freaking me out

Hey to all! I’m back at my dorm and I have to say it was a great con! It was lovely to meet people in person!! I got to buy lots of amazing fan art, and I ate pho soup for the first time, which was delicious! My favorite panel was the world building panel, where we created stories/worlds and I talked to some amazing people (I never got some of your urls but it was so much fun talking)!!

Shout out to the lovely people I got to hang out with: @mssmithlove1, @awkwardtiming, @deaflock, @anotherwellkeptsecret, @sakibatch, @namara-ashina, and @jtthompson. It was so fun to hang out with you all (and meet most of you for the first time)!

Shout out to the awesome people I got to meet and/or talk to: @queersherlockian@vanetti, @cakepopsforeveryone, @quietlyprim, @beaniesforspock, @ivorylungs@antietamfalls, and @jinglebellfic (sorry it won’t let me tag!). I know I only briefly talked with most of you, but you were all so nice and it was an experience meeting so many people I know/see online.

I couldn’t do too much at the con, but I am incredibly happy that I went. Thanks for the experience and memories!

i’m Highkey writing this up before an opening time is even set bc ???? i get excite way too easily don’t mind me honestly. but hello my name is tess or tessie or tessa or trash or whatever u wanna call me, i’m eighteen years old, use she/her pronouns and reside in warsaw, poland what puts me in the gmt+1 timezone. i’m not v interesting so let’s jump right into my garbage daughter maggie !  tw: mentions of drugs, sex, alcohol and overdose.

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Freaking Me Out (ft. Alex Gaskarth) LIVE - Simple Plan

Can this be any more perfect?