freaking nash


I know he’s not a part of the Omaha Squad but hot 🔥 freaking damn! Nash Grier is sexy as hell OH MY GOD I CANT TAKE THIS SOMEONE HELP ME

Nash imagine

“hey! can you do a Nash imagine where you’re having a panic attack and he takes care of you and calms you down?”

requested by anon // creds to my best friend Desty // typed up by me


On a shitty saturday, you found Jack Gilinsky on the bottom of the stairs bleeding like crazy. You couldn’t believe this tragic moment was happening. You and Nash were planning to go out on a huge date today but now you have to help Jack.

You call Nash to come down stairs as you’re crying and freaking out like crazy. Nash calls 911 and gets Matt from upstairs to help him put Jack in a better position. Matt runs around getting a bunch of shit to help Jack.

The ambulance picks Jack up and takes him to the hospital. Matt went in the ambulance with him so the only people in the house was You, Carter, and Nash. No one could find where Cameron was at so they just thought he went on a date with Hannah (my name). 

You hear screaming between Nash and Carter because Nash woke him up.


It lasted for a while going back and forth. You start panicking and crying. you just clasped right where you are. Screaming, panic, crying, you couldn’t breath. 

“Y/N ARE YOU OKAY?” You hear Nash running down the stairs. 

Carter finally gets up and looks down stairs to see you having a panic attack so he runs back up and hides in his room like a little pussy. 

Nash tells you he loves you and picks you up and puts you in the bath with cold water, he raises your arms above your head and talks to you calmly.

Carter facetimes Matt “Y/N Is having a panic attack right now, but how is Jack doing?” 

Matt replies, “Is Y/N going to be alright? and jack only needs stitches he will be okay.”

You finally calm down a little bit and you apologize. Nash tells you that it happens sometimes and he will do anything to make sure you’re alright and he kisses you on the head.