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JDM Birthday Celebration!

Hi Dolls! I apologize for being under the radar for so long, but it’s been a busy couple of months. This hiatus until October is going to be a long and winding road and I know we will need some smut fests to keep us occupied. As I plan and plot for our next full smut week, what would y'all think of a JDM B Day bash? JDM turns 51 on April 22nd. So in honor of that, let’s have a smutty weekend filled with one shots about ahem, blowing out the birthday candles and licking off the frosting. Short and sweet! Extra points for word counts with multiples of 51! (510 words, as an example) We’ll make Negan’s unofficial birthday the same day, how about it? Tags to use: #HappyBDayJDM #Negansmutweekend #NegansBday #negan’s thirst squad and of course, tag @negans-network and @negansmutweek

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An extended version of Jacob Pitts reading Freaky Deaky, from the special feature In Elmore’s Words, from the bonus disc of the Justified Collector’s boxset.

Before I share my fanfic with you, I just wanna say that IRL I’m a nice person. I tend not to swear. I help people carry things. I help stack chairs after meetings. I try not to be a bully. I’m quiet and reserved. I was sent to Sunday school every week from birth onwards. So please don’t judge me by my fanfics. I’m a good person… but some real freaky-deaky stuff flows out of my fingers, through my keyboard, and into my fanfic accounts

Negan groaned in torment as he stroked his length slowly. “Keep still little one, Daddy wants to shower you.” he growled, his face so close, she felt the breath of his words against her lips. “What do you want? He kissed her ear, grinning knowingly before he tensed and released a huff of breath against her neck. “Fuck”! Hot splatter hit her skin, slithered inside her wide-open pussy and ran down her ass, another load of his cum filled her mouth, then he grabbed her hair and yanked her head up. “Open your slutty mouth, princess.”

[[ Why does Colress [ @truthfullyidealcarry around mistletoe? Let’s find out. ]]

Quite proud of herself for gifting him the flowers and not getting too worked up about it, she was ready go about her day when he brought out a sprig of mistletoe. He knew it was April, right?

“Wh– what are you doing with THAT? Do you just, CARRY around mistletoe?!”