freaky friday

Freaky Friday: Part 4

Sirius: … Wow.

Remus: *shrugs casually* Naw… I just REALLY wanted to see you in this shit.

Severus: *snarls* What do you want, Black?

Remus: *turns dramatically to face Severus, raising his voice* I want YOU Severus Snape! 


Remus: *loudly… unnecessarily so* I want you to take me right now.…. right over this table! 

Severus: *horrified* You… you want… what the fuck!?

Severus: *shrilly* F-Fuck off Black, you… you freak of nature! *storms away, looking thoroughly traumatized while passerby gape*

Remus: SEVERUS, DON’T GO!!! 

Sirius: *gapes* WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. BLOODY. HELL!?!?

Sirius: *shakes head in disbelief* Well… it’s a good thing - shut up James - It’s a good thing I have the antidote then isn’t it? Another day and you’d ruin me for life.

Sirius: *grins* Irrelevant. Now… Before any more public-love-confessions are made… 

To Be Continued

Candy Hearts || Bucky x Reader

Summary → A year of silently pinning over your best friend and neighbor Bucky Barnes ends happier than expected when you spend Valentine’s Day together.

Word Count → 2.9K (I’m a wordy bitch, okay?)

Warnings → Cursing, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap your willy!). Fluff? Definitely fluff.

A/N → Happy #FreakyFriday y’all! I apologize for the delay, but I had an unplanned twelve hour work shift today. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d try my hand at fluffy smut (it’s a first for me - so go easy on this fic). Other than that, enjoy!

A nervous giggle flew from your lips as you twirled on your toes to face the full-length mirror hung over the back of your bedroom door. Your usual untamed knot of hair had been brushed and curled into effortless beach waves that cascaded down your shoulders and back. You wore nothing but Bucky’s trademark, burgundy Henley, which you’d confiscated the last time you’d done laundry together. It hung loosely over your frame, hitting mid-thigh and creating an innocently sexy, ‘girl next door’ type of vibe. You undid the first few buttons of the V-neck, to show off just the right amount of cleavage. You opted for some mascara and pink chapstick, making your lips appear fuller. Thoroughly satisfied with your appearance, you exited your room and tiptoed excitedly down the hall.

Over the past eighteen months, as your friendship with Bucky had grown closer, the both of you had developed several traditions. Every Sunday you’d get together for pasta, you’d lift weights with each other three times a week, and Tuesday nights were spent on Bucky’s couch with abundant amounts of junk food while binge watching television shows. Unless there was a particularly lengthy mission for the team or some other out of the ordinary incident, neither of you ever bailed on your plans. And tonight, Valentine’s Day, was not about to be any different. You had been secretly ecstatic when Bucky double-checked you’d still be getting together for takeout and Netflix, despite the holiday.

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Freaky Friday: Part 2

Remus: *chokes* W-WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?

Remus: *gapes* NO! You don’t look good… because you are me. That is ME, Sirius!!! That is me covered in… MERLIN SIRIUS, those tattoos are horrible! 

Sirius: *shrugs* I’ve been trying to get you to spice up your look for ages… *smirks* Perfect opportunity amiright? 

Remus: I look stupid. 

Sirius: Correction. I… you… we look fantastic. 

Sirius: Your skin is soft. 

Remus: *looks up and freezes* 

Sirius: *grins and lets his hand drop* Well, if you’ll excuse you… you’ve got some “stuff” to attend to. 

Remus: … W-what stuff? Sirius? What stuff!? 

*Sirius struts from the room, leaving several pairs of eyes trailing after him* 

Mary: *looks like she’s going to have an aneurism* Is it just me… or is Remus… like… really… *sweats* … confident… lately? 

James: *snorts from his position in the corner* 

To Be Continued

Freaky Friday: Part 1

Sirius: Oh c’mon… is it THAT bad being me?

Remus: … I’ve had three people try and punch me in the face in the last two hours.  

Sirius: … Good point.

Remus: This is your fault y’know. If you hadn’t messed up that goddam potion-

Sirius: *smirks* Throw some flannel in there… change things up a little. 

Remus: … Shit.

To Be Continued

Freaky Friday: Part 3

Sirius: Hey there… *grins* Pads. 

Remus: *drags Sirius into an empty room* 

Sirius: *glances down at the bandage taped to his side*

Remus: God-damn-hair-

Remus: Me running around starkers is not-

Sirius: Correction… “scantily clad”. 

Remus: *snarls* Me running around “scantily clad” is not being inconspicuous Sirius! 

Sirius: Hey, if you keep calling me that, then we’re definitely going to run into trouble.

Remus: … You’re getting such a kick out of this you asshole.

Sirius: C’mon Moons… live a little. 

Remus: *grits teeth*

Remus: You’ve just found yourself in some quicksand… and you’re sinking fast.

Sirius: Almost as much as I love terrible metaphors. 

Remus: *leans forward slowly* *jabs finger into Sirius’s chest* I swear to all the Gods I can think of… By the time I’m through with you-

Remus: Beast is an understatement… You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into Black. 

Sirius: *grin falters slightly at the look on Remus’s face* 

To Be Continued