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on the topic of hanzo having big canines: i have really big canines (ppl have asked me if i'm a vampire because of them) and while hanzo being self-conscious about them is unfortunately accurate, it's also very accurate to imagine him getting into a dark space with someone and moving his lower lip so they stick out, making the teeth barely visible and scaring the CRAP out of who he's with because it looks SUPER freaky. source, i did that to a friend once and she screamed.

IM SORRY FOR LAUGHING BUT THATS HILARIOUS!! I can totally see him doing that…such a lil shit. But, just to let you know, I think your teeth are very cool!! Even if people think you’re a vampire haha.

The thing that I don’t think gets brought up enough about discussions of mermaids is that they make a lot more sense if you think of them as sea mammals like seals and dolphins and otters. Or, platypuses.

“Oh, mermaids hair would be all nasty and dried out because that’s how human hair is when they swim in salt water a lot.” or it might be soft and sleek, like the fur of otters and seals.

“They would have weird red bulbous fish eyes. Or human eyes that are all red and swollen because of being in the water so much.” Or maybe big, dark round eyes that look really cute on harp seals but slightly disturbing the longer you look at the mermaid.

I mean, I don’t want to say you can’t design eldrich freaky-looking species of merpeople, I just want the variety. And for the varieties to just make a little sense, even a mythological species that lives in saltwater would not evolve with eyes that can’t handle living in saltwater.

Arachnophobia Headcanons

-An Alpha trying to get their Omega to go to bed with them and being very thrown off when the Omega stubbornly refuses to go. Thinking maybe they’ve done something to upset their mate, the Alpha asks why they refuse, the Omega than mumbles something about how they saw a spider earlier and they are now afraid to go in the bedroom. The Alpha is torn between laughter and fondness as they observe the Omega’s anxious expression…they sleep on the couch together that night, just to make the Omega feel better

-An Alpha returning home from work and realizing that the house reeks of fear and distress so they rush off just to find their Omega crouched on the kitchen counter clutching a frying pan and staring intently at the floor. The Alpha is immediately like, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” and the startled Omega instantly becomes very red faced as they slowly lower the frying pan and sheepishly explain, “I was making lunch and I thought I saw a spider so…” a pause and then, “Lunch…? Its after eight at night.” another pause, “…I really don’t like spiders…” after thoroughly searching the kitchen the Alpha confirms that there are no spiders anywhere and the Omega just feels like an idiot

-An Alpha freaking out over a tiny spider and begging their Omega to kill it for them and the Omega is just, “Why are you scared? Its way smaller than you are.” and the Alpha is like, “Yes most things are. Now, less talk more squish please.” and the Omega just gives a fond eye roll before quickly squishing the unwanted house guest

-A pregnant Omega making their Alpha knock down a spider web for them because they are terrified of spiders…but after it’s down they promptly dissolve into tears because they just destroyed some innocent creatures home and how can they possibly raise a child when they are such cold and cruel people…and the Alpha is left standing next to the fallen web like, “…what just happened here?”

-An Alpha low-key panicking because they saw a spider go behind the couch so they turn to their mate like, “You’re small, crawl back there and kill it pleeeaase!” and the Omega is just, “You think it’s gonna hurt you but you don’t mind sending me near it?” a slight pause, “….yes?” the Omega just stares at the Alpha for a minute before reaching down to remove their shoe, “Alright sure, stay here.”

-An Omega meeting with a potential Alpha and being asked if they thought there was anything the Alpha should know about their expectations right off the bat and the Omega’s expression instantly becomes very serious so the Alpha assumes they are about to hear something really important…only to be thrown off when the words, “You kill the spiders.” are the only thing the Omega says before immediately switching back to their relaxed cheerful state once again and the Alpha is like, “Okayyy then…”

-An Omega spotting a spider in their nest so they have their Alpha take it all apart so it can be put back together somewhere else in the house. The Omega being low-key distressed about having to move it from the very specific and comfortable spot they had originally chosen, but they don’t want to risk more spiders invading their source of comfort…and possibly crawling on them while they sleep…

-An Alpha hiding plastic spiders around the house as a joke, not realizing how badly it would scare their mate, and instantly regretting it when the Omega panics and then gives them the silent treatment for two weeks after realizing the spiders were fake

-An Omega being afraid of a little baby spider and their Alpha laughing their head off about it until the Omega is just pouting like, “You’re the Alpha, stop laughing and act all concerned and protective dammit! Stick to the fucking stereotypes for once!”

-An Alpha choosing to watch Spiderman on one of their first movie dates with an Omega, not knowing the Omega is beyond terrified of spiders and being very confused when the Omega ends up practically in their lap, clutching the Alpha’s shirt in their hands and ducking their head against the Alpha’s chest when they get scared. The Alpha embracing the situation and just thinking, “Oh I guess I don’t need to try the horror movie thing after all, Spiderman is just as effective apparently.”

Benedict - Bic pen on Strathmore Bristol smooth, 16-18 hours. Ref pic this lovely edit by cumberbum… thank you. open in new tab. [my art tag]

Cuphead: Baroness Von Bonbon

Oh boy! A game that rewards (???) the player with puns during boss battles! I must fan-art this!

I love how relentlessly 3d the designs in Cuphead are. They might still look good keeping the same forms while adding different painting or rendering styles. She started looking freaky in a different way when I plopped those pixar-y eyeballs in!

Who should be painted in this style next?

The more I look at them the more I realize how…pretty? majestic some primates are. I think my brain just sort of defaults monkeys and apes as being “ugly” visually dull looking when many of them look freaky as hell in the best ways possible