If you think the coincidences between Lincoln and JFK are crazy, wait til you get a load of the mind boggling coincidences between Paul F Tompkins and Jeff Goldblum!

Paul F Tompkin’s full name is Paul Francis Tompkins
Jeff Goldblum’s full name is Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum
Paul Francis = 11 letters
Jeffrey Lynn = 11 letters
Tompkins = 8 letters
Goldblum = 8 letters
Paul Francis Tompkins = 19 letters
Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum = 19 letters

Both men were born in Pennsylvania

Both men were born in the fall

Both men’s fathers were doctors.

Paul F Tompkins started performing comedy at the age of 17
Jeff Goldblum moved to New York to pursue acting at the age of 17

Paul F Tompkins has 2 degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon
Jeff Goldblum has 2 degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon

Paul F Tompkins has gone on record as loving all Wes Anderson films
Jeff Goldblum has appeared in a Wes Anderson film

Jeff Godlblum has gone on record as loving all PT Anderson films
Paul F Tompkins has appeared in a PT Anderson film.

Paul F Tompkins’ wife Janie Haddad is 5'5" according to imdb
Jeff Godblum’s first wife Patricial Gual is 5'5"

Jeff Goldblum was in the movie “The Fly”
Paul F Tompkins always looks fly in his fancy suits.

Both men will live to be 68yrs old.
Both men will die by ingesting poison.

Paul F Tompkins’ manager is named Jeff
Jeff Goldblum’s manager is named Paul

Paul F Tompkins has a magnificent mustache
Jeff Goldblum’s first child will be named Mustache

In a past life Paul F Tompkins was Abraham Lincoln
In a past life Jeff Goldblum was John F Kennedy

Spooky right??? Is it all just a coincidence or is there a freaky connection between these two? I guess we’ll never know.

Don’t try to double check any of my facts, they’re all true, just trust me.


CROATOAN uncovered...?


Well we, as the Supernatural Cult, naturally all know that for some of you(including yours truly), CROATOAN may already be there, but for you Americans it’s not quite the end.

There are MANY reasons as to why I am freaking the HELL out, okay?


1: The Ebola virus. We’ve all probably heard of it by now, it’s killed over 600 in West Africa and infected over 1,000. It’s a virus that is transmitted by bodily fluids such as blood, sweat, saliva, so on and so forth- BUT- I recently watched a video about what the government officials AREN’T telling us. This Ebola virus has had a similar outbreak before, in 2012 (except much less people died and it was contained). Studies from this mini case of Ebola showed that the virus can indeed be transmitted through the air. This is also known as air-borne. Ebola can travel through the air in droplets that can be absorbed by us humans. It is how the animals were able to contract the virus in 2012. (Also, if you have Ebola you have a 30-40% survival rate…)

2: The dates. In Supernatural’s season 5 episode 4, Dean Winchester jumps the gun to August 1st 2014. When present Dean if confronted by Future Dean, future Dean explains that the virus hit major cities in 2012- which is when Ebola had a similar case to this recent one.

3: COWS… Dean quote- ‘Mad cow disease turns into mad human disease turns into mad zombie disease.’ SO I watched a program earlier about people who have prepped for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, which mentions mad cow disease AND Ebola to be possible causes of the zombie apocalypse.

4: Kansas. On this same program, when they mentioned mad cow disease, they also mentioned a bio lab, transferring to Kansas. In this bio lab were animals who have been used for testing products, medicine ect… Which is also when they mentioned that this bio lab is a danger, because a lot of the animals have mad cow disease (and various other dangerous diseases/infections/viruses)- AND the whole lab is being transferred to Kansas… They said that this is also the place where the outbreak is most likely to start, if the virus does come from an animal. NOW if I’m not mistaken, Dean was transported to Kansas…

5: This zombie program said something to do with the flu, which is also what this CROATOAN episode said about…well CROATOAN.

I will let you think on those coincidences okay, because it’s way too freaky. I am probably over thinking this but it’s better now that you know the things I do. I’m seeing posts that are completely oblivious to these types of coincidences and I just think it’s weird that this whole zombie apocalypse program ad the serious Ebola virus has certain loose links to the supernatural virus ‘Croatian’ so, I had to tell you guys.

BY THE WAY I have loads of answers and more links so please just ask if you want to know anything else about this Ebola virus. I am constantly updating myself on the new news so, don’t be afraid to ask.


Okay so obviously a lot of people are reading this the complete wrong way. All I did on this post was merely point out the coincidences okay? I wasn’t trying to dismiss the virus as a cheap joke because I know that it’s serious. The way I wrote this post was just to point out the coincidences I was not in any way shape or form trying to turn this virus into ‘some cheap joke’ okay? I’m not a fucking robot, not just some heartless, empty tin behind a computer screen okay? I am fully aware of the situation in west Africa and I am fully aware of the transmission sequences, the death rate, I’ve even studied what it looks like okay? So stop pretending that you are all better than me because you didn’t point out some little coincidences. I’m sorry if you read/took this the wrong way and I’m sorry if I have offended any of you. But you are all blowing it way out of proportion, JESUS I pointed out some coincidences and you’re all having fucking spaz attacks about it!!?? Chill the fuck out okay, don’t pretend that you know me, or know what I’m like. I am not ashamed, nor will I be because I haven’t done anything wrong.

So I was rewatching an episode of Bones last night and the episode was about a former Marine sergeant being murdered. In the end it’s revealed she loved her best friend but was never able to say it.

But look at the last sentence in her letter!

“Maybe there’s more to life that just survival.”

This episode aired March 18, 2013. Does that quote sound familiar to anyone?

anonymous asked:

Oh god that scenario you made was totally adorable!!! <3 <3 Could you do another one with 2P!France?? Pwease :3

((Im assuming you mean the “First Steps” scenario with 2P!Canada? XD Yeah, i’m just gonna assume that one. I’ve been getting a couple 2P!-specific requests with that theme since i posted that; at least i know that you guys dig the fluff, since you guys can be pretty angsty trolls XD. BTW, the stupidly ironic name for this child is gonna be Adelaide….because Guys and Dolls is the shit))

Scenario: *Just Stupid Fluffiness: First Steps (2P!France; Francois Bonnefoy)

You were getting ready to head off to work, passing by your fiancee, Francois, who was sitting on the couch watching what seemed to be a game of soccer ((or football, for you non-Americans)). Sitting on the floor between his legs was your daughter Adelaide who seemed to be just as immersed in the game as her father was; although, you were sure that it was more out of wonder for the TV itself as opposed to the game. Her shining purple orbs reflected the TV screen as she watched with wide-eyed awe. The soft curly hair framing her face also matched that of Francois (and the small curl beginning to sprout from the top of her head definitely gave away that she was his daughter), but the locks were your hair color instead. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the two dorks with their gazes set dead-on the TV in front of them; when was the last time you found them doing anything else as you head out for work? the fact that you couldn’t even vaguely recall a time was sad enough to bring you behind the couch, resting your arms on the cushion beside your fiancee’s head.
“Francois? Would you mind doing me a favor today?” you asked, leaning your head closer towards him in hopes of increasing your chances for a verbal response this time around. This seem to pay off too, because the blonde spared a minute away from the TV screen to instead fixate his gaze on you.
“Depends; what exactly is this favor?” he asked, his gruff french accent working well with his ruffled and disheveled appearance. His untamed mane and half-buttoned shirt spoke for how little activity he had planned for today besides watching the game.
“Well, i was wondering if you could teach Adelaide how to walk. I’ve been trying to get around to it for a while, but i just never seem to have the time, and considering….” before continuing, you gestured to the many soda cans and snack wrappers he had lying haphazardly across the coffee table. Even Adelaide seemed to find entertainment in a recently-finished can of Pepsi that her father had neglected to throw away. “….all that you have going on here, i’m assuming you got time to kill.”
Finally taking a proper look at the room for himself, Francois gives a look of slight defeat as he lets out a small sigh and once again cranes his neck up towards you.
“Sweetheart, if you want me to clean up can just ask.” he says with a slight chuckle. Giving him a smile, you brushed a stray curl out of his face before giving him a kiss on the forehead, to which he responded with an appreciative hum.
“After you teach her how to walk. Goodbye, sweetheart.” You say, then looping around the couch to meet with the toddler now banging the soda can on the floor. “And goodbye to you too, sweetie.” You say, kissing the babbling girl on the top of her head.
“Have a good day at work, darlin’.” He bid roughly, the natural huskiness in his tone causing him to clear his throat softly after you closed the door. Upon your departure, he sat up from his slouched position on the couch, now resting his elbows on his knees as he ran his long fingers through his hair and looked down at his daughter resting on the floor. Adelaide turned herself around to meet his amethyst gaze with her own, giving a curious look as her fingers still fumbled with the can.
Already sensing the tediousness of the task lying ahead of him, Francois let out a groan before scooping up his daughter and walking to take her to the backyard, where he hopes the fresh air and open surroundings would encourage her to do more than crawl.

“You’re going to make this extra difficult for papa, aren’t you?” he asked with a tired look in his eye, noting how his child was now quite literally crawling around him in circles. It was as if she was purposely mocking him, and the devious glint in her orbs definitely gave away that even she knew she was proud to be doing something that evidently displeased the frenchman (even if she didn’t fully understand why it was annoying him in the first place).
This routine had been going on for just over two hours, and the merciless amount of sunlight that Francois had been receiving in the meantime was more than making up for the several straight days he spent in his dark living room. Adelaide didn’t seem to mind though, in fact she seemed to relish in being outside for a change; it was surely motivating her to be more active, just not in the way Francois was hoping it would.
Exasperated, Francois sat back on the grass, taking a breather to contemplate other ways to teach his daughter to walk. Maybe Google was the best resource? As he was thinking of this, he couldn’t help but notice the way that his daughter was playing with the soccer ball lying a few feet in front of him. She seemed to be trying to move it the way she saw on TV, except she was instead resorting to crawling on top of it. Amused by her actions, Francois got back up with a huff and walked over to her, taking both of her small hands in his own to stand her up. Upon getting the support she needed, he saw her reaching her legs out to kick the ball.
After this, a brilliant scheme began formulating in the groggy mind of the blonde. This would almost be too perfect.

“Guys, i’m home!” You called out, but was shocked to see that the living room was empty. Honestly, you had quite forgotten how the room even looked without your husband sitting on the couch; though, you could see the mess was still lying there. Upon observing this, you hoped that he had at least begun teaching Adelaide how to walk, like you asked him to; if not, there’d be some serious problems….for him, at least. Beginning your hunt, you wondered where they could've went off to in the house; you checked your bedroom, the nursery, the dining room, and even the kitchen! You didn’t even think to check the backyard (the one scarcely used for anything else besides the occasional late-night beer hangout with friends), until you heard the familiar faint laughter of a little girl coming from behind the house.
Upon looking outside, you were surprised to see Francois skillfully dribbling a soccer ball between his feet, baiting a stumbling Adelaide as she attempted to reach the ball.
“You….I can’t believe you actually did it.” You said in slight awe, unable to mask the genuine surprise in your voice. Francois didn’t take any offense to it though as he then swiftly passed the ball to Adelaide, who dropped to the floor immediately to play with it, before walking over to greet you.
“Welcome back, mon cher. You have a good day?” he asked as he gave you a kiss on the cheek while wrapping a strong arm around your waist. You welcomed his hold with a smile as you responded with content lacing your tone.
“I did, even better now that i see you’ve done some good work while i was gone. Apparently she’s a soccer-fanatic like you, then?” you asked, hugging him around the waist as you gave him a small kiss on the lips.
“Ah, well, at least she had good taste.” he responds lovingly, interrupted when he felt a small tug on his pant leg. Looking down, he saw Adelaide gazing up at him with the soccer ball in hand. It was evident from the look in her eye that she wanted to play with him again.
“Ah, one moment, mon petit.” he dismisses, but is once again cut off when she gives him a set of puppy eyes that could warm the heart of even the coldest man. Seeing the effect it had, you gave Francois one last squeeze before letting go of him to go inside.
“I’ll leave you guys to play for a couple more minutes. Though, i want to see you both cleaned up before dinner.” You said firmly, seeing Adelaide smile upon seeing her father reach down for the ball, to which she happily handed it to him.
“Alright. Now, Adelaide, show papa what you got.” he encouraged as he once again began dribbling the ball away from the toddler, who followed after him with shaky steps.
You prepped dinner by a window so that you could see them playing outside merrily until he finally scooped her up and invited her inside to get cleaned up before dinner.
It was times like these that reminded you how grateful you were to have a great husband and father to your child like Francois. Even if he was a little rough around the edges, it didn't do much to disguise his softer interior that you couldn't help but fall in love with every time.

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((*long exaggerated sigh* wOW, that took awhile. I just now noticed how many scenarios i have in my inbox that are 2P!France-specific, so i’m wondering why that is. I mean, i already know this particular scenario-theme is popular because of the one i did with 2P!Canada, so was there a recent scenario that you guys really liked with him or something? I can’t help but feel like this i all kinda coordinated XD))

The Gamemakers are in Ohio...

This morning, a train derailed and exploded in Columbus, Ohio. 

“A southbound Norfolk Southern train with two locomotives and 98 freight cars of mixed freight derailed between E. 11th and E. 5th avenues at about 2:05 a.m…The train was carrying ethanol, styrene monomer…”

 "If ignited, styrene can give off a gas. If inhaled, that gas can affect the nervous system.“

~Train Derailment, Explosion Remains Under Investigation

Sometime this afternoon, my roomies and I made some comment that this styrene gas sounds a lot like a certain poisonous fog in a certain dystopian trilogy.

"And at two, a terrible poisonous fog begins there.” ~Catching Fire, pg 327

“Whatever chemical  laces the fog does more than burn – it targets our nerves.” ~Catching Fire, pg 299

So what I’m getting from this is that Columbus, Ohio has become part of the Hunger Games. 

So the whole summer we thought this one chick from the crossmen really stood out as a good performer

And Aaryn and I saw this chick at a winter guard show near us (we’re from PA, the Crossmen are based out of Texas) that looked a lot like her, so later on we decided if we found her we’d tell her she had a twin in the Crossmen

So we found her later

And she doesn’t have a twin in the Crossmen


it was the freakiest coincidence of all time and I screamed a lot and probably scared the poor dear but I mean OH MY GOD WHAT ARE THE ODDS I WAS FLIPPING A SHIT


A/N: I was so happy when someone requested this and I’m sorry it took so long to write! When I saw it in the movie I literally said to myself, “I want to incorporate this part in one of my stories somehow” and here it is! Also, I don’t know if these two requests were by the same person or if it was some sort of freaky coincidence that you both requested basically the same thing but Thanks!! Hope you like it!!

Request: I HAVE A REQUEST!! You know that one SENCE in TST where Thersa is changing and Frypan looks and Newt tilts his head with two distinct fingers. Can you do that SENCE with the reader? And then Newt come and they kinda make out and then the lights turn on and then the Cranks come out and he’s by her side and protects her like a lot, and then when they hide she’s falls asleep shaking and scared and he protects her? AND FLUFF SO CUTE OMG IT WOULD BE COOL IF YOU DID THIS! THX DO MUCH!! ❤️❤️

REQUEST! so it’s a newt x reader so pretty much in tst that one scene where threase gets dressed and fry looks and at her and newt does that distinctive two fingers and so threase will be reader and newt comes over and they make out but then the lights turn on and they get attacked and he keeps her by his side the whole time. And fluff. Then once they find the safe place he curls up against her and they sleep and you can finish idk if you will do this or even see me but yah later!!

Newt x Reader

Warnings: SPOILERS

Word Count: 1105

“Let’s split up. Find what you can and we’ll all meet up here.” Thomas whispered to the group.

After escaping from WICKED, you all had stumbled upon a place buried by the sand that looked like had been used as a place to live.

Going off on your own, with a flashlight as the only thing to light your way, you found a pile of clothes. “Perfect.” you mumbled to yourself. WICKED was so caught up on running tests on you that you ended up getting stuck wearing your clothes from the maze - you desperately needed to change.

You stood your flashlight up on the ground so you could see what you were doing then grabbed the bottom hem of your shirt, pulling it over your head. You were so focused on getting into different clothes that you didn’t notice the pair of eyes that were watching you.

“Where do you think the people that lived here went?” Newt asked, not taking his eyes away from the ground where he was gathering supplies. When Frypan didn’t answer he looked up and saw him looking elsewhere. Following his gaze, he saw you pulling off your shirt. It wasn’t at all light out, but the way your flashlight was set up, it illuminated your figure.

“Uh, Frypan.” Newt placed two of his fingers on Frypan’s cheek, making him turn his head towards him. “What?” Frypan was taken aback, seeing that Newt’s eyebrows were raised at him.

Newt just shook his head, “How bout we keep our eyes on our work? Hm?” He chuckled then stood up, playfully tapping Frypan on the head as he walked by him.

“(Y/n),” You shrugged on a jacket then turned, smiling when you saw Newt heading your way. “What’s up?” you asked bending over and picking up your flashlight.

“What’s up? What’s up is that you’re putting on a bloody strip tease in front of Frypan over there.” He stuck his thumb in the direction of Frypan’s whereabouts.

You chuckled which earned an eyebrow raise from Newt. “You think that’s funny?”

“No, I actually thought I was alone over here - but,” you wrapped your arms around Newt’s neck. “I think it’s adorable that you’re jealous.”

Newt smirked down at you then took the flashlight out of your hands. “Frypan already got the strip tease, I don’t think he needs to see this too.”

Clicking the flashlight off, he threw it on the table behind you. You smiled and pulled him to you, crashing your lips with his. He answered you immediately, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you even closer to him.

A soft moan escaped your lips which Newt quickly took advantage of - slowly slipping his tongue into your mouth and exploring every inch of it.

You took a couple steps back until your back hit the edge of the table behind you. Moving his hands from your waist to your butt, Newt picked you up and set you down on it.

Your lungs couldn’t take it any longer so you pulled away, both you and Newt gasping for air. You smiled when Newt buried his face in the crook of your neck and started peppering you in small kisses.

“Aren’t we supposed to be gathering supplies?” You whispered out of breath. Newt didn’t answer you, instead, he slowly let out his warm breath on your neck - sending shivers down your body.

Grabbing his face with both your hands, you brought him back up to you. You were about to connect your lips to his when the lights turned on.

Slipping off the table, Frypan jogged over to you both. “Hey, they got the lights to work.” Newt smiled but you couldn’t shake the feeling that this was a bad idea.

As if on cue, a horrible shrilling scream echoed through the building causing you to jump. “What the hell was that?” You grabbed onto Newt’s hand.

Before he could answer you, Thomas and Minho came running around a corner. “Run!” Thomas screamed at you three, motioning his arms for you to go.

You took a step forward but stopped when you saw what rounded the corner after them. They were people…sick people that were thrashing their bodies in odd ways and screaming like no human should ever be screaming.

“(Y/n)!” Newt pulled at your hand. “Run!”

Getting back to your senses, you turned and started running through the building. Making your way up an escalator, an abrupt force tackled your side and sent you sliding up against a wall. When you opened your eyes, you saw a face but it was aggressively trying to bite at you.

You screamed and pushed at this person’s chest, trying to get it off you. Newt saw and kicked the creature off you then grabbed your hand and started running again.

You all eventually found a door out but it was locked from the outside. “C’mon Frypan..” you muttered anxiously as you watched the cranks get closer and closer to you.

Finally he busted through and you all rushed in but the cranks grabbed Winston. You automatically stopped running and ran to Winston, taking ahold of his hand and pulling with all your might.

All of a sudden a crank clawed at his chest. Your eyes widening when his shirt started soaking up with blood. “Oh my God..” you breathed.

You pulled one last time and Winston slid through, letting Minho and Thomas close the door. “Frypan, grab Winston we have to go. I don’t know how long we can keep the door closed.” Thomas yelled.

You all started running again, until you found a hiding spot underneath a concrete slab. The sickening screams kept echoing as cranks ran by you.

Curling up in the corner, you squeezed your eyes shut and wrapped your arms around your body, trying to get rid of the shakes that took over your body.

You jumped when you felt someone touch your hand. Opening your eyes, you immediately relaxed when your eyes landed on Newt’s. His lips curled up in a sad smile as he cupped your cheek and kissed you on your forehead - lingering there for a minute.

Newt laid down beside you and opened his arms to you. You immediately laid in his arms, trying to be as close as possible to him. When you got comfortable your eyelids started to close and soon you ended up drifting off.

Kissing your temple, Newt brought you closer to his body, trying to steady the continuous shaking of your body. “I’ll keep you safe (Y/n).” he whispered before he too, drifted off.