freaking out


Okay so some off stuff is happening, you’re worried about Tronnor, I GET IT. But who are we to assume these things. For all we know Troye might be sad Connor couldn’t come to his show and Connors sad about the same. Obviously their relationship is private why in hell would they open up about it if it was done? You Guys need to calm down. Connor had to go to the Grammys rehearsal. You think that right after getting the job he would just skip that? He’s been to many many of Troyes shows. Just give them time okay? Don’t freak out.






I mean, first of all, why Toffee HAS such book when not even Star has something like that? That book it’s about the wand and it’s WAAAY more organized than her glossary.

Second, why did he need the book? He could just do whatever he wants with the wand and with the glossary, but he STUDY the wand…

Then, in the season finale, Toffee ask Star to destroy the wand. He could do ANYTHING with the wand, but he decides it’s best to destroy.

He even KNOWS that Star’s mother had given her the spell and it was the very first she learned! He confirms it’s the spell when she thinks out loud “The Whispering Spell”… HOW THE HELL HE EVEN KNOWS THAT?!

And there’s more. He has a plan for the broken wand. We could dismiss and think it was his mistake trying to get rid of the one thing that make Star easily defeat monsters, but a second before he says “gentleman, it’s been a pleasure”. He broke their agreement which means he accomplished his goal.

Everyone could think he had made a mistake when the wand exploded right after, but then we have this scene…


He KNEW the wand would explode, he knew it could destroy him, he KNEW EVERYTHING!

And then the Wand upgrades and there’s a missing piece.

And let’s pay a little more attention on these facts: look at the Queen face when she mention everything Star did…

Then Star gives her the wand…

As soon as she sees the wand, this is her face!

The calm, serious and indifferent Queen is freaking WORRIED.

Star knows she was supposed to be mad, but when her mother hugs her, she says “I’m always mad. I’m just glad you’re safe”. Which means that she knows  it wasn’t supposed to happen and that Star was in serious danger to came to the point of the wand became shattered.

As soon as Star leaves She says “I don’t know if we are doing the right thing, River” and the King tried to calm her down. They talk to Glossarick, and when he sees the wand he became also worried.


THE WAND DIDN’T CHANGED! It was supposed to be changed to fit whoever holds it, but it didn’t change back to what it was when her mother takes it!

Glossarick says then “I hope you find the pieces soon”, and the piece show up to somewhere…




THIS WAS TOFFEE PLAN! He wants the wand shattered, he’s probably looking for the missing piece, he has some kind of plan for it!

This went too deep and I’m freaking out for the next season!!!!

Really wanted to post this on Halloween, but a day late will have to do. @artsyfeathersartsyblog and I seemed to have the same idea to do some Shiromori art and after showing me hers I wanted to finish mine that I started the other night in a stream.

Playing around with my coloring since I haven’t done any major finished character art in awhile due to working on the next video. So enjoy the tree lady. :V 

while working on something(just fanart), I opened Janna’s splash and then looked at the histogram– FUCK IT’S SO CLEAN? WHAT?

??!?!?! Planning a palette is one thing but–!! How do they keep it so controlled………


So, 1989 Sydney is only 15 days away (!!!!!!!!!) and we are sooooo incredibly excited 🇦🇺👸🏼🎉
After months and months of planning and discussing and completely freaking out, our outfits are finalllyyyyyy coming together! 🙌🏼😛😄
They’re still not all completely done, and we are waiting on a few items to arrive - but this is a rough idea of what they are going to be like!
Thankyou to @bad-blood-swifties for her endless hours of cutting and sewing and stitching bits and pieces together.
We will be sitting in aisle 105, row 4, seats 31,32,33 & 34
@taylorswift , keep an eye out for us (
@bad-blood-swifties, @theresaglow, our other friend Gypsy & myself)! See you soon 💗💖

Live stream sketch of Shiromori in celebration of the one year anniversary of the Ghost video and for the next upcoming video! :D Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hi while I drew, it was a lot of fun and a really great way to end the day even though I’m now late. XD 

Yes I plan to color this one later since I really like it. c: