EXO's reaction to you hitting them in your sleep

Xiumin: -couldn’t get any sleep cause he was too busy defending himself-

Luhan:*wakes up bleeding* “What the hell happened last night?”

Kris: “Endure it Kris….you love her….a lot….apparently.” *silently comforts himself*

Suho: “I’m buying a new bed first thing in the morning.”

Lay: *still fast asleep*

Baekhyun: *falls to the floor* “Well then……”

Chen: “Why do I still love you?”

Chanyeol: *sits in corner and proceeds to rethink his life*

D.O.: *ties your arms & legs to the bed* “SHHHHH IT"S ALL GONNA BE OKAY.”

Tao: “I’M NEVER SLEEPING WITH YOU AGAIN.” *goes to Suho mama*

Kai: *goes sleep with his pets*

Sehun: *pushes you off the bed* “You sleeping on the floor from now on.”

idk if youve ever gone cable skiing (where you kneel or stand on a board and hold onto a rope attached to the cable and when its ur turn your rope gets pulled adn you get FLUNG so hard into the water and have to try stay on t he board for as long as u can) but let me tell you it was one of the most stressful times of my life ok so i did like 5 laps on school camp (and everyone else hadn’t even been able to do one lap yet) and my arms were so sore so at the end i just gave up and let go and tried to let my board take me to the side of the fucking lake thing but i kinda stacked it and fell off straight away and i fell straight into like 20 METRES OF SEAWEED and i had to swim through gross seaweed touching me all over for like so long anyway i was swimming past the rest of my group of kids who were waiting at the dock for their turn and they just casually said ‘wow theres a massive eel right next to you look’ and i look left and see this fucking MASSIVE GREY EEL NEXT TO ME and i couldnt get out of the fucking water because i was swimming next to the wooden decking that everyone was standing on and there was like 10 metres to go and everyone was looking and watching this massive eel next to me and then we lost sight of it and the instructor lady was like 'yeah if you’re scared of eels probably try not to fall off next to the deck because the eels love it under there’ so i was fucking FREaKNIG the fuck out swimming next to a pitch black area of water under the deck probably spammed with eels and there was seaweed touching every inch of my skin and then i had to pull myself up this mossy ladder fully shaking and freaking the F out but i had to act cool because i’d just started at that school and only known everyone for like 5 weeks so i had to act as if i wasn’t swimming in pitch black water with eels and slimy seaweed for the past 2 minutes and it was the scariest moment of my life but i did more laps than anyone so fuck them and FUCK the eels