Can we please talk about Mary's reaction to Cas and Dean's hug?!

She has JUST come back from the dead and is trying to figure out what is going on and what sort of people her boys have grown up to be. When she first meets Cas and Dean tells her that he is a friend, she thinks nothing of it. BUT!!! Then she sees them hug and she is clearly thinking ‘Friend? More like guy-he-is-in-freaking-love-with-but-won’t-fuckin-admit-it!’

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So this happened!

Thank you so much for everyone that follows me! You guys are amazing! I never once thought I would get this many followers so thank you so so much!

I am not going to celebrate cause I simply have to many series and challenges on my plate these days but I am gonna do a few shout outs to some of my fav writer’s on tumblr.

@torn-and-frayed - I love you boo! You are an amazing writer and one of the first people I started talking to here on tumblr. You have pushed me to write Jensen and with that followed Misha and Jared (not your intention I am sure ;)) but thank you so much cause I am having a blast with these. Go check out her writing guys. My fav work of hers is Send the Pain Below (Jensen x reader) and Unsteady (Dean x reader)

@mysupernaturalfics - My dear little sis. She is sassy and amazing and I love her and I hade that freaking ocean for keeping us apart! I talk to her everyday and despite our busy schedules I promise we one day will get that collab done we have been ploting and slowly began! Go read her stuff. My favs count Happy Thanksgiving (Dean x reader -Surprise Rach!) and Counsel (Sam x Reader)

@blacktithe7 - my amazing editor and best friend. My Erin! I love her more than she knows and she is also more amazing that she will ever realize. Erin is to blame along with Steph that I know write RP so thanks for that love! Go read all her things but be sure to start with Silk and Rough Velvet (Rockstar!jensen x reader) and Everybody Wins (Jensen x reader) - she almost made me love american football with the last one (though it might have more to do with the aftermath ;))

@ilostmyshoe-79 Kimmy is amazing and I love her so much. She is my destiel smut queen and the reason I ship it in the first place. Other than that she is the one that gave me the courage to start writing when I over a year ago approached her on anon asking for advice. Since then she has become a dear friend and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Kim has written a lot of amazing stuff but I have to recommend the series that got me following her in the first place Friendly Neighbor (Dean x reader) and the series she broke my heart with One Fine Day (Destiel) - You still got making up to do for that one boo!

@angelkurenai I don’t know her sadly but I would love too. She seems like a sweetheart and I wish I had 1/10 of her talent. She has written so many amazing fics but be sure to check out her Friends after All series (Sam x reader, Dean x reader) and Remember (Cas x reader)

@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog I don’t know Mimi all that well, not as well as I would like anyway. She is an amazing writer and I get so very happy everytime she post something new to her Dean x Donna series One Thing so be sure to check that one out as well as her Conjugal Visits Series which is a smutty awesome good times with Dean x reader. 

@nichelle-my-belle you are always there for everyone else no matter what you are going through yourself. You are an inspiration and a true friend (even if you dislike watersports ;)) Other than being a beautiful person Nichelle is also an amazing writer. Go check out her Perfect Storm (Dean x reader, Jensen x reader, Sam x Riley - it is alittle complicated guys lol) and Dream a litle Dream (Dean x reader AU)

other writers I recommened you go follow cause they are awesome are (sorry for all the people I am bound to forget cause I got a sucky memory!):

@bringmesomepie56 @jpadjackles @lipstickandwhiskey @chaos-and-the-calm67 @i-dont-know-how-to-write @roxy-davenport @deandoesthingstome @d-s-winchester @destieldrabblesdaily @unadulteratedstorycollector @blushingsamgirl @adriellej @kayteonline @winchesterenthusiast @winchesterswoonathon @oriona75 @mrswhozeewhatsis @manawhaat @loveitsallineed @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit @bkwrm523 @not-so-natural-spn @aprofoundbondwithdean  @kittenofdoomage @thethingwewrite @sis-tafics @abaddonwithyall @deanwinchester-af @ellen-reincarnated1967 @one-shots-supernatural @littlegreenplasticsoldier @iwantthedean @phoenixia67 @noisilyyoungpuppy  @winchester-smut @teamfreewill-imagine @sophisticated-angel @effie-w @soaringeag1e @i-dont-know-how-to-write

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What is your favorite non cannon ship?

OH MY GOSH this is the hardest question I’ve had to answer!? Hmm (okay just talking about su here) I’d have to say that although I freaking love lapidot and ohoho I do love mystery pearl, I think my fave is still pearlmethyst just because I’ve shipped it since the beginning and it has a special place in my heart till this day.

Request: Lowmans’ Saturday Night

Request: Watching Horror movies with Happy and laughing about it.

I don’t watch many horror movies, so I didn’t named one and this is a short imagine. I hope you like it!

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: violence

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His nickname was Tacoma Killer and of course, many people had told me to stay away from him, but I couldn’t. Happy was a mystery and I loved a challenge. People called him freak, weirdo, scary, but they didn’t know him like I did. I guess that is why I became his old lady, Mrs. Lowman if you rather call me that. I was constantly getting looks and questions about how we ended up together, since I didn’t seem to be a cold heart killer. Let’s just say that we had more things in common than people would imagine and we were a normal couple, though it was hard to imagine that.

Our favorite day was Saturday. Happy had worked all week and if he had luck, no club business would bother us. We would choose a movie, make popcorn and relax in front of TV.

“Baby! Movie will begin!”, Happy called out and I carried our bowls full with popcorn to the living room. Beers were already on his hands and we got comfortable as the movie begun.

“Which movie are we watching?”, I asked, getting a handful of popcorn.

“Horror”, Happy grinned. That was out favorite genre and we always had fun watching horror movies, it didn’t matter the plot.

“Full moon”, I rolled my eyes and Happy nodded, taking a swig of his beer.

“Classic”, he said, mouth full with popcorn. A road appeared and a loud music started, soon a car passed.

“Teenagers”, we scoffed together. Yes, we were right. The movie was about teenagers in a road trip, deciding to stop at a desert lake that someone else had said it was a good place.

“Seriously?”, I rolled my eyes as the characters decided to swim naked. Happy shrugged and I turned my attention back to the TV. Obviously, the car didn’t start again, nobody could get a signal on their phones and the closest town was miles away, “And they will…”

“Try to get a ride”, Happy finished the sentence and we saw our predictions happen on the screen. The group started to walk on the side of the road, trying to get a ride, but no car was passing in that desert place, “Here it comes”

“A van!?”, an old black van stopped and an weird guy offered the boys a ride. Yes, of course, he was going to town and could take them there, no questions asked, “Come on guys! Look at the van! Look at him! No…No, don’t do this…Crap! They got in the van!”

“Make your bets baby”, Happy raised an eyebrow at me, “Who will die first? How?”

“Hmm hard question”, I pretended to be thinking about it, “Hot girl or stupid guy?”

“Nah, hot girl will last a little longer, to keep it interesting and do the annoying screaming”, he shook his head and pulled me closer to him. I cuddled with Happy as the movie continued. He was right, the stupid guy died first.

“That is ridiculous!”, I pointed to the screen while the villain used a machete to kill the boy, “Only Hulk has strength to cut off a head like that! It’s not that easy!”

“True”, Happy said, playing with my hair, “The cut was too perfect and it wouldn’t be that bloody mess. I mean, not like THAT!”

“See? The studio should hire you as a consultant”, I looked up at him and my old man smiled. I bit my lip and straddled him, Happy’s eyes darkened. Yes, we wouldn’t see the end of the movie and that’s why Saturday night was our favorite.


Brannyn Lavellan, post-Trespasser… waiting for to see his vhenan after far too long apart. 

“Oh, it absolutely breaks my heart to see such a handsome man drinking alone… and all because of me. Tell me, how can I make my way back into your good graces?”

“Mmm… Let’s start with making sure I don’t finish this drink alone… and then see where the evening takes us, shall we?”

“Oh, I have a few ideas on that particular topic… but first… Maker, it’s good to see you. It seems I’ve grown rather fond of you, Amatus.” 

“Ar lath ma, you ridiculous man.”

“I love you, too, incorrigible elf.”

Nobody posted about it so I decided to!

IU revived her dead twitter account just so she could reply to Queen Corinne Bailey Rae and their convo is freaking adorable. Like I have cavities now.

I really love how she told her to stay warm in a muffler (scarf?) that matches her skin tone. so cute!

And keep in mind this isn’t the first time they’ve tweeted.

“Now i’m good enough to die” same.

And lets not forget how it all started.

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"Don't Freaking Touch me" and “Just leave me ALONE.” S3Killer Frost!Caitlin

Caitlin was vaguely reminded of illustrations of plague doctors from medical history textbooks and historical fiction novels, with their oiled cloaks and beaked masks that would be stuffed with cloves and other good smelling things. That was, she remembered, to purify the air, an early attempt at understanding airborne contagions, even if it was off by a lot. She had been fascinated by them as a child, but now, alone on the street with this stranger, she realized just how terrifying and inhuman and disorienting they must have been. She breathed deeply through her nose, chilled fall air burning her lungs.

This had to be Alchemy, this wanna be plague doctor man with the strangely glinting mask that was too bright to be lead, too silvery to be gold, impassive and cold. The cloak shifted with his breathing, and even three yards away, she could hear his rasp. She clenched her fists, feeling the ice in her veins try to solidify, frost flowers raising up on the skin of her palms. It didn’t hurt, anymore, and this time, she did not try to force it back, will it to melt or hide. There seemed to be little point.

“Caitlin Snow,” Alchemy tilted his head slightly, a mockery of a respectful nod. “Don’t look so frightened.”

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