finally i sold my trek fast track 470 frame. and replace with this kagero,

1 month ago is make me headace, arrange a marriage and make all perfect its not a easy way. but my wife she helped alot things actually she do all the arrangement and settle everything in jakarta.thanks sayang.

back to jakarta and do all the marriage activity and yess 09 oct 2011 finally get married.

2 days after that my wife ask me, so what frame that you want ? WOW thats a nice question to ask to a new husband LOL. and a scream KAGEROO i want KAGEROO and then we go to rockets company to buy this damn S size kagero.

i can wait back to batam and build this kagero, few of the parts ive already buy it all in batam from sold my previous trek,and after back to batam here is the result

if you see its kinda similiar with mas agung mash. bontranger camino laced with chub hubs, 48T SRAM omnium combine with MKS sylvan eightinch Clip and ALLCITY doublestraps, 17T eightinch cog and eightinch lockring, combine with ybn halflink but ive already change it with DID JIS stam japan damn that YBN is so noisy yeah cheap parts make your bike looks like a cheap bike noisy and annoying, unbranded front wheels laced with bontranger hubs, FSA 70mm Stem, THOMPSON elite, FSA headset that ive got from the kagero box and NITTO b123AA 38mm oversize track bar but i still want to upgrade with dropbar and bartape.

enjoy the pic