Quick thought, and most likely nothing new, but what if the reason 5.0.5. has a flower on his head is because Black Hat likes plants; freaky looking, carnivorous plants specifically. Here’s one from the 2012 shorts:

And considering 5.0.5. is a failed experiment, he probably wanted a mutant attack bear/plant thing.

On a different note, I also noticed this:

People have mentioned this being Demencia, and I see the resemblance. I don’t think she’s in a cage though. She looks like she’s looking out from a dungeon. The bars meet the floor, giving the impression that this is a low window on the wall. The yellow eyes we see here aren’t her actual eyes now, so if this is Demencia, she probably used to be some large lizard pet or something acquired with the purpose to roam the manner out of sight as security, maybe to fill the role 5.0.5 should’ve filled. Why does she look human now? Well, if the 2012 shorts haven’t been retconned, maybe she was experimented on some more as an “upgrade” after Black Hat found more ways to make her useful. Maybe her obsessive adoration for Black Hat was the result of trying to make her unquestionably loyal to her master, an attempt that worked too well.

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