus: gemstones, pocahontas, cat’s whiskers, katniss everdeen, roses, economics, finding nemo, dark red lipstick, prada, cherry blossoms, forest fairies, singing, smoke, autumn leaves, teddy bears, trees, fancy dinners, tea, soft eyes, flower crowns, dublin

gemini: budapest, lilo, honolulu, honeysuckle, spice girls, eskimo kisses, the dead sea, rainy nights, new york, polyjuice potion, shapeshifter, lamps, yellow, angelina jolie, roadtrips, log cabins, texting, green eyes, city streets, lipstick, shakespearean insults, pixie dust

cancer: chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, oversized sweaters, starry night, coconuts, hot chocolate, penguins, plaid shirts, vera wang, long hugs, fluffy socks, hades, werewolf, snow, croissants, crystals, the beach, journals, musical theatre, clean sheets

leo: thor, knitted blankets, fall out boy, ginny weasley, champagne, destiny’s child, swans, chanel, polaroids, phoenix, glitter, sunflowers, pink, massages, manicures, bubble baths, starbucks, saturday nights, sunlight, bright green, rome, sleeping, full moons, alcopops

virgo: amsterdam, mona lisa, white wine, science, cappucino, calligraphy, clouds, back to the future, unicorns, coffee stains, elephants, turquoise, collarbones, ballet, dinner parties, paint, showers, daisy chains, icy blue, boston, pop music, green tea, porcelain teacups

libra: london, photographs, ombre hair, mulberry, lavender, geography, parks and rec, ralph lauren, perfect eyeliner, angels, lotus flowers, feathers, old movies, big cities, drunken kisses, snow, cats, mineral makeup, wind chimes, copenhagen, lemongrass

scorpio: soft pillows, galaxies, cute nicknames, edward scissorhands, hickeys, that’s so raven, dyed hair, athena, vampires, waves, leather jackets, long eyelashes, big beds, smoky eyes, mountains, radios, new orleans, candy apples, black lipstick, whispers

sagittarius: loki, the girl with the pearl earring, comets, violet baudelaire, jack sparrow, beer, swallows, versace, centaurs, philosophy, candyfloss, bad jokes, crayons, old magazines, campfires, acapulco, flowers, indie music, white sage, curly hair, scary movies

capricorn: candles, asteroids, vanilla, lattes, sweeney todd, the supremes, pancake dates, blizzards, goblins, thunderstorm, dancing, craft beer, headphones, new shoes, wildflowers, pearlescent white, montreal, rock music, juniper, spiral staircases

aquarius: merida, miami, nebula, jasmine, bob’s burgers, hummingbirds, velvet, dior, brown eyes, lightning, witches, venice, smooth rocks, moon dust, lipgloss, notebooks, sphinx, wednesday addams, stars, sundresses, leather, nightlights, buenos aires

pisces: paris, books, arctic monkeys, luna lovegood, mad hatter, doves, meditteranean sea, classic rock music, alexander mcqueen, snowflakes, hawaii, poseidon, mermaids, romance, pasta, dandelions, doodling, black coffee, old friends, lakes, seville, acoustic songs

anonymous asked:

What are some things that make you happy? :)

What a beautiful question!

  • sunflowers
  • podcasts
  • audiobooks
  • travel
  • good hugs
  • harry potter
  • good kisses
  • random acts of kindness
  • american national parks
  • coconut water
  • the vlog squad
  • hamilton
  • the smell of campfires
  • swimming under waves
  • delicate bralettes
  • the office
  • starting a new book
  • being cozy inside when it’s raining
  • being kissed by the sun when its warm
  • new york city rooftops
  • buzzfeed quizzes
  • dear evan hansen
  • alfie
  • my parents
  • freckles
  • memes
  • broad city
  • my friends

I haven’t seen the “Art of getting by AU!” around the tags … so….. I really love this movie and… everything is perfect….. So….. yes… i’m a shame … and i love jeanmarco…. and Jean as an artist… and yes….