freaks twins


lestwinsoff#truelove 😍😂😜😄
This is what a brother’s here for
#lestwinsoff #lestwinsclique 

I love them so much lol ☺

Chilling at the Mystery Spot with my soulmate Madi.  We LOVE Santa Cruz..Quirky, creative, open minded and loving:) Just like us. We hug each other every hour it seems. I can’t help it she is so cuuuuuute! Love you MADS! They call us Curly and Freckles! (This is our new band name I swear)  I am so blessed that our paths crossed again. LA to the Bay!  Future professors are coming… :)


It’s blueberry and bubblegum! The cranky twins take the Reddit 50/50 challenge together, with varied results.

A lot of people seemed to like my last edits of Ethan, so I decided to do a bit more this time. 100% inspired by @protectmark‘s septic twins edits.

Also, @markired, figured I’d tag you again since you liked the other ones ^^