And here are some various patreon commissions.

Good old timey Peacock, requested by @gantzgun74

WOW dwarf, requested by Artudeetew.

An alternative way Felix and Vanellope meeting could have gone

And A rainbow snake witch, requested by Zirocoh. Apparently originally designed by @shenaniganza Was a lot of fun to make. hehe!

Thank you everyone for the support and commissioning me!

So a character known for faking his own death and pulling tricks, admits to carrying a fake blade.

Then goes up against a character who in theory is stronger, but wait. 

Lucifer was unarmed.

Lucifer attacks Gabriel with Gabriel’s blade after we’ve established he doesn’t carry it if he thinks he could die.

After Gabriel gives the brothers the information they need to win.

And we’re still waiting for the reveal that he’s not dead.  Yeah, okay.