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HI JUST DROPPING BY TO SAY YOUR STYLE IS FOOGIN ADORABLE I FEEL SO BLESSED LOOKING AT THEMS BNHA KIDS <3 also ur bakudeku is amazing and fox(?) katsuki is the legit the best thing i’ve seen ever. HAVE A NICE WEEK!!! (sorry for the strangely aggressive ask i just suddenly felt a need to show my love for ur blog)

AHHHH! thank you! your so freaking sweet. just reading this motivates me to keep drawing! thank you so much! i hope you have a great week as well!

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cris actually reading and replying to people’s comments, cristiano being fascinated about the whole concept of a live stream and saying they need to do it again, cris not knowing how to do a heart shape with his hands and asking ricky if that’s how it’s done, cris speaking in portuguese, english and spanish all in one sentence, cris stripping and pointing to his cr7 underwear because u shall never pass on a opportunity for promotion, cris replying to miguel’s comments saying that he’s only commenting because he wants to show up, cris saying ricky is like his bodyguard only he’s very small to which ricky reponded with “palhaço” (clown) and cris mocked him for it, cris being overwhelmed by all the places his fans are from, cris seeing hateful comments and thanking his haters because he wouldn’t be where he is if it wasn’t for them shfjashjfshfsjh but then making sure he tells his fans THEY are the most important and the reason he’s so strong-minded, cris apologizing for his english but doing his absolute best to “communicate” in it with his fans, cris touching his heart when a fan from Madeira sent him a hug, cris saying junior is still in school, cris fucking diving into a pool after stripping down for the whole internet to watch, cris thanking his fans in 3 different languages to make sure everyone understands the message, cris being cris……….. me crying……………………… my week is made


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I felt like she needs more love. Because based on the sketches from earlier, she really is one hell of an artist.


Rea quickly apologizes to the young lady for breaking down into tears. She was very moved by her uplifting words of kindness.

Imagine Sport being asked by the kids if he loves Robbie and Sport gets really shy and starts to blush and he wants to say, “yes, I love Robbie so much!” but Sport is too nervous!! So, Sport just crosses his arms and nods slowly as he gives an adorable shy smile to the kids

FINALLY. Ten thoughts about IT

10. Richie’s dick jokes are often and always necessary.

9. Updating to the 80’s was a genius choice.

8. The creatures are my new love. The headless boy. Undead Georgie. The leper. Giga-Pennywise. And Judith, dear sweet bleeding Christ.

7. I’m going to blaspheme: Skarsgard is the better Pennywise, if only because he was given more to work with and better effects.

6. The interactions between Bev and Ben are so freaking sweet.


4. Somehow the new Henry Bowers is even more grating than his predecessor. This is not a bad thing.

3. The fear feels real in the Losers’ Club, and so does the love.

2. I love the dance. I am not ashamed.

1. Richie: “You punched me, made me walk through shitty water, dragged me through a crackhouse, and now…” *Casually draws baseball bat* “…I’m gonna have to kill this fucking clown.” HEART. EYES.

Ms. Sunshine

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Request: “could u maybe do a sweet pea thing where they meet at the street race and reader is a northsider. she introduces herself to him and toni because she knows theyre jughead’s friends and shes really positive and friendly even when sweet pea gives off a rude attitude but soon hes just really attracted to her because ‘how can a person be so hopeful at a time like this??!!’ and so he asks her out?”

A/N: Kinda a long on. If there are any mistakes let me know, I love feedback.  Requests are still open! 

Being friends with Jughead hasn’t been the easiest thing lately but being his best friend you had to support him. And with all the negativity surrounding riverdale you needed somewhere to put your positive energy. With Archie and Betty not having Jughead’s back or trying to understand why he was joining the serpents, someone had to support him. So when word got around that he had challenged the Ghoulies to a street race, you knew you’d be there.

When you arrived, you were surprised to see the northsiders and the serpents in such sort distance of each other.  But you couldn’t deny that it was a nice sight to see even if it wasn’t going to last for long.

You looked around trying to see where to stand. Finally seeing Kevin, Reggie and Cheryl standing by Archie’s truck, you walked over there.

“Well hey there pretty lady, I was wondering when Jug’s second girlfriend was gonna show up. Or should I say first because ya know Betty isn’t really first.” Reggie commented to you before taking a sip out of his red solo cup.

You rolled your eyes. “Just friends Reggie, don’t be jealous. Give me a lift?” He put his cup down before grabbing your waist and sitting you on the hood of the truck. The whole time you had felt eyes on you though. Looking around you saw it was serpent eyes, specially coming from the group of people you had seen Jughead with on the Southside.

“What’s with the snake eyes?” Cheryl asked you as she climbed up next to you. “I have no clue but I think they are Jug’s serpents friends.”

“Not the kind of drag race I ever imagined myself going to but at least the guys are hot.” Kevin added making Cheryl and you laugh.

You noticed Betty go up to Jughead and got worried as to what nonsense Betty could be putting into his head so you got down from the truck and went to talk to him after her.

When you reached Jug, she was walking away and slightly smiled passing by you. “What was that about?” You asked him. “Nothing important really. Just trying to tell me she never stopped loving me.” He shrugged his shoulders while his eyes went to the ground kicking the dirt. You reached out and grabbed his arm trying to comfort him.

“To be honest Jug, I don’t think she did. But that isn’t what is important right now. So remember don’t ride the clutch or let it slip between shifts.” You informed him.

He chuckled, “Betty just told me the same thing.” You smiled and wrapped your arms around him. “Please be careful. I need my best friend. Knock em dead.”

You turned and walked away from him not wanting to watch him get in the car or you would’ve dragged him out of it. Just because you supported him didn’t mean you wanted him to do this or that you liked it.

“Let’s do this!” Tall Boy yelled.

Jughead and the Ghoulie had moved their cars in to the street and were getting ready to start. As they started to talk about where they were going, you made you way over to the serpent side. You finally wanted to introduce yourself to Jughead’s Southside friends.

The Northside and Southside all watched you as you made your way over to who you believed was Toni, Sweet Pea and Fangs.

Reaching them, you stuck out your hand, “Hi I’m y/n, Jug’s best friend and I thought it was finally time we met and stopped just awkwardly passing by each other at Jughead’s place.” Realizing no one was going to shake you put it down.

“I am Toni but ah I gotta go start the race.” She walked away and everyones eyes immediately followed her until Cheryl walked up and told her that she was starting it.

Everything came to a holt as the engines started. Cheryl gave the cue for them to go and they took off.

“I’m Fangs.” He reached out of his hand to  yours. “I don’t really like Northsiders but Jughead has told us some pretty amazing shit about you.” You smiled at what Fangs said.

You pointed at the tall one sitting on the motorcycle, “That must mean you are Sweet Pea right?” Only getting a nod in response, you saw Toni had made her way back.

“Damn Northsiders. They come to one thing and think they own it” Sweet Pea chuckled and Fangs nudge Toni to get her attention that you were still standing there. “Oh um sorry but it’s true.”

“Oh no it’s okay. You aren’t all that wrong. That’s just who Cheryl is though.” You continued smiling. “I hope that we can all hangout with Jughead some time soon. It’s pretty awkward trying to avoid you guys all the time but now we know each other so all is good.”

“I don’t think so Ms. Northside Sunshine.” Sweet Pea finally spoke. Your smile faded as you had first hand experienced the serpent’s coldness.

“Okay well have fun today!” You positively said and began to walk away until some ghoulie ran up and shouted something about cops which cause everyone to go into a panic and Tall Boy to freak out.

Sweet Pea stood up from his motorcycle and starting it up. Jughead and Archie had pulled up in front of me. As soon as they stepped out, Tall Boy got into Jughead’s face. Archie admitting that he called Keller made Jug fume. Noticing that Betty and Veronica weren’t going to do anything, you went up to them both and stood in between.

“Now isn’t the time Jughead. They are gone and when they come back we will worry about it then but for right now you need to take this win and leave before the cops get here.” You yelled over top on them both yelling at each other.

Jughead took off with Betty and Archie left with Veronica leaving you stranded. “Let’s go Ms. Sunshine. Hop on.”

You turned around to see Sweet Pea holding out a helmet for you. Running to his motorcycle you hopped on the back strapping your helmet on as he sat down. You wrapped your arms around him as he sped off.

Finally stopping at the line that divided the north and south side, you both got off the motorcycle.

“I gotta say watching you be all bright and shiny back there at a time like that was definitely interesting.” He stated. You chuckled while taking off your helmet and fixing your outfit.

“In a time that is so dark and negative for everyone, I need something to be positive about so I always go with looking for the best of every situation.” You told him truthfully.

“I could use some positivity in my life.” You blushed at his comment. “Wanna go to Pop’s some time?”

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J A C K S O N  A S  Y O U R  B O Y F R I E N D

• jackson is such a sexy sweet freak
• but he’s really affectionate towards you
• y'all could just be standing and he’ll intertwine his fingers with yours
• well, that’s anywhere
• y'all have matching rings with each other’s names on them
• he’s very possessive
• he’ll literally stop what he’s doing just to let everyone around him know that you’re his
• “y/n!” he’d shout and make you turn around
• “wha-” he literally sticks his tongue down your throat
• but i mean, you like it
• taking A LOT of selcas in bed
• he thinks you look beautiful when you wake up even if you try to convince him that you don’t
• him lecturing you too damn much
• “okay mom” you joke
• “are you trying to be funny? it’s daddy to you”
• rolling your eyes at him when he says the cheesiest things
• calling him pet names that has to do with his thighs
• “my man is so thick *😛*”
• he lowkey likes it but acts like he doesn’t
• you call him daddy when you want something
• he usually almost always totally gets it for you
• y'all are fucking crazy
• y'all act the same (crazy af, wild) everywhere you go
• sitting on his lap
• lunch dates
• walking around (outside ofc)
• a lot of dates
• having fun with eachother
• acting like fucking kids anywhere at anytime
• random couple
• “you’re like the chocolate part of the oreo and im… mustard between it”
• “i think it’s best if you shut up jackson”
• letting him down easily with a lot of things
• he’s such a softie that wants your love all di time
• 🌚
• best
• sex
• ever
• every single time
• stroke game vishuus
• you eat birth control for breakfast lunch and dinner because…
• yea he likes to…
• you should know what im talking about
• he keeps the tightest grip on you when he’s back there
• you try to run but he just pulls you back
• “don’t run from little jackson baby”
• “little jackson is a fucking anaconda. anacondas aren’t little let me go”
• passionate sex
• midnight sex
• lots of makeup sex
• cause he wants to make up for not fucking you senseless the day before
• he keeps his head between your legs
• going hoarse everytime
• and bume dezitt
• cooking him soul food cause it’s what he prefers
• working out together
• kissing entirely too much
• he can be such a baby sometimes and you’re the only one that he listens to
• “give me a kiss and then maybe i’ll stop choking bam”
• bear hugging when you haven’t seen each other cause he’s on tour
• “kiss me through the phone”
• “get your soulja boy head as-”
• such goofy people
• but the members adore you two
• “power couple”
• ^ they say
• and it’s true

So this is like one of my favorite moments in Fantastic Beasts–I know, it’s tiny! But hear me out:

What Newt does and says and his body language says so much!!!

First off, he, out of anyone in the world, knows full well that this isn’t a good place to release the Swooping Evil.


He spends all his time studying and working with animals that wizards don’t appreciate and couldn’t care for (and even want to kill), and he does this all alone because he doesn’t really fit in with people.

Then here comes Jacob, who knows like nothing! Newt has no problem just scooping him up and inviting him along, even though it’s illegal. And now, he finally has someone to show his lifelong passion to, who will find it interesting and wondrous, instead of unusual or weird.

You can tell by Newt’s body language in this scene, that he’s (very privately) been internally dying to show the Swooping Evil off to someone–though he would never voice or acknowledge that out loud (probably because of previous negative reactions). But you can tell, even just in this gif, that he’s daydreamed about it for weeks or months. His inner (perhaps childlike) self thinks this thing is sick!! And he’s been dying to share it!!

But Newt is not a boastful or loud person. He wouldn’t draw attention to that fact (he’s a Hufflepuff and also has been stigmatized in his society). No. But look at his body language–his back is to Jacob and he flings that beast out at him. It’s like he’s daydreamed about and yearned for this moment so much, he’s staged it!! That’s not the body language of someone who wants to gently show Jacob a Swooping Evil, that’s the body language of someone who thinks this thing is freaking sweet!! And has been internally, perhaps subconsciously dying to show it off. And if you don’t believe me, look close and you can see that tiny little smile/smirk he’s sort of hiding from Jacob.

Newt totally eats this thing up, but it’s like he doesn’t want anyone to know just how much so.

And then he says (sort of trying to hide his smile), “Probably shouldn’t let it loose in here.” When he knows full well he shouldn’t have, but he just feels the need to say that to downplay the reality that he just really wanted to share this thing with someone. Because to be so openly passionate about it is too much of a risk, too vulnerable, because of past rejections. No, he needs to almost play dumb so he takes 0 risks at being made fun of for loving this–even with Jacob, who is his best bet who won’t make fun of him (because he doesn’t know better)

The subtext is this like three-second moment kills me with it’s perfection. It’s freaking brilliant.