freaking love my school

  • Random Korean Drama: Here is the full season posted for your binging pleasure.
  • Me: But...... I have two essays I need to write..
  • Random Korean Drama: It has romance and love triangles!
  • Me: *drops everything* YOU HAD ME AT ROMANCE!
  • Professor: Why didn't you turn in your essay?
  • Me: Ummmmm...Computer issues.


cr:  @itsmegrandma

Of course you’re the only one I want right now. You’re the only person I want to tell me that I’ll be okay and that I won’t be alone.
Of course I only want your voice at the other end of the phone and your fingers texting me that you’ll be there, even if you’re far away.
Of course you’re the only one I want to cry to, double text, and tell all my feelings to.
Now that you’re gone, of course I’m laying in bed, thinking only about you and desperately hoping you’ll text me at 1 am to wish me luck on my next semester of college.
Of course you’re the one I miss when you’re the only one I can’t have.
—  k.r.b.// if only you were still here

Starco Week Day 6: Prom

Welp, hasn’t this week been a dump truck of feels? I freaking loved it c: Homecoming at my school is coming up next week and I’ve seen lots of creative ways to ask people to a dance. Since I’ve been so fascinated with The Book of Life lately I thought it’d be freaking adorable to have Marco ask by serenading her in song :3
Thus ends my art for Starco week! This has been so much fun and I can’t wait for next year :D


#SPN 10 countdown challenge  |  day 13 - episode 13, season 4
I want to be normal.

Peter as a foreign exchange student to the US. Yes. Give me. 

He’s so worried about making friends but everyone likes him. (Even though he’s a bit of a goody-goody).

The soccer team in the school he goes to is kind of underappreciated, but he joins and they manage to go to actually do very well…

And so many girls have a crush on him because not only is he very good looking and an athlete but he has a British accent and I don’t know what goes on where you live, but here, an accent usually makes you about 10 times hotter. 

But he hates his accent and he tries really hard to get rid of it but if he gets excited or angry or something, his voice regains its thick english accent.

And he refuses to use American terms, so he still uses “football” and “brill” and “daft” and spells color “colour”.  

And he calls/facetimes his family every week and Lucy is always so excited to talk to him and asks him about everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) and Ed teases him for getting an American accent and they all talk just like they are still on the same continent.

And he gets really really close to the family he’s staying with, so after his time is up and he comes back for a vacation with his family the invite him to stay with them again. 

I need this AU but I’m too lazy to write it now… dilemmas dilemmas.