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The problem with Women and Superhero shows

You know what’s really frustrating? How many TV shows,especially  superhero TV shows aimed at young people absolutely refuse to do something as simple as make sure that their show is gender balanced.Or show female characters have any connection with other women. Superhero shows are meant to inspire us, to show us a better way and yet they seem to hate the very idea of actually spending any time on female characters

Just look at all the TV shows we had till now .Can you think of one show where the the men don’t outnumber the women? Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Agent Carter…….the only one which actually bothered to some degree  was Agents of Shield*

Arrow is horrible when it comes to it’s treatment of female characters. We all know that. But they are also horrible when it comes to the actual presence of female characters.. And they don’t learn. Oliver’s new team of vigilantes had a 3;1 male to female ratio. Was there ANYTHING preventing them from making Rene or Rory a girl? And look at how isolated Felicity is from other girls. She has zero female friends

The Flash is also very much a guy show and Caitlin and Iris barely even interact with each other. Again was there anything to prevent Julian from being a girl? No. They absolutely refuse to include more female characters

Legends of Tomorrow has a two girl maximum. At least in the first seaosn Sara and Kendra were friends but now Sara barely even seems to talk to Amaya. And again there was nothing preventing them from making Nate a girl. Hell his issues with being sheltered and feeling helpless his whole life would have been even more impact if he was a girl

And the few shows we have which are supposed to be about girls? They are cringe inducing when it comes to these issues and absolutely get worse with time

Agent Carter was male dominated and the only somewhat female light in the show was Carter’s friendship with Angie. And they snuffed this completely in the second season in favor of a shitty love triangle. And don’t get me started in how they took a brilliant female historical figure and turned her into a pathetic villain

Supergirl is probably the worse when it comes to this. Look at how the show started. Although Winn has improved he started as a creepy toxic male geek. One of his very first lines was thinking that Kara was a lesbian because she didn’t want him. And when Kara turned him down he made her feel guilty and apologize to him. And he was presented as her best and ONLY friend. Kara Danvers had no female friends. Do you realize how insane this is?. Still season 1 wasn’t quite as bad. Kara had Cat as a female mentor, she overcome her hesitancy and develop respect and friendship with Lucy and James although he had a few minor glitches like his reaction to the Red Kryptonite was a goddamn awesome and healthy male character. But in season 2?

Although the introduction of Maggie and her realtionship with Alex is excellent it’s the ONLY bright spot. Everything else ruined the little they had. They ditched Cat in favor of Snapper, Lucy disappeared in the void of unappreciated female characters and instead we got freaking Mon El. The very definition of bland pretty boy. James was turned into some fragile insecure boy who feel threatened by by Kara’s status, Winn actually actively sabotaged Kara just so he and James can shine and again don’t get me started on Mon El. M’gann should have been one of the bright sides of this season but he was barely used. We got see more of Mon El’s fuck then of a fascinating and complex character like M’gann. The ONLY female friend Kara has is Lena and you know they are going to fuck with this,

Literally all of these shows actively isolate women from interacting with other women. Female friendship is treated as some flaky thing that can easily be ignored and erase while male friendship is celebrated and iconic. Just look at Oliver and Diggle, Barry and Cisco. On Legends they pushed Nate and Ray and Ray and Mick to bond and become friends  while Mick and Snart were beyond celebrated and iconic. On Supergirl they put more attention on Winn and James friendship then on any interaction Kara had with a girl that wasn’t her sister

Female friendships gets none of this. The closest we ever came was Carter and Angie’s and Sara and Kendra’s (and come to think of Sara and Sin) . And all of them got only a fraction of the time spent on male friendships and was erased completely later on never to be mentioned again

The only chance girls get when it comes to friendship is with male characters and this is often either a prelude to or baiting of a realtionship


*I am not gonna get into the Netflix shows as well since this already got too long but they have their own issues as well. Not quite as horrible as the CW shows but still bad


@wafflegilmore asked: favorite luke gestures towards the girls

And I don’t want a never ending life
I just wanna be alive while I’m here

PART 1/?

 [ i put my spotify on shuffle & wrote down lyrics from random songs so there’s not really any rhyme or reason to this list.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ]

  • “ all I have is all that is gone. “
  • “ everything around me feels so much different than where i’m from. “
  • “ what a shame we all became such fragile, broken things. “
  • “ oh, darling i wish you were here. “
  • “ a year from now, we’ll all be gone. “
  • “ when she says she loves you, tell her you love her too. “
  • “ my baby’s sweet as can be. “
  • “ she gives me toothaches just from kissing me. ”
  • “ heaven and hell were words to me. “
  • “ i’m not gonna go home alone. “
  • “ you and me are the difference between real love and the love on tv. “
  • “ i’ll take the truth at any cost. “
  • “ you should know thing’s aren’t always what they seem. “
  • “ we’ll pretend it’s alright and sin for the night. “
  • “ i can’t see with all the weight of the world on my shoulders. “
  • “ i see nobody but you. “
  • “ i’m so used to being used. “
  • “ i love when you call unexpected. “
  • “ maybe we could stick around for just one more drink. “
  • “ we’re broken people. “
  • “ you were my conscience. “
  • “ don’t you ever wonder how we’d survive? “
  • “ i’m only human. “
  • “ i’m not the villain, despite what you’re always preaching. “
  • “ i’ve got this friend… “
  • “ i don’t think you know him/her. “
  • “ all that he/she really wants is someone to love him/her back. “
  • “ you’ve seen them all come and go. “
  • “ every little thing i do never seems enough for you. “
  • “ where do we go from here? “
  • “ i don’t bite but i heard you might. “
  • “ it feels good to be alone with you. “
  • “ i never wanted to say this… “
  • “ you never wanted to stay. “
  • “ but we always made it work. “
  • “ making love to you was never second best. “
  • “ there’s nothing you and i won’t do. “
  • “ i’m sorry if i seem uninterested. “
  • “ no, i’m not listening. “
  • “ tell me it’s nothing. “
  • “ i can’t help falling out of love with you. “
  • “ why am i feeling so guilty? “
  • “ i’m worried about everyone but me. “
  • “ and i just keep losing myself. “
  • “ seasons change but people don’t. “
  • “ don’t pretend you’ll ever forget about me. “
  • “ wouldn’t you rather be a widow than a divorcee? “
  • “ we don’t fight fair. “
  • “ you won’t remember this. “
  • “ this is how it feels to take a fall. “
  • “ don’t go breaking my heart. “
  • “ i couldn’t if i tried. “
  • “ you take the weight off of me. “
  • “ nobody knows it. “
  • “ i’m a goner. “
  • “ i want to scream ‘I LOVE YOU’ from the top of my lungs. “
  • “ i am finding out that–maybe–i was wrong. “
  • “ stay with me. “
  • “ this is what i need. “
  • “ you’re still a mystery. “
  • “ i thought i wanted to forget my past. “
  • “ you shine brighter than anyone does. “
  • “ i’m a little overwhelmed. “
  • “ this is nothing like i planned. “
  • “ i’m a little bit confused. “
  • “ can’t seem to tell what’s real or not. “
  • “ i won’t change for you. “
  • “ i won’t cry for you. “
  • “ we both know that you don’t really care. “

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“Heaven is a place on earth with you…”

It’s Spring and
I feel like the tree
at the end of the street 
that is just 
not there yet.

Everything else is 
baby pink and bright green,
freshly fallen white 
and looking so alive,
while that tree and I
stand with branches
barren, unable to find
the strength to give life
to anything other 
than what we have deemed 
essential for surviving winter.

—  almost blooming || O.L.