My neck hurts after doing this for 2 hours
The background was a bitch to do since I’m still new to painting in photoshop.

Finally a Reaver picture I can be proud of!
I got is outfit a bit wrong (again) but I still find this lovely :}

Fable 2 Reaver finally instead of Fable 3 Reaver who I draw constantly.
I have a more sunset like version of this I’m gonna post as well :}

Reaver © lionhead studios
art © me

It’s been forever like years since I last drew Zeth’s mom Zoe Withman. She’s the Time Reapress ( and Grim Reaper’s adoptive daughter) and has Sir Minus  as her Butler (Servant). Also she runs one of Silent’s Richest boarding school’s that her son attends (without Lord Rubin knowing who she’s really kin to) Art and character’s © me

Possibly a new character for my webcomic for the magic side of Silent and Voodoo’s companion. (Voodoo loves cats) I dunno.
His design looks somewhat familiar but I digress since I have no idea. *scratches head*

Art and Buttons © me

Magic side needs MAJOR character and prop development badly. Stupid non magic side with it’s steam punk elements are so addicting to draw though. :/