Okay but like imagine if Arthur Vivi and Lewis were in a poly relationship and Arthur was just sad bc he felt like a “secondary” partner to Vivi and he would vaguely wish for Vivi to only love him but he would never say anything
And then the events at the cave happen but he doesn’t remember anything he just knows Lewis is gone and Vivi doesn’t remember
And he should be happy, this is what he wished for. This is what he wanted.
But it isn’t.
This isn’t what he wanted and he doesn’t know why but he feels like it’s all his fault and he just wants his best friend back he wants Vivi happy and them all together again, even if he still will feel left out


Pepper Family

So, on our 2 million views mark for Freaking Out, here’s the full version of the Pepper Family Photo as seen on Arthur’s screen.

Mr. And Mrs. Pepper had been known about for a bit, and while their kids had been mentioned before, they were both invisible and nameless.

I may have to make a post later where I work up proper front views of the girls, but I can at the very least name them and show you their original concept art (the designs have changed quite a bit since then).

Refer to @artsyfeathersartsyblog‘s more recent drawing of them to get a better idea of their clothing.

(Based on the top picture)

The one on Lewis’s shoulder = Paprika

The one under the table = Cayenne

The one in the front = Belle