freaks and geeks theme

anonymous asked:

If each member of exo had a theme song, what would they be? (And you can only choose songs from intros of tv shows!)

The last part made it so much harder! Okay let’s gooo

Yixing - Remember my name (Fame)
Suho - I’ll be there for you (Friends)
Jongin - Care Bears theme song
Kyungsoo - I don’t give a damn about my reputation (Freaks and geeks)
Chanyeol - Pokémon theme song
Baekhyun - Timon and Pumbaa theme song
Xiumin - Arthur theme song
Jongdae - Happy days theme song
Sehun - Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song

another doodle from my FMA 2003 marathon adventure. COS may have had its flaws but damn was it a really good movie


Best Opening Credits of a TV programme:Freaks and Geeks