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tbh, how do you think does reapers regeneration even work? like material-wise; bc if the smoke is really released carbon, then how much does the boi gotta eat to keep that up? with that regeneration rate, how is he not stuffing his face 24/7?

Alright, you asked for it. And here it is. The whole kit and kaboodle. I hope your ready friends, because this question was asked and I said “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Yeah. That’s right. It took me a week and a half, but I was finally able to finish this up. Enjoy.

PS: THIS IS ABOUT REAPER BIOLOGY. NOT Reaper gameplay. There are youtube videos for that.

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We don’t actually ship widowreaper we’re just really cute and gay
🖤 kaptain76 🖤

Khansama Kitty?

@shinigami-mistress and I had been discussing all the religious overtones in ch127, how Agni is treated as a Christ figure. Then we got to joking about Agni coming back three chapters later, perhaps as a Bizarre Doll. (NO, we don’t think it’ll happen. It’s only a joke.)

About the same time, @eglentyne-mcqueen was typing up quite a post on the same topic (Christian symbolism). I reblogged to add my two cents and mentioned my discussions (including the jokes) with shinigami-mistress. One thing I didn’t mention is her concern about whether Agni’s soul has been collected yet. In the Kuroverse, the soul is collected at the time of death, so I assumed his soul had already been taken away.

But then I looked into Hindu funeral customs. Hindu beliefs vary from sect to sect, of course, but they tend to hold an open-casket wake then cremate the body and scatter the ashes (usually over a body of water). White is traditionally worn by funeral attendees and other mourners, and black is considered inappropriate. Ten days after the death (or is it ten days after the funeral?), friends gather to release the soul for its ascent to Heaven. Visitors are expected to bring fruit. Hindus believe in karmic reincarnation, so a person’s soul can return in another form. The form taken depends on the karma of the soul, and a truly enlightened soul can reach Nirvāna (being “blown out”, LIKE A LAMP), which for a Hindu means finding liberation (moksha) in the realization that the true self (Ātman, soul) is identical to the transcendent self (Brahman, the physical world and ultimate blissful reality). Once Nirvāna is attained, THEN the cycle of birth, life, and death ends for that soul.

Do reapers in Kuroshitsuji treat the souls differently, based on the religion or spiritual faith of the deceased?

So, has Agni reached Nirvāna? Or could he yet be reborn? Considering his faith in Soma and his worldview, I think he has become truly enlightened, so I believe he’s attained moksha….

That’s good for Agni, surely, but I would have been tickled pink to see Sebastian come across a kitten with white fur and a little blaze mark on its forehead. He’d adore its unusual markings and soft coat, and he’d name it Khansama… or simply refer to it as “Him”.

(I’m atheist, but damn. Now I’m getting all teary-eyed anyway… over the crack idea of the demon finding a reincarnated Agni in kitten form. Wtf?)

Let the fanfics of an AU where Sebastian has Khansama Kitty be written….
  • Reaper: (Is named Gabriel Reyes. Has a Dia De Los Muertos MARIACHI skin THAT INCLUDES A SOMBRERO. Has an Origin's skin IN GAME that shows him with a dark skin tone and black hair. Is from Los Angeles, a city with a huge Latinx population. Is consistently drawn as having dark skin in the comics and other illustrations pre-experiment that turned him into Reaper.)
  • People: Are we sure he's Latino? I mean, can you site a source on that? I dunno, seems fishy to me.

Jesse gave Winston a pat on the back, “Just try ignore them.”

“They have been fighting for hours. About everything.”

“Aw come on, not everything.”

Winston gave the cowboy a blank stare, “They argued about what colour the payload should be.”

Jesse was about to reply when Reaper, kicked open the door from the other room.

Everyone went silent for what felt like hours.

“76 falls asleep during sex.”

76 then appeared, hitting the other man with his gun.

“Reaper can only off if there is Spanish music playing in the background.”

The two men then began another screaming match. Except this time, they wanted everyone to hear.

“76 is freaked out by puppets!”

“Reaper is afraid of mice!”

“76 can’t hold his liquor!”

“Reaper can’t hold onto a relationship!”

“76 is so stupid, he doesn’t know when someone’s flirting!”

“Reaper couldn’t romance a salad!”

“What does that even mean?!”

“You know what it means!”

Winston sighed in defeat, then noticed a laughing Jesse, recording the entire thing on his phone.

Winston didn’t care anymore. 

Maybe Talon was hiring


Dear Blizzard:

Please have a Halloween update and give Reaper a Headless Horseman skin.

Thank you in advance,

~Reaper Trash


Summary: You take Dean to see a faith healer, and you get freaked out realising you’re dealing with a reaper.

Words: 1,698

Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess

Warnings: feels

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here 

Originally posted by spnedits

Dean was dying.

Yesterday, he was fine.

Today, he was a couple of weeks away from death, and acting like it wasn’t happening,

When Sam suggested Nebraska, you and Jess jumped on the idea, but Dean wasn’t having it.

Eventually, you convinced him to go.

“It can’t make it any worse,” you offered, and he couldn’t argue with that.

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I have literally never played overwatch but I love?? It so freaking much!! Why does reaper look so extra? Mercy seems like a total bitch, but in a loving way. Like, omg she's such a bitch but damn girl, I love you. Soldier 76 is such a Dad™. Not in a kinky daddy way. Just, I wish he was my dad. I just love everyone so much!!


Reaper is Extra™

Compromised - Ch 1

An Ending

Summary: The 6 years after Zurich, told from Jack’s perspective. AKA somebody wanted him and Gabe dead, and as far as he knows, they half succeeded. Now Jack won’t stop until he gets to the bottom of it.

Rating: M, blood, gore, psychological trauma, broken bones, head injuries, blind: 76 stuff as well  because it’s my favorite headcanon.

Notes: I posted this a while (a WHILE a while) ago on AO3 and… I was really nervous posting here because it was my first fic for reaper76 and it’s not even heavily such! So now I’m posting it, and I’ll post the later chapters in the following week. This piece is meant to be a companion to Decayed; both can be read separately but are more fulfilling together.

AO3 Link

The hardest part was coming to.

He took a gasp of life-giving breath and immediately regretted such a survivalist decision. Pain lanced through him like lightning, everything seizing. His body panicked, shaking with unrelenting convulsions. His ears ran, his face felt wet and hot, and his whole chest refused to cooperate with the frantic messages his brain was sending it. Panic rushed the adrenaline quickly through his veins, opening every nerve ending until finally, wretchedly, he coughed in the air his body was fighting so hard for.

It was released in an agony-filled scream, a tortured reminder to his ringing ears that his body still had the fight to stay alive.

He was dying. This had to be what dying felt like, sitting on the precipice but with no way of swinging all the way over. Or perhaps he had swung across, flinging himself into the fires of the hell that awaited him. With his grinding teeth and gnashing bones on top of the dark, sweltering, smoke filled air, he might as well already be there.

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"And then you call /me/ a masochist." 8Ic [ LOL i see what you reblog there 8> ]

               “I don’t remember ever denying that I was capable of masochistic urges. But I think your habits by far outdo mine in terms of their severity, don’t you? What I get up to behind closed doors is quite tame in comparison, I’d imagine.”

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dean raising ftm!sam, knowing how he feels and doing his best to make sam comfortable with little things like telling john the thundercats pjs were all goodwill had, long hair is a hunting hazard, sports bras hold sam better. ftm!sam calling from stanford and leaving dean voicemails about how well his hormone therapy is going, updating him on surgeries he's had done, thanking him profusely for the money he sent. when dean goes to get sam, he cries at how healthy and happy his little brother is.

okay sorry but i’m stuck on ftm!sam and it’s not even my thing. dean going to palo alto to be with sam while he gets top surgery and telling him how good he looks, dean helping sam train after hrt to get a better grip on his new musculature. ftm!sam clothes shopping and falling in love with plaid flannel because it comes in so many colors and is so soft. ftm!sam finally accepting ‘sammy’ as a nickname, but only from dean. ftm!sam growing facial hair and not shaving for days just because.

Anon, I love you??? Thank you for these beautiful headcanons! Trans man Sam is my ultimate weakness right now, and I got a little carried away here. Sorry about that.

For a long time, Dean doesn’t know exactly what’s going on. What he does know is that it’s his job to take care of Sam, make sure his younger sibling is healthy and happy, whatever that might look like. So Dean does his best. He saves his old clothes in a duffel bag until Sam grows into them, cuts Sam’s hair short with kitchen scissors under the flickering light of a motel bathroom, and keeps his nicknames carefully gender-neutral (except Sammy, which is more a reflex than a nickname in the first place). 

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