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11/10 believable Bahamas theory

So, the idea is that Dan wanted to return to England while Phil would stay on his family’s vacation. But Dan for some reason accidentally bought a ticket to the Bahamas and flew there (that’s a very Dan thing to do). He’d posted the proof that the expiration date was 3 days so after that time he returned to Florida. When he got there, having nowhere to stay, the Lesters invited him to stay at their house so he decided to do it and go back with Phil.

It would make sense since Phil was meant to stay in Florida anyway so their videos have already been prerecorded and that’s also a reason why Dan had uploaded only one video (okay, let’s be real, there wouldn’t have been more video even if he had returned).

And that’s my totally believable prediction of how Dan got to spend his first vacation with Phil’s family.

I’ve been so excited about all the wttm stuff lately. It’s fun shipping otayuri along with victuuri. Still, I realize otayuri may not become canon. It’s nice to dream though and I will continue to ship it even if it doesn’t happen. Besides, Yuri on Ice is one of the first anime to ever make one of my ships come true (yaoi doesn’t count, past self..) so I will still support it with or without otayuri

Honestly, one of the greatest things about Skyrim is that you can say “the octopus god of books” and anyone who plays will know what you’re on about.


This one’s for everyone out there who isn’t celebrating Mother’s Day (in the USA). She doesn’t have to define you. x