freaky prince

Pillow Prince ~Freaky February~ (K.M)

Prompt: Giving Klaus oral.

Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Word Count: 350

Warning: None

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My thoughts on Lotor this season:

He knows he has no where else to turn, so I dont think Lotor’s hypothetical redemption has begun. He’s clearly acting out of his best interest because his father is trying to kill him. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, so to speak. However, do I think his intent at manipulating the others could actually lead to a redemption arc? Yes. But do I think it will be that simple? No.

anonymous asked:

Hi. Can I ask you smth? I haven't read the books but I saw in some fanfics that when Magnus takes seraph blade it turns red. Was something about it in the books?

Yeah, there’s a part where when Magnus picks up Alec’s witchlight, it glows red instead of white, so some have inferred that a Seraph blade might respond to Magnus the same way. It has to do with the fact that Magnus’s father is not just a regular demon but one of the original fallen angels, making Magnus’s blood closer to angel blood than other warlocks.

On the flip side, it can also be interpreted to mean that he has the purest demon blood, as close to the source where all demons sprung from as you can possibly get. I want to see this explored, too, since some demons in canon have implied that his home belongs in underworld and that eventually, he will be drawn to go there, which obviously skeeves Magnus out a bit.

Honestly, I just want to see Mangus interact with demons on the show, like really interact with them, bc his relationship with them is so interesting? He treats them like they’re those shady cousins he never wants to acknowledge but occasionally must call upon because only they can do what he needs to get done. There’s equal amounts of familiarity, annoyance, and sheer disdain towards them every time he summons one and it’s kind of hilarious.

People call musical theater boys pansies but those are some of the hardest motheruckers I know, do not cross them. They gossip and scheme like Machiavellian princes, have freaky weird balance from all those ballet classes and are wicked strong from striking sets, trash talk in iambic pentameter and swear like sailors, lie for a living, have no shame and therefore cannot be blackmailed, can put on their own makeup, know how to project, will try and seduce your significant other regardless of gender, hold their liquor better than Dionysus, and will party all weekend and show up to rehearsal on Monday morning hydrated and off book. Fear theatre boys 2k15.

Match Your Date Of Birth With The Month You Were Born

1-5: Massage
6-10: Flirt With
11-15: Fall In Love With
16-20: Turn Into
21-25: Get Kissed By
26-31: Get Drunk With

January: Anime
February: Natsu
March: A Popstar
April: A Thief
May: Tama
June: Phone
July: A Prince
August: Ikemen
September: Yuriko
October: A God
November: A Butler
December: Internet

1-5: You Die From
6-10: Your Fated To Be With
11-15: A Ghost Steals Your
16-20: You Stole
21-25: Your True Love Is
26-31: Naked With

January: Roberto
February: Video Games
March: Flying Lion
April: Snow Spirit
May: Pair Of Underpants
June: Detective
July: Dinosaur
August: Dui
September: Takuto
October: Kitsune
November: Meteor
December: Toilet

I came up with these after being inspired by a similar post. They are sort of Voltage inspired. …Sorry they are very random and stupid, pfft.