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you may have your truce 

“So who is this new guy?” He pressed. “No one you know and none of your business.” I told him. “Is it serious?” He continued. “It’s serious enough.” I answered, getting annoyed. He stared at me silently. “What?” I asked him. “Why are you asking me these things? Matter of fact, why do you care who I’m with now, or whether or not it’s serious? I’m happy, I’m at a peace, and he loves me with his whole heart. I don’t wander into your life, disturbing you, so if you could kindly not wander into mine and disturb me - that would be really great.” Again, he stayed silent as he stared at me. “Jesus Christ!” I yelled. “What?! What do you want from me?” - “Just one more question, and then I’ll leave you alone.” He said. “How do you know he loves you already?” I looked at my ex, and shook my head. “Because the way he looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking, is the way I used to look at you…” -Cici B.

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it's a thank you. after this finale, you're kind of the only one on my dash that actually gives me hope for next season, cas and destiel. so, you know, thanks.

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I think some fans are just still reeling from Eileen, which WAS a total mess of a cock up, and are a bit annoyed generally that Destiel isn’t overtly canon yet (this is not something that bothers me because I see it as an overall, overreaching story for the whole series and having it canon before NOW doesn’t fit at ALL with where they are as characters. HOWEVER with what Dean has just gone through now I expect such heavy subtext that even casual viewers now notice much more early next season, as a continuation of the theme from this season with the mixtape, the pining, the worry etc. It should be this but on ACID, until Cas comes back. Watch this space, and we should have Cas’s arc soon too, though his is more complex than Dean’s as it has a few more facades to it so it may be more subtle to start with).

I still don’t think we will get CANON COUPLE DESTIEL until seriously close to endgame or even endgame itself, because that’s how this kind of story is told, so Im just enjoying the ride and the ride is freaking magical right now :)

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