freaking himchan

A lot of looks from B.A.P!!

Yongguk bit his lip at me!  He dead ass Stared at me !!!and bit his bottom lip at me!!!!! DaeHyun was stealing looking from me! Everytime i looked at him i would catch up looking at me!!! And finally he got up the courage to stare deeply in my eyes i was stooked!!!! Zelo was watching me hard! Same was Yongguk!!!!

Jungup!! Oh boy this man wasn’t playing any games today!!!!!! When i say he was watching me!!! He watching me hard!!!!! Freaking Himchan looked at me and sprayed his water gun in my face a few times😂😂😂 Youngjae was staring at me hard!!! Had my own private meet and greet with the boys #Blessed

I got proof pt 1!! See this man jungup wasn’t playing any games last night!!! He dead ass kept staring at me!! :

Proof pt 2:

pt 3 🔥🔥🔥 :

Omg proof Pt 4 

When your main is too shy to look at you but you catch him stealing glimpses of me throughout the whole concert is the cutest thing ever ❤BUT when He gets the courage to look at you dead in the eyes & sings to you for a minute #shook 😘😘.

Yongguk 😚 :

Zelo proof!!🔥😙:


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*He wouldn’t take it seriously. Mostly because he’d expect people to fall for the other members rather than him so…*
“What? Stop joking around…”


“Hold up… No way…”


“I’m sorry, I belong to Youngjae”


“Daehyun. NO.”


*He’s so used to the members telling him how they love him…*
“I know, thank you”


“Woot~ woot~ … What?”