freaking love this couple!!!


you may have your truce 

Power couple ready to kick some ass (Or in Keith’s case, ready to stab some people)

Shiro, I see where you’re grabbing him *wiggles eyebrows*

Yes, this is another version of Galra!Keith, I did say that I had an unhealthy ammount of versions…

Hope you guys enjoy~!

S13 Positive Expectations

Okay but is everyone seeing that we’re slowly and steadily getting stuff that we’ve been banging on and on about for quite some time now

1. We’re getting important poc characters (Max, Alicia, Dagon, Billy and now AU!Michael)

2. We wanted more badass women for which the show is actually starting a spin off with Wayward Sisters (which has poc, lgbt hunters) and Mary of course is definitely very much part of the show with an independent and complicated story for herself (I want Rowena back too pls Dabb)

3. We’re tying up so many loose ends (Crowley’s son, Crowley as King of Hell, the Colt, Mary’s whole arc, we’ll get to see a whole AU world without the Winchesters where heaven won and still no paradise)

4. Cas’ angelic history and quality Cas-centric episodes (we already have a fem!Cas people!!)

5. We’re being promised more Cas in S13 once he comes back (Dabb - he’ll be at the center of the story, Misha - Cas will have a season long story arc that is gratifying) which everybody has wanted forever

6. The beginning of the end of toxic codependency (12x22 hello)

7. Dean coming to terms with himself and the things he wants/needs

8. Proper textual grieving for Cas after his death, acknowledging that he is loved and important to the Winchesters

Man, Andrew Dabb deserves more appreciation than he’s getting. Season 12 may not have been the best plot wise but we sure got some quality stuff and we always get a personal season that sets up the epic big bad for the following season. S4 set up the apocalypse for S5, S6 set up Godstiel/Leviathans for S7, S8 set up Metaron for S9, S10 set up Amara for S11 and now S12 is doing the same thing for S13 with probably the ultimate Michael/Lucifer showdown. S13 is going to be good, I can feel it.

@tinkdw reading your blog has turned me into a force for everything positive

“So who is this new guy?” He pressed. “No one you know and none of your business.” I told him. “Is it serious?” He continued. “It’s serious enough.” I answered, getting annoyed. He stared at me silently. “What?” I asked him. “Why are you asking me these things? Matter of fact, why do you care who I’m with now, or whether or not it’s serious? I’m happy, I’m at a peace, and he loves me with his whole heart. I don’t wander into your life, disturbing you, so if you could kindly not wander into mine and disturb me - that would be really great.” Again, he stayed silent as he stared at me. “Jesus Christ!” I yelled. “What?! What do you want from me?” - “Just one more question, and then I’ll leave you alone.” He said. “How do you know he loves you already?” I looked at my ex, and shook my head. “Because the way he looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking, is the way I used to look at you…” -Cici B.