TDBM Drabble - Jean & Auntie Dot - 300 Words Exactly

So this is after Auntie Dorothy requested that Mrs Beazley drive her home from the Colonists Club.  I wondered what could have happened during the car ride because Auntie Dot was too drunk to drive but not too drunk to talk.

Jean looked into the passenger seat as the car slowly rolled to a stop.  Sitting beside her in a semi-drunken stupor was Lucien’s Auntie Dorothy.  Reaching over, Jean gave her shoulder a little shake to rouse her.
“Mrs. Lucas.  You’re home now.  Let’s get you out of the car.”
Dorothy gave a loud snort.  “Why so formal, Jean?  You said it yourself.  We’re going to be family.”
Jean gave Dorothy a puzzled look.  “Alright then.  Well you’re home.”
Ignoring Jean’s prompt, Dorothy continued to ramble on.
“And since we’re not being formal, there is something I would like to discuss with you.  I am not stupid.  I’ve heard the gossip about you and my nephew living in that house together.  And honestly, I always believed it was true.”
“Dorothy…,” gasped Jean.
“No, no,” soothed Dorothy, “No need for excitement.  That was then.  I see that wasn’t the case.  I want to give you a little advice.”
Jean stared in disbelief, Dorothy proceeded on.
“Blakes are very passionate and given to excess.  I’m sure you’re aware of this. You’ve know Lucien long enough.  God, I thought I was drunk enough.” Dorothy took a strong swig from a flask she took from her purse.
“So where was I.  Yes, Blakes are very, very passionate.  When I met Mr. Lucas, we never made it to the wedding, which was my fault.  There was just too much temptation. I’m sure Lucien is full of pent-up energy and there will be many demands made upon you, so I took the liberty of purchasing this for you when the gypsies were in town.”
With that, she took a bottle out of her purse and shoved it into Jean’s hand.  
“Take three drops every night starting on your honeymoon night.  No questions, please.  Now, take me inside.”


When the new fresh drama[tm] hits the fandom of the thing you enjoy and now the thing itself is proclaimed irredeemably bad, but you dont care because your enjoyment of the thing is in no way connected to what other people in-fandom do.

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Sammy “not very popular with the cool kids” Lawrence


Not much is known about the creators of our world. Were they humans given the tree of life by the Gods, were they the Gods themselves, or maybe something not quite we can begin to fathom.

The youngest three each found their calling quickly. 

The first one was given the gift of creating magnificent things from death itself, drawing magic from blood. It is believed by many he may have been channeling the Blood God themselves at times.
The second turned to the Sun, and was said to be a deity who the Star itself has given birth to. He channeled the powerful rays of the life star in to energy to give power and warmth to us all.
The third wandered without a calling for some time, until nature beckoned him. Soon, he discovered that his talent lied in the mystical art of Botanica, with which he created wonders we can’t even begin to comprehend.

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Here it is, a thing I’ve worked on for a while, what I like to call the Gods and Monsters AU.

I was going to wait until I had the Gents finished, but unfortunately, life happened and they were on standby for quite a while, and I don’t want these bad boys to wait any longer.

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