freaks squeele

ombre o sombra en español es mi personaje favorito de este comic frances  por varias razones:

1.- es buen tipo, gentil y amable

2.- es feroz y poderoso cuando se lo propone

3.- se ve ridiculamente genial un lobo grunge-ronin

4.- mi personaje favorita (valkyria) babea por el

5.- fue el primero con el que me identifique, luce intimidante y peligroso pero es buena persona, eso es algo que conozco muy bien.

So I finally broke down and commissioned the fantastic choco-minto for a picture of the galaxy’s two biggest dorks, Ripley Shepard and Garrus Vakarian, and oh my god it’s so damn cute im going to die.

I absolutely love every single thing about this. I mean really, just look at these stupid dweebs with their little winks and little hands, being all awkward and perfect while they compare kill-counts and slyly argue over who got the most headshots and just stand there looking so damn cute and omg it’s just so perfect I love it okay.

I have been tagged by @decayingliberty ! <3

Rules: Tell us ten favourite characters from ten different shows and tag ten people!
Let’s say that comic books and novels count as shows, shall we

1. Xiong Mao from Freak’s Squeele

2. Evangelyne from Wakfu

3. Nävis from Sillage

4. Shikamaru from Naruto

5. Hermione from Harry Potter

6. Cilia from Marlysa

7. Isa from Les Passagers du Vent

8. Emilia in Yoko Tsuno

9. Seth from Trinity Blood

10. Dr Tenma from Monster

And a special place for Lag from Letter Bee whom I just thought of.
This was so hard !! I’m not the one to get favourite, usually I just love everyone !
So I guess I have something for heroes and strong women  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ll tag @neonombreidiot @tvshowswillruinmylife @cakemonster95 (you keep liking everything minutes after I post them, I’m really curious about you ^^) @iloveyoumorethantacos @mizgrownnonsense and my new mutuals @frankensteindoll @cantankerouskittenzzzz @nationchild @yarn-dino-eating-potatoes @ouibeastie


Oh my gawd….. This is all I’ve ever wanted, a sincere smile from this precious boy😭 *happy tears*

roquereptil  asked:

speaking about monster. do you remember a french comic you used to reblog about. it was about a were wolf, a demon girl and a regular girl with awesome swords skills that was the heir to an mafia empire (not sure if it was the yakuza) and they all go to the same school for heroes.

Yes, it’s called “Freaks: SQUEELE” by Florent Madoux!  I absolutely love it and I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with him a few times, he’s a really cool guy.  I’m so sad I missed Angouleme again this year and wasn’t able to catch up and buy his latest books.  I’m so behind now!

I miss all the characters, especially Chance and Val and Lynn. I wanna know what happened with all that queerbaiting… DID LYNN FINALLY CONFESS HER LOVE OR NOT I NEED TO KNOW