freaking love this couple!!!

Bangtan Bomb - Jungkook’s Graduation

Like I know we’re all Jungshook about this but I can’t help just to write this down.
Like when Jimin shared that short video where he congratulated to Jungkook and it was so sweet, boyfriendish and perfect back on that day, I was like, wow, my heartu 100% died. But no. That wasn’t even close to 100% considering this Bangtan Bomb. Like.
It was full of JiKook, but what got me completely shook was that conversation in car.

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It’s not a ship (for me it never quite was, but that’s just because I’m relatively new, so all the proofs had been proven when I discovered JiKook) anymore. Like. It’s us, watching them on important day in their relationship. You don’t need to analyze the words - they play good amount of awesomness in this, but - just the freaking TONE of their voices. Like completely *in love* couple. Low, soft voice full of love, I would like to state that I consider myself to be a realist (more of a pessimist, really) but there’s nothing unrealistic about that voice.

You don’t talk like that to friends.
You don’t look like that at friends.
Your bodylanguage isn’t like that with friends.
That longing to touch, the way Jimin was completely turned towards Jungkook and comfortable.
There just was love.
Tons of love in all kinds of looks, words, tone of those words and bodylanguage. Did I mention eyes?
And when Jungkook was singing softly in the car, that hit me hard. And I think it hit Jimin, too.
Not even talking about “buy me an apartment then” joke, or Jimin being sad about not seeing Kook at his ceremony.
PS: Poor Tae, thirdweeling this time, he didn’t even had to say full two sentences because that lovelies kept talking in their little bubble. (It’s not like I’m mocking VKook shippers if some of you read this, just writing what I think about it ~~)