Lookin forward to rocking the next CORE this Wednesday! I will be premiering some brand new tracks. Playing a 4 hr set of #clubmusic and core #edm 🙏👻🎃 If you’re a fan of Eats Everything, he’ll be next door in @neumos_ as part of @uscevents #freakweek so come in for a drink n dance between acts and after the show! (at Moe Bar)


Centennial House had a pumpkin carving party today. Mine turned out…let’s go with messy, and it’s got a lot of toothpicks in it xD But very fun regardless, and I finally got to see inside the house! 

Ah, it’s gorgeous. I honestly wish I had applied for it last year. Ah well, live and learn.

Can’t wait for the travelling circus on tuesday!