Went to see the Book of Life today

Inktober day 25

I MET JAMES MCAVOY AND IT WAS AMAZING! He was so funny and sweet and he smiled in my picture!! [And nobody else’s ;) ] It was probably because I was the baby in the audience. Everyone else was older. still not over it and it was two nights ago. I cried from pure happiness!!!

I watched Whiplash for the first time last night… Holy shit that film is going to haunt me for a while but I already can’t wait to watch it again??  Like, it was so intense that I had my hoodie drawn up over my chin for at the very least half of the runtime.  It honestly did a better job of scaring me than every horror movie that comes out these days.  It’s coming to a theater up at school soon and I think I’m going to see it again because I just want to marvel at it.  God… it’s so visually stunning and it kept me on edge the whole time.  I am so glad that my Jazz Band director was never as terrifying as J.K. Simmons was in that film.  And they even played one of the songs that we did when I was in that class, but I didn’t realize it for half the film because I was so enveloped in what was going on.  10/10 would freak out over it again.