freaking s3

y’all: lotor looks so great!!!! keith piloting black!!!! lance piloting red and taking a selfie!!!!!

me: yeah yeah, that’s all cool, but did you see my boy hunk standing next to kolivan?? did y’all see that height difference???? the galra make him look so small….. so i’m really gonna need us all to step up our game and make some hunk bein cradled by galra content pls and thank

Okay but what if the paladins do the swap-around so they have the lions they originally had in Go-lion, Blue for Allura, Red for Lance and Black for Keith. And poor Lance is feeling really bad because they just swapped like it was nothing and Allura seems to have bonded with Blue but he can’t seem to get Red to connect with him. Lance is feeling really disposable like ‘I guess the team really doesn’t need me’ when Keith comes to him and says something like: “I can’t do this, i can’t pilot the black lion, it won’t bond with me and i can still feel red calling out to me, I’m not the leader Shiro thought i was, I want YOU to lead voltron”   

And Lance is so overwhelmed, because Keith believes in him and trust him to be the leader so he mutters sorting about not being a seventh wheel after all and Keith hears and is all like ‘what! who said that, who gave you that i idea I WILL FIGHT THEM’ and Lance is so happy he hugs keith and is kinda crying and they just hug for a long time, this is what i need in season 3…


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When something goes missing, you can always recreate it by the hole it left. I know her name was Clara. I know we travelled together. I know that there was an Ice Warrior on a submarine and a mummy on the Orient Express. I know we sat together in the Cloisters and she told me something very important, but I have no idea what she said. Or what she looked like. Or how she talked. Or laughed. There’s nothing there. Just nothing. There’s one thing I know about her. Just one thing. If I met her again, I would absolutely know. 

Hey just a reminder that Haikyuu!! isn’t queerbaiting for the simple reason that Furudate didn’t plan on making it look gay to get more readers.

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Eva has her birthday party in her house. You know what else is also in her home? A freaking bathtub from s3 ep1 first clip and I hooooope we see for example, Even and Sana talking there, cause (i assume) they won't drink. Could it be...??



Samcedes Week. Day 1. Falling In Love.