freaky deaky


An extended version of Jacob Pitts reading Freaky Deaky, from the special feature In Elmore’s Words, from the bonus disc of the Justified Collector’s boxset.

Do you guys need to trip out on a Friday afternoon? Let the ocean take you there!

(All images: Oliver Meckes/SPL)

It really takes all kinds. Thank goodness there are people like German underwater photographer Oliver Menckes, who took blue lights down to the bottom of the ocean and snapped some crazy fluorescent photographs. We are all the better for it (and hopefully the lights don’t disturb our ocean friends!).

From New Scientist: 

By bringing down his own intense source of blue light, Meckes can make the marine animals and plants fluoresce much more brightly than usual, enabling him to capture these amazing shots. He calls the procedure “fluo-diving”.

In coral, the fluorescent colours are caused by proteins that are produced by the organism and by algae that live within it symbiotically. One theory is that the absorbent proteins serve as a kind of sunscreen, shielding the coral from more harmful wavelengths of sunlight that penetrate the depths. Another is that they offer camouflage against predators. But whatever the reason, Meckes says that they turn the sea floor into an underwater rainbow.


Freaky Deaky 2015 by Ian Netter
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Mac Miller