If you think the coincidences between Lincoln and JFK are crazy, wait til you get a load of the mind boggling coincidences between Paul F Tompkins and Jeff Goldblum!

Paul F Tompkin’s full name is Paul Francis Tompkins
Jeff Goldblum’s full name is Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum
Paul Francis = 11 letters
Jeffrey Lynn = 11 letters
Tompkins = 8 letters
Goldblum = 8 letters
Paul Francis Tompkins = 19 letters
Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum = 19 letters

Both men were born in Pennsylvania

Both men were born in the fall

Both men’s fathers were doctors.

Paul F Tompkins started performing comedy at the age of 17
Jeff Goldblum moved to New York to pursue acting at the age of 17

Paul F Tompkins has 2 degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon
Jeff Goldblum has 2 degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon

Paul F Tompkins has gone on record as loving all Wes Anderson films
Jeff Goldblum has appeared in a Wes Anderson film

Jeff Godlblum has gone on record as loving all PT Anderson films
Paul F Tompkins has appeared in a PT Anderson film.

Paul F Tompkins’ wife Janie Haddad is 5'5" according to imdb
Jeff Godblum’s first wife Patricial Gual is 5'5"

Jeff Goldblum was in the movie “The Fly”
Paul F Tompkins always looks fly in his fancy suits.

Both men will live to be 68yrs old.
Both men will die by ingesting poison.

Paul F Tompkins’ manager is named Jeff
Jeff Goldblum’s manager is named Paul

Paul F Tompkins has a magnificent mustache
Jeff Goldblum’s first child will be named Mustache

In a past life Paul F Tompkins was Abraham Lincoln
In a past life Jeff Goldblum was John F Kennedy

Spooky right??? Is it all just a coincidence or is there a freaky connection between these two? I guess we’ll never know.

Don’t try to double check any of my facts, they’re all true, just trust me.


The Gamemakers are in Ohio...

This morning, a train derailed and exploded in Columbus, Ohio. 

“A southbound Norfolk Southern train with two locomotives and 98 freight cars of mixed freight derailed between E. 11th and E. 5th avenues at about 2:05 a.m…The train was carrying ethanol, styrene monomer…”

 "If ignited, styrene can give off a gas. If inhaled, that gas can affect the nervous system.“

~Train Derailment, Explosion Remains Under Investigation

Sometime this afternoon, my roomies and I made some comment that this styrene gas sounds a lot like a certain poisonous fog in a certain dystopian trilogy.

"And at two, a terrible poisonous fog begins there.” ~Catching Fire, pg 327

“Whatever chemical  laces the fog does more than burn – it targets our nerves.” ~Catching Fire, pg 299

So what I’m getting from this is that Columbus, Ohio has become part of the Hunger Games. 

So the whole summer we thought this one chick from the crossmen really stood out as a good performer

And Aaryn and I saw this chick at a winter guard show near us (we’re from PA, the Crossmen are based out of Texas) that looked a lot like her, so later on we decided if we found her we’d tell her she had a twin in the Crossmen

So we found her later

And she doesn’t have a twin in the Crossmen


it was the freakiest coincidence of all time and I screamed a lot and probably scared the poor dear but I mean OH MY GOD WHAT ARE THE ODDS I WAS FLIPPING A SHIT