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Pire: “Where’s the fun if you go easy on me? Plus it’ll only make me stronger. Then I’ll meet you at Booyah Base around 8 tonight. See you there.”

Adami: “8PM tonight would be perfect. I’ll see you till then.”


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Lemon will go ;3c

Tulio: “Oh another lovely squid~ Care for a special date to a special spot~?”

You wake up, head pounding. But how would it not be? After all, that Stranger Things themed halloween party was truly the best Halloween party Rosewood had thrown yet and they’d thrown some killer parties to celebrate the spookiest day of the year. You rub your head, calling your roommate’s name in hopes they have some cure for what is surely a hangover. You walk by your full length mirror as you do everyday without second glance… until today. You take a step back and find that you’re not… you. You know what you look like and this is not it. What do you do? Do you scream? Do you pass out? Before you decide on any of those options, your roommate joins you and they definitely don’t look like they once did. What is going on?

Not only have you switched bodies, so has everyone and everything in Rosewood. And what’s insane? The day has remained the same. Once again, you are expected to go to the same classes before the long weekend, you get the same meal in the cafeteria and well, you get to go back to Katz for the Halloween event that you’d enjoyed so much last night. The Stranger Things party. Maybe, just maybe you managed to find Rosewood’s version of the upside down? And if you had… you definitely have to find it again, cause this is all just weird.

A truly Freaky weekend.


  • This event will run from 8PM EST on Thursday, October 27th to 12AM EST on Tuesday, November 1st.
  • This event doesn’t require bios or anything of the sort, as your character is still who they are. In every way. They know that they’ve switched bodies, but who wants to be the town crazy screaming about bodysnatchers? Unless that’s what your character wants to be. If not, simply let your character enjoy their day as they usually would. 
  • Post your new faceclaim for the weekend in our ooc blog, just so everyone knows that that faceclaim is now taken.
  • Given this serves as this years Halloween event, feel free to post their costumes to the #chwhalloween tag starting tomorrow.
  • And as always, I hope you all enjoy yourself and have fun with the ridiculousness that will come from this event.

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I absolutely adore the way you draw Coran's eyes. Like I honestly cannot get enough.

me too dude

never get tired of em

✨✨✨✨👀👀👀 ✨✨✨✨