I started this immediately after “I am my mom”, before the Wanted special aired.

The idea was that Connie, desperate to somehow get Steven back, convinced the gems to take her to where the Palanquin was; where she waited, hoped, that maybe one of the Diamonds would come back.

She didn’t know what she would have done if they actually did come back, but she knew she had to do something. 

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10 interesting Charles Manson facts

1. Charles Manson deemed Scientology “too crazy” after taking 150 hours of a Scientology course.

2. Manson banned books,wristwatches, calendars and even glasses at Spahn ranch. He believed glasses made you look at the world other than how you were supposed to. 

3. While a lot of people categorize Manson as a serial killer he never actually killed anyone. He was only charged with conspiracy to commit murder. 

4. There were more planned murders after the Tate-La Bianca murders. Some future victims were Tom Jones, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Richard Burton, and Steve McQueen. 

5. Manson receives more mail than any other inmate in history. He is thought to receive 60,000 letter a year. 

6. Manson learned how to influence and manipulate people from famous writer Dale Carnegie. 

7. Alvin Karpis, the brains behind the “Ma Barker” gang, taught Manson how to play guitar whilst they were in prison together. 

8. Manson was raised in Kentucky and West Virginia. He didn’t move to California until he was 32. 

9. He was good friends with Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys. Dennis even encouraged Charlie to pursue a contract with a music producer. 

10. While Manson is known for being a fan of The Beatles, especially their song Helter Skelter, he preferred Bing Crosby overall.