freaky thursday


Freaky Thursday { October 30, 2014 }

Believe it or not, this was my first ever happy Thursday experience. 

I wasn’t really supposed to go although I’ve told Mio about this event days before. But when Thursday came and they were all, “Tara, Tizz! Sama ka na!” My first few dilemmas were:

  1. I haven’t asked permission yet and
  2. I don’t have a costume!

Nonetheless, their convincing power was strong enough and I actually want to go, just to unwind from the stress the previous weeks gave me + I think I deserve it for doing a great job in my exams so far! And so I tried my best to ask permission from mommy since daddy is still in Washington, and surprisingly, she allowed me to go! She only asked details such as the place, the people I’m going to be with, and what time will I go home. It still feels surreal until now. Haha!

Right after Stat class, I attended my meeting with the other COS elected officers, when to Chai’s condo to change to the black dress NJ lend me (we’re twinning that night, btw!), went to dampa to supposedly eat at Yakimix but the line was long so we ended up eating at a restaurant that serves sea food (told you guys I’m not good with names). By 10 pm, we were on our way to PICC Forum! The party starts at 7 but we’re fashionably late like that lol.

I can’t completely elaborate anymore what happened that night ‘cause I honestly forgot it already! I do remember being seen by some USG officers there! They were all surprised to see me there because as most of people know, I really don’t party and seeing me in a black dress seriously astonished them (in a flattering way hehe). They even said how could I pull off a simple black dress and still look classy and pretty. No, I didn’t get drunk, first of all, I don’t drink. But yes, I danced my whole heart out to the song of the DJs. At around 12 am, some members of the Green Archers arrived. We stayed in front for almost the entire time we were there, and I’m pretty much sure our faces were exposed to so many pictures and videos taken. Now I’m hoping we don’t look that ugly! 

I got home by 3 in the morning and my mom and her friends were still having their own party in our house, which I find really, really funny. After that experience, I’ve come to a conclusion that:

  • You can have fun in a party without drinking, just bring your friends and you’re all good.
  • I can actually dance……… Haha!
  • It’s nice to let loose sometimes. Just make sure to control yourself and don’t overdo it *wink*
  • Socializing is fun!

After that party, my friends and I decided to go to another one this time organized by an org from our school: Vertigo.