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Trying to sing along to a duet song and you try to sing both parts without sounding out of breath

Young Dan's Dream Journal

Since tons of people have been saying that they can’t read Dan’s dream journal I’ve written it out so you all can read it. This took me forever omg, and not all of it is right (jfc Dan your handwriting is terrible) anyway her you go!

Young Dan’s dream journal

MUSIC: alternative funk(scored out) Heavy Metal
FOOD: milkshakes
ACTIVITIES: parties and travel(scored out) concerts
FAVE THING: fortune telling(scored out) drama
Character: mod
Loved to travel, even into space!
He knows where he’s going to cause he can see into the future! That’s why you’ll always find him at the latest party, festival, nightclub… Whatever… Whenever. You name the place and sure enough this party animal will be mooing till dawn.
A funky moo that’s always MAD for it!
This is in no sort of chronological order although newer dreams near the front & old dreams tend to be near the back

Welcome! To Daniel Howell’s Dream Log…diary? Notepad thing
Most of the dreams humans remember are either scary, weird or rarely very good. You’ll probably find their frequency from left to right

Deep ocean adventure
Temple, tomb raider, white door, emerald weapon. EPIC
FF7(?) alt recurring continent
Freaky grey torture lab
1 other place, stone enemies?
People in torture lab only want in after twice.
World map- flying rubbish, riddle, crater, glacier, calm
Woke up there once did some herdling which —– constructed & everyone, all went through, freaky house, explosions
Other, rain, fat coder, doctors, scary, levels up
Causes drawing, drawing about on a timer for something, riding, dangerous
Man seen countryside. People guy in hot air balloon trying to kill me, fleed to pub of cousins on him, big hall, family/ friends/ hide
Read the page noob
Holland hotel running through, lost?
Older people in loft, no family?
Love detention, icy slide, slidy (clear love open) friendly
Dark/deep doing with dad/ family?
Really deep harbour, scared, shark! Murray- lifeless
I think it got tropical at some point
Meadow mansion
Big houses on hills in lower area I’m trespassing

Odyssey all dreaming
Paranormal temple alt, in 3D,
Sligs, land mines, slug?
Industrial sky- dark, yellow, alone
Scrambling, quite shaky, loss of shoes, leaves wall
Platforms, dead friend, rescue
Really young
Dark dark, Sky, yellow bulbs
Reclaiming place on hell, village down hill, house on top, turned, grey concrete, nearby, some kind of old man/evil guy tried to get up hill? Other lads some sort of evil venom victim?
Nearing grandmas house, massive, dark, moody, has secret 5th floor and like 30 rooms, creepy

Scary dreams I remember ages 3-16 (not chronologically ordered)
I was in a dark train station made from black/really dark blue tiles (like the ministry of magic) lots of people are just standing I can’t see them because it is so dark- I’m with nana holding her hand then in an arc of tiles on the roof over the train tracks the head of a demon come out of the wall (much like the ancient temple temple boss in FFVII (a/n: final fantasy seven)) looked kind of like green but all glowing red like an alarm. It rawred and I woke up.
age 3 probably Fantasia related
I can’t draw demons

2 “the gorilla dream”
I was outside- alone ofc no afterlife- *see explanation* nighttime, nightmare sky & music. I saw a black figure moving slightly towards me and on in my house- it was different to my real house it was just a room as I remember I may have enforced through the window- there was no light -only light source being the nightmare sky outside it was plain grey plastered room with 1 table. I hid under the table (cheap school table) and sat hiding then I heard it coming near then all of a sudden popped down upside down under the table and I crapped myself (not physically) and woke up
age 8
I can’t draw gorillas

Explanation =D
Nightmare sky and music
In dreams from about 7-10 (16 in sky) in every other nightmare the sky was a brown mustardy colour you get green in real life so I could tell when it would be a nightmare because an eerie song something like synthetic strings would play (not cheesy or psycho like more slow and painful)
I can’t remember how the song sounds exactly but I can remember how the sky looks
(Scribbled out music stave with notes on it)
Now that we specified this you know for future reference

Epicer- epic dream 2 time order wrong
Military base- invadry-
I have a partner , qui you gun?
Zombies? Gas morphed soldiers outside of window
Launch pressed, have to run away from them through rural town = epic
Market towns- fable?
Links to Satan tunnel & tw Matt
Mountain range fending evil guy/hiding army help & tombs in mountain beach at the bottom

Mountain range leads to at least 3 other dreams
Portal to other dreams

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