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 For Ash’s 3rd Negan Writing Challenge: 

prompts: skinny dipping and Demon Negan

Author’s Note: I really like the idea of Demon Negan being an Incubus so I wrote it as such. Also, weirdly enough as I was writing this I just couldn’t see Demon Negan cussing all the time like Negan normally does. I know that’s a big part of his character but it just didn’t seem natural for me in this scenario. So if that’s a deal breaker for you, then this isn’t for you. It gets dark so if that’s not your cup of tea just move along my sweet angel faces. I promise I’ll write something fluffy for you soon. So happy to finally get back to writing tho! As always feel free to leave comments or critiques and enjoy my lovely people!

Synopsis: A woman skinny dipping alone gets an unexpected observer with an insatiable appetite

Contains: sexual content, cunnilingus, demon seduction, demon trance, noncon/con elements


Once more you dive under the surface, relishing the feeling of the cool water sliding over your bare skin. Even after all these years, you still felt like a mermaid. A beautiful water nymph with a secret spot all of her own. About a half a mile up the trail was your family’s cabin. Ever since you were small, you would go stay in that cabin every summer with your parents and siblings. Hiking, swimming, fishing, and just making fond memories really. The year you turned thirteen, you stumbled across a small private cove on the far side of the lake. Surrounded by over looking trees, and far away from other roads and campsites. You would shed all of your clothes and dive into the water. It was like your own naughty little secret. Over the years, it became more of a relaxing habit. You would sneak away just as the sun would peek over the horizon and go for a swim. It was a wonderful way to get some alone time and it always had such a calming effect on you. You always felt safe and never fearful of your rather vulnerable position. This time was no different. Except it wasn’t your family coming to stay in the cabin with you, but your close friends and soon to be husband. Your parents had opted to travel to Greece this year since, as they put it, “all the kids have left the nest” and left the keys to the cabin with you. You certainly couldn’t blame them. 

After a moment, you resurface and pull your long hair over your shoulder to squeeze the water out. You couldn’t stay much longer. The others would be arriving at the cabin in a few hours and you still needed to go tidy up. 

“Well, well what do we have here?” sounded a deep Southern voice coming from the shore. 

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JDM Birthday Celebration!

Hi Dolls! I apologize for being under the radar for so long, but it’s been a busy couple of months. This hiatus until October is going to be a long and winding road and I know we will need some smut fests to keep us occupied. As I plan and plot for our next full smut week, what would y'all think of a JDM B Day bash? JDM turns 51 on April 22nd. So in honor of that, let’s have a smutty weekend filled with one shots about ahem, blowing out the birthday candles and licking off the frosting. Short and sweet! Extra points for word counts with multiples of 51! (510 words, as an example) We’ll make Negan’s unofficial birthday the same day, how about it? Tags to use: #HappyBDayJDM #Negansmutweekend #NegansBday #negan’s thirst squad and of course, tag @negans-network and @negansmutweek

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heroes of olympus moodboards: nico di angelo

“Then there was Nico di Angelo. Dang, that kid gave Leo the freaky-deakies. He sat back in his leather aviator jacket, his black T-shirt and jeans, that wicked silver skull ring on his finger, and the Stygian sword at his side. His tufts of black hair struck up in curls like baby bat wings. His eyes were sad and kind of empty, as if he’d stared into the depths of Tartarus—which he had.” 

Well Hello There

Hello Darlings! It’s been a while… I hope everyone is having a super sexy hiatus… 

I think we might be overdue for a smut week or weekend??? 

What do y’all think? 

I’m thinking perhaps mid-July ish… Does that give everyone enough time to prepare their minds, bodies and word documents? 

Let me know… 

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An extended version of Jacob Pitts reading Freaky Deaky, from the special feature In Elmore’s Words, from the bonus disc of the Justified Collector’s boxset.

Oowee BB freaky deaky think me see she pink bikini rock that poofy da-dashiki Nefertiti edges kinky sweatin’ out my blowout sweatin’ out my press THIS trick about to go off mad ‘cause I’m so fresh