Lol okay so there’s this character in a series and her mom was from a old family of assassins and her dad married into that line but we didn’t know for a bunch of books that he was part of like this crazy badass group of scholars that set down foundations for centuries but apparently no one knows about until like the ninth book. Anyway, her family was super abusive but they had their reasons and fucked her up from childhood on and she grew up to go on and kill with this religious code from the assassin family. She would pretty much murder people for the crime of existing as the books went on until maybe the eighth book or so but she was justified because what if they made more monsters? She had to protect her little sister and no one else for years and in like the fourth book she lied to her little sister and made a deal to save her and died but then she came back to life with even MORE angst and pain. And THEN it turned out in the fifth book that her family was from a long line of people who had the ability to see in the past and future and change time and she was the destined one to decide if the world lives or dies based on her relationship with her sister and some random brother that just showed up out of nowhere for no reason except to give her further pain that was supposed to have died like, a long time ago but came back from the dead. Her brother just kind of fucked things up and left and then her and her sister saved the world and everyone was supposed to be happy but things went south again because this hyper-religious family kind of cult started getting involved in their things when they were supposed to leave them alone and the girl like did a lot of bad things that were totally justified because she had her reasons and now she has turned super bad in this newest book but that’s okay because her straight female friend hugged her and saved her from this corrupt illness that was taking over her mind and making her kill people.

I just described Dean Winchester as a female in book format.

Who here thought he was a Mary Sue?